Oozy and Itchy

Session 9 July 2023 & 16 July 2023

As we prepare to face the oozes on Level 18, Farryn voices his concern about the challenges of holding our breaths in the acidic environment. He inquires about our breath-holding abilities, to which I respond that I can manage for up to four minutes. However, Farryn wisely points out that even though I can hold my breath, the corrosive acid might damage our weapons before we have a chance to choke.

Considering the unpredictable nature of oozes, Farryn suggests using a code word, “Scarecrow,” to distinguish friend from foe in the midst of the encounter. It’s a practical idea, and we all agree to adopt it for our safety.

To aid in our exploration, the white mage’s manifest mind offers to emit light into the dungeon, serving as our scout in the shadows. This magical assistance brings some comfort, knowing that we can be better prepared for whatever lies ahead.

The manifest mind leads the way, illuminating the path before us and helping us navigate through the treacherous surroundings. As we proceed, we remain vigilant and alert, knowing that our journey through this level will be no simple feat.

As we make our way through Level 18, the air is filled with a pungent smell of rotten eggs, which soon blends with the salty sea scent as we approach a large water source ahead. A loud rushing sound indicates the presence of a substantial amount of water nearby.

Heading south, we come across a peculiar sight: a waterfall curtain leading to a larger space beyond. The white mage’s earlier warning about oozes potentially lurking in the water makes us hesitant. To gather more information, we decide to send the manifest mind through the murky basin to investigate what lies beyond the waterfall.

As the mind ventures forth, we see that it has reached a location marked as “Ichthyglug” on our map. But the limited visibility prevents us from discerning any concrete details. However, the white mage hears the sound of a harp resonating through the manifest mind.

Uncertain about the best course of action, we engage in a discussion about whether to proceed through the waterfall curtain or not. Some of us argue that we should explore further, while I express my concerns about the potential dangers that might await us. Despite my reservations, the majority leans towards pushing forward.

Mohan decides to take a closer look, exploring the surroundings beyond the waterfall. There, he spots a shipwreck submerged in the water at a considerable distance. Interestingly, the white mage senses that this particular body of water seems normal, easing some of our fears about the presence of oozes.

As we ponder our next move, I find myself tempted to play a playful prank on Farryn by attempting to push him off Grond into the water. However, I quickly realize that it won’t be as easy as I thought, so I abandon the mischievous idea.

Patience gracefully joins Mohan in the air, both of them flying above the water to scout the wreckage of the Blue Opal. As we investigate the ship, I assist The White Mage in researching its history. There’s something mysterious about it—apparently, the Blue Opal had vanished from Waterdeep’s harbor, but the crew was saved by merpeople.

As we examine the ship, we notice a peculiar square hole in its side, which seems to have been created by a disintegrate spell. It’s a curious discovery that raises questions about the ship’s past and the events that led to its current state.

Suddenly, on our left, we spot Hallaster. The rest of our group—Farryn, the white mage, Grond, and myself—stand on the shore. Hallaster moves his arms around and mumbles something, drawing our attention.

Farryn takes this moment to create a fog cloud, shrouding the area. However, even within the fog, we can still hear the distant mumbling of Hallaster.

Seeing the white mage hyperventilating and panicking, I quickly take action and ask him what’s going on. He doesn’t respond, but I can tell something is seriously wrong. Without hesitation, I give him a sharp slap across the face to snap him out of it. “That was HIM,” he finally manages to utter, still shaken by the encounter.

I try to reassure him, “Yes, a powerful mage, but you must regain your composure. Panicking won’t help us now.”

As Patience and Mohan join us, we all demand answers from Farryn about the fog cloud. But he remains silent, not offering any explanation for his actions.

The White Mage reminds him, “Do you remember what happened last time you used a fog cloud? We can’t afford to make careless mistakes.”

Still, Farryn remains unresponsive, standing there in the aftermath of his spell. The White Mage starts to consider the possibility that this might be the real Hallaster. However, we can’t rule out the idea that it could be an ooze masquerading as the powerful mage, as it’s still casting spells a minute into the fog cloud’s existence.

Mohan comes up with an idea to test whether it’s an ooze. If it is, then it can be evaporated. With this plan in mind, Mohan unleashes a fire attack on the fog cloud, attempting to hit the potential ooze within.

As the fire reaches the fog cloud, the mysterious mumbling ceases. The fog begins to dissipate, revealing the truth behind the strange encounter. We see a part of Hallaster’s robes within the remains of the fog—an ooze that had taken on the guise of the mage. One section of the ooze has been completely burned away, evidence of Mohan’s successful attack.

As the manifest mind ventures deeper into the hallway, a sudden danger lurks nearby. A massive ballista arrow narrowly misses us, sending a shock of fear through me. It’s the scavenger ship—the mind flayer’s vessel, armed with powerful balistas. The ship hovers above, manned by Slaads—a group of formidable creatures.

