Greetings. I am THE Alan Arthur King. Yes, you’re correct, I am the son of Abu Fabous, King of the eponymous city. The city is about thirty miles east of the great desert. The castle is luscious, as are the women serving there. I have enough money to buy all the stuff I want, but there is more to life than material items – experience (!) THAT is where it’s all about. The thrill of fighting, the excitement of visiting new places, and the killing of enemies of the state.

When I became eleven years of age, I met Myrddin, we became friends for life. At twelve, it was set in stone I am going to inherit the crown after my father dies. From that day, I was being trained in battle and prepared for the throne for when the time comes. After that big announcement, I did not make any more real friends, because I don’t deal with subjects in that way. That’s what my father taught me. I chose Alan Arthur King to be my name because I felt it gave me more stature in comparison to my original name. I’m not going to tell you what that name is, because that is none of your business.

From my twentieth birthday on, I went on a couple of crusades to get more ‘real-life experience’ -, Myrddin came along, not really ready for battle, but he was helping me with the strategy. I led the troupes of course. There were so many unwilling creatures that did not want to accept me and my father as their conqueror that I had to make them. One time, I took my magical sword and cut the legs from under the subject that was standing defiantly in front of me. It should just accept me as its leader, it is THAT simple, just take a knee. Kneel before your leader! I did not like it either but needed to make a statement, as I was the rightful ruler. From that day on, my sword was called Legbiter. It seemed more magical than I was used to, but I reckon that is because more people follow me and I am a worthy leader, and future King. During the war-time, Myrddin was always at my side, and I admire him for that. He’ll be the hand of the King someday- he is the only person I trust except for my parents.

After ten or fifteen years of crusades, wars, and returning home in between, it became boring. I needed more challenges in life. There was no thrill in fighting anymore. I just felt so mighty, plus my enemies could hardly touch me before they crumbled. It was just same old, same old. My father is not dying soon, so I cannot become King yet. Not that I want my father to die, but I could do for some royal promotion. I told Myrddin this, and he came up with joining the Guild to find myself again. The Guild is known for weird quests and weird creatures as their members, so I hope I won’t be disappointed.

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