Shadows are coming

Session 9 April 2023

“I have returned! I have returned!” I exclaim as I step into the chamber. The creatures inside notice me and reach for their weapons. They are cultists, dressed in purple robes with a distinctive spot. Mohan reacts quickly, shooting a firebolt at the feet of the cultists and announcing that we are there to talk.

The cultists reply with a cryptic statement: “We are the darkness, we dim the sun, we are nothing else but the night.” Suddenly, Mohan’s sword goes out, and a purple mist fills the room. I try to dispel the fog, but it quickly closes in again. Mohan then illuminates the room once more, and Patience follows up with a fireball that kills all of the cultists.

The White Mage is unhappy with Patience’s rash action, stating, “You stupid! We could’ve asked them questions.” As we discuss our next move, a door opens on the other side of the room, and someone hisses at us to leave. Mohan immediately attacks the hisser, and I join in, smashing one of the hissing vampire spawn to pieces. The second one recoils but remains standing. There, Mohan deals the final blow.

Behind the second vampire spawn, we discover a dead human lying on a sofa. We decide to split up the tasks: I go to loot the bodies of the cultists, together with Patience, and the rest checks the commoner on the sofa. Patience and I cannot find anything of value: everything went to dust. 

I follow Mohan to another room. He kicks down the door, and I see the White Mage in the room. “We’re here for CHAR! Speak to us!” Mohan demands. When the mage doesn’t cooperate, Mohan tries to grapple them. “I don’t think they want to talk, Ja’far!” Mohan exclaims as the mage turns their back on him. Without hesitation, Mohan stabs the mage in the back.

Something feels off. “This is weird… This is going way too easy,” I say to myself. We hear talking coming from behind a nearby door, so Patience investigates. After some searching, we find a door with evil magic emanating from behind it. We open the door, and immediately hear chanting and see purple mist filling the room.

“GUYS, THE CULTISTS ARE CONNECTED TO THE PILLAR CANDLES,” I shout to my teammates. “Make sure you end the cultists!”

Suddenly, Mohan starts acting weirdly. I turn to Tearulai and ask her if she sees anything strange, but she says she doesn’t. Mohan’s muscle mass starts to decrease and Tearulai confirms that there are undead creatures around us – shadows. I miss the two shadows attacking Mohan but rush to support him.

The shadows are coming from the dead body of a cultist. They suck Mohan’s power, and his last words are “don’t let them hit you”. The shadows then turn their attention to me, and I disrupt one of them while missing the other. The white mage casts a fireball, destroying all the shadows.

In the middle of the purple mist, we see a dragon fighting against the cultists who are trying to restrain it. Four of the six cultists have already died, but two of them are still standing. Suddenly, I am pushed telekinetically into the room and told to save Mohan. The other cultists are dead, but the bronze dragon is still struggling. The vision disappears, and three new shadows appear. I go back into the shadows and cast Word of Radiance. The white mage uses chain lightning, but unfortunately, it doesn’t kill them.

I order Patience to kill the shadows, and they die after his spell. Suddenly, all the cultists surround us, and I realize we’re in even greater trouble. I have to get back, so I use Misty Step to teleport myself to safety. The white mage uses a fireball with radiant damage, and he tells me to quickly save Mohan. Patience helps move Mohan in front of me, and I cast Revivify to bring him back to life. Mohan slaps himself awake, and the shadow that was affecting him leaves his body. He loses his ability to speak for a bit, and I heal my wounds. I still feel horrible and weak.

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