Reacting swiftly, Mohan channels a flaming ray of fire towards the Slaads, trying to deter their attack. He also advances towards the enormous space ship, attempting to reason with them, but his words fall on deaf ears as they continue firing. Without hesitation, I decide to join Mohan, hoping to lend my support in this perilous situation.

Observing the ooze nearby, I attempt to use my earth tremor spell to disrupt it. However, my efforts merely create a slight ripple in the ooze’s form, causing no significant effect. Meanwhile, the battle intensifies, and I witness Mohan being struck by a balista arrow, skewering him against the wall.

With my heart pounding, Mohan responds with a wall of fire to retaliate against the Slaads. Despite his impressive counterattack, he remains trapped on the wall, pierced by the arrow. Determined to save him, I rush to his aid.

Amid the chaos, I find myself inexplicably electrocuted while standing near the ooze. Cursing under my breath, I scan the scene around me. Grond is stuck in the clutches of the ooze, Farryn wields an oozy hammer with lightning coursing through his hand, and the level seems to grow more treacherous with every passing moment. Farryn exclaims, “DUDE, WTF! This level is a nightmare!”

Suddenly, a strange sound draws my attention. A group of orogs, bizarrely equipped with gas masks and tubes reminiscent of mind flayers, appears before us. They immediately launch an attack on Farryn and the white mage, hurling something at them that restrains their movements. Panic sets in as they become trapped.

Reacting quickly, I urgently call out to Patience, instructing him to assist Mohan who is still struggling against the balista’s arrow. Then, I rush to the aid of the white mage and Farryn. With a fierce determination, I strike the closest orog with a smite, but I find myself fatigued, and my blows lack their usual force.

Farryn yells, “AIM FOR THE TUBES!” as he too attacks the orogs, realizing that targeting the tubes might disrupt their strange apparatuses.

The white mage springs into action, unleashing a flurry of elemental damage. Poison, lightning, fire, and acid erupt from his spells as he casts prismatic spray. One of the orogs, the one channeling lightning, falls to the ground lifeless. However, to our surprise, a shadowy figure emerges from his fallen body and quickly retreats to the north.

But there’s no time to dwell on this as a massive force suddenly hurls the white mage across the room, crashing into the ooze. It’s horrifying to witness such strength, and I can only hope the white mage is alright. The orogs now turn their attention to me, missing their attacks as I evade their strikes.

Channeling my divine power, I smite one of the orogs, causing it to vanish in a burst of radiant energy. The tide of battle shifts as more orogs fall, but to our dismay, five new foes emerge from the water, one of them being a formidable giant.

Another grenade is hurled at us, but I manage to dodge out of its reach. As the orogs attack me, only one of their strikes manages to find its mark. Amid the chaos, an orog loses grip of its weapon, and it clatters into the ooze. I seize the opportunity to smite another orog, smashing it to dust.

As the battle intensifies, we hear a rallying cry from Mohan, who rushes to our aid. His attack lands a solid blow on the burly orog. Yet, in the midst of the battle, more shadows manifest and then quickly vanish into thin air. It’s as if they are being drawn out from their hosts.

Amidst the fierce battle, a sudden and powerful explosion rocks the entire area. The deafening noise echoes through the chamber as smoke fills the air, and the acrid smell of burnt stone and powder permeates our senses. The force of the blast causes the ceiling to crumble, and large stones rain down. The hallway is collapsed.

Farryn concentrates, tapping into his divine powers to prepare for the upcoming challenges. Meanwhile, the orogs attempt to attack me, but their strikes miss their mark, thanks to my quick reflexes.

With only one orog remaining, it disengages, attempting to flee. I quickly strike it with my mace, and it, too, disappears from existence. I give chase, but then quickly return to the ooze to find the White Mage, who is still trapped inside.

Farryn joins me, looking into the murky ooze, but he doesn’t see the White Mage, so he decides to loot the defeated orogs instead. I turn back to the ooze with a javelin, hoping the White Mage can grab onto it and allow us to pull him out. Despite my efforts, I can’t seem to dislodge him from the ooze.

Desperate, I call out to Farryn for help, and he casually attempts to pull the javelin out. Trying again with both hands, he exerts considerable force, causing the javelin to snap, resulting in Farryn accidentally stabbing me. My roar echoes through the chamber, expressing both pain and frustration.

Then, to our shock, we see the White Mage’s clawed fingertips emerging from the ooze. He’s still trapped! Grond and I try to free him, but our efforts prove futile. Farryn attempts to help but struggles as well.

Apologizing, Farryn tries again, this time using all his strength. Still, the White Mage remains trapped. He makes one last attempt, pulling with both hands, and finally, the White Mage emerges from the ooze.

Grateful for his rescue, the White Mage warns us that there are Mind Flayers and a Red Dragon on the ship.

“Thank you all for your help. First, let’s find Patience,” the White Mage says, concerned about our missing tiefling companion. We search for any signs of him but come up empty-handed. It seems Patience is nowhere to be found.

I follow the White Mage to the rubble barrier. Behind that wall, a group of powerful enemies lie: slaads, a red dragon, and a mind flayer. The situation is dire, and we need to act fast. Is Patience behind that wall? I discuss with the White Mage the possibility of Patience being poofed away or possibly even killed. We consider that he could be summoned again through the contract, but we’re uncertain of his fate.

Mohan steps in, using his magic to locate Patience, but he is nowhere to be found. Our worries grow deeper, and we’re left wondering what might have happened to him.

With concern in our hearts, Farryn and I examine the contract, hoping to find any clues about Patience’s fate. As we inspect it, we notice that this part of the contract doesn’t appear void, indicating that Patience’s soul may not have been sent to the Nine Hells. This gives us hope that he’s still alive and has simply vanished temporarily.

Realizing that Patience is alive but missing, we’re relieved that we don’t have to face the dangerous trio of foes. Instead, we turn our attention to the history of the ship. I start singing a sea shanty, but Farryn reminds me that we need to remain quiet in this dangerous situation.

The others reexamine the map, and to our surprise, they notice that the ship’s location was marked as deadly.

I yank the javelin from my shoulder, my anger directed at Farryn for accidentally stabbing me during the struggle to save the White Mage from the ooze.

There’s a waterfall ahead of us, and Mohan and I decide to take an alternate route, while the White Mage goes through the waterfall immediately. On the other side, there’s another waterfall. We need to get through them.

Mohan calls out, “I cannot get through!” The water is too much for him to handle. Undeterred, I decide to brave the waterfall, and as I pass through, my hair is soaked, and water drips from my clothes.

As we move through the cave, an unusual sound fills the air – it’s music. The water is creating a melodic rhythm that echoes through the cavern. The atmosphere is both eerie and mesmerizing. We hear someone sing…

We applaud respectfully, addressing the Lord Itchygluck, “My Lord.”

“And who do we have here?” the Lord inquires.

The White Mage begins to introduce himself, but Itchygluck interrupts, asking, “What brings you here?”

“We found this portal on the map,” the White Mage explains.

As the White Mage starts introducing everyone, we realize that Mohan is missing, probably still behind the waterfall.

“I think it might be fun to play together,” I suggest.

“Yeah, fun if you can help me. An extra note added to the orchestra is never wrong,” the Lord replies, implying his desire for more audiences.


He is adorned in impressive golden braziers and a splendid robe, catching our attention. We inquire, “Can we help you with something?”

“YES, I HAVE A QUEST FOR TRUE ADVENTURERS,” the Lord announces, and we express our interest.

“What brings us that?” Farryn asks, curious about the rewards awaiting us.

“Richness for as far as you can see,” the Lord entices us with the promise of abundant wealth.

“Why don’t you have more freedom or more audiences?” I inquire, wondering about the reasons for his current state.

“That is the quest! I need to be set free,” the Lord reveals, emphasizing his desire for freedom.

“Itchygluck cannot go through the water. Hallaster has imprisoned him,” the Lord says, talking about himself in the third person.

“We might be able to help him, but it might be dangerous,” I caution, aware of the potential risks involved.

“I believe I can only get free if you undertake the quest: I require the falactory of the lich, Ezat,” the Lord shares, hinting at a connection between his freedom and the lich. “OR are you going to help Jaruk?” he adds, suddenly weary.

“We have not been to Jaruk,” the White Mage responds, indicating that we are yet to encounter this individual.

“Okay,” the Lord calms down.

“Who else requires the falactory?” asks the White Mage.

“What the hell is falactory?” I ask, seeking to understand this mysterious term.

“It is the life essence of the lich,” the Lord explains, shedding light on the significance of the falactory.

“It can help the paladin in Waterdeep too. But that requires only a kill,” I realize, grasping the potential implications of this quest.

“Itchygluck needs only the falactory to give to Hallaster. Then he can be freed,” the Lord explains further.

“And Jaruk wants the same thing,” I add, piecing together the puzzle. We agree to help him. 

“Okay, adventurers, thanks for agreeing to help me,” Itchygluck addresses us graciously.

“I expect you back in a short time with the falactory, and your wishes will come true—riches,” he promises.

Curious about the concept of riches, I ask, “What is that?”

Itchygluck seems a bit annoyed as he responds, “For the mortal realm, riches refer to gold, treasures, and the like.”

“I assure you, we will return soon,” I reply, eager to fulfill the quest.

With that, we take our leave and begin our journey back. While walking, I play a tune on my lyre to uplift our spirits.

As we approach the waterfall curtain and prepare to pass through, a mud mephit unexpectedly emerges. It begins to speak to the party, but I struggle to comprehend its words.

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