The Neothelid

Session 5 February 2023

We’re back at the Gith-base, and I cannot understand anything of what they’re saying, because I don’t speak the language. 

Luckily, Arakek does speak common and tells us that Yaveklar and Lahsiir are in charge of the Neothelid operation on level 17. The White Mage shows Arakek a piece of paper. It is a bounty that’s on his head, that we found somewhere along the road. Arakek grunts and rips up the paper. He points to some other Gith, and they gesture us to follow them. The two Gith will take us to the portal to level 17, will lead us to the base. Along the road to the portal and the base, the White Mage is constantly going on and on about the history of this place, and the magical powers. He talks super slow and without any liveliness in his voice, and it makes me sleepy. I yawn a couple of times during the walk. 

On level 17, almost at the base, Mohan finds a dead Flumph. He investigates it, and tells us it died from multiple stabbing wounds. According to Patience, who understands and speaks the Gith language, the guides say that Flumphs are horrible creatures. 

“Oh, really? I love them. I still have a debt to pay to the Flumphs, so I intend to do so when the time comes.” says Farryn mournfully. 

“Don’t tell the Gith that, please.” says the White Mage.

“Well, a warned Tiefling counts for two.” concludes Patience. 

“Or a Tiefling in the party… Great…” sighs Farryn.

“What’s this?” ask Mohan and Patience. “Do we need to have a conversation?” continues Mohan. 

“I just don’t like Tieflings.” replies Farryn.

“What about the sisters then?” asks Mohan.

“Yeah, well. You have sisters, and they are evil and good, and good and yet evil.” 

That’s bullshit. He is trying to hint at something and he is just not clear in what he means. If you want to say something, just be honest. It is not worth our time to linger too long on unclarities.

“How does this apply to me? I don’t even have a sister…” says Patience. 

“Come on guys, we have to get moving, it’s not safe here.” prompts the White Mage.

We quickly turn a corner and a horrendous smell wafts in my face. I pull a disgusted face and try to ignore it. Many dead Giths lie in little niches in the cavern. They are ripped apart, or their skills are crushed, have tentacle marks, or other stuff. Long story short, there are many different causes of death. A little while further, we enter the base camp. 

Two armored, warrior-looking Gith enter the room where we’re waiting. The armor is beautiful: it’s made with diamonds and rhinestones. Patience straightens his back and does the talking. We are taken to another room and I see a map on the table. This will be a strategy-talk. The White Mage and Patience are discussing and asking questions to the Gith. 

I lean on my staff and close my eyes. I am totally zoned out, and wait until the conversation is over. Mohan stands next to me, also uninterested in the strategy that’s being discussed. 

When Patience and the White Mage are done talking, they give us a summary. There is a main compound, with a wall of force created by the mind flayers to trap their enemies close to the Neothelid. The Gith were almost all killed because they tried to go through the front gate, and were cornered. The Neothelid is an enormous creature, the tentacles are way too powerful, and those things can eat other creatures in the blink of an eye. Everything the Gith tries up until now, was in vein. We talk about what we can do. The Gith need to luer the Neothelid out of its lair, and we will take care of the rest. 

“But… What’s in it for us?!” asks Farryn.

“We’ve gotten items.” I reply dryly. 

“Yeah, well, I’ve gotten nothing.”

“I think an alliance is also worth a lot.” says the White Mage. 

The idea is to ask the Gith to attack the main gate, and when the Neothelid tries to trap them, we need to cut his route and kill it on our own turf. It’s going to be difficult, but we all think we’ll manage. 

We walk to the agreed upon place. We try to be stealthy, but I think we’re all nervous, because we’re making way too much noise. The Gith said they need an hour to check everything and prepare their attack, so we have some time left to do the same. We turn a corner and see, trying to hide in the cavern, a Flumph. 

Farryn waves to the Flumph, but it tries to get away even more. I have a feeling that something is off with this creature. I approach it, and stare it down. 

“Cross… it’s okay. Leave it.” says the White Mage. “They don’t coöperate with mindflayers.” 

I stand down. 

“Guys,” says Patience. “this is our first fight together. I appreciated seeing the preparations. Let’s go for it!” 

The White Mage casts a tiny hut to block the way out for the Neothelid. We can still pass it, but the Neothelid is way too big to get past. Patience summons a slaad he can control to help us fight. I buff myself with protection from energy, because we know the Neothelid attacks with acid. I can sense the tension in the air, everyone is waiting for the Neothelid to enter the tunnel. 

I hear the signal in the distance. The Gith have begun to attack. 

At that moment, we all see the Neothelid. It is a huge creature. Everything that the Gith told us is true, but I hadn’t expected the enemy to be this big. The tentacles are writhing through the tunnels. It gets shortly distracted by the three traps Farryn prepared, but it quickly moves our way. Farryn throws a big die, and when it lands, it shoots a ray of frost back at him. I must’ve been meant for the Neothelid, but it backfired. Literally. 

Mohan puts his foot down with a stomp and creates a wall of fire that goes through the Neothelid, setting it on fire. 

“DUCK!” shouts Farryn in my ear.

The tentacles pour acid over us, but luckily do not much damage, except for killing the Flumph behind us. It closes in on us. I don’t back down one INCH. I WON’T STAND DOWN. 

Then, the Neothelid swallows the White Mage. Shit. We need to get him out before the acid or lack of air kills him! 

I slam it with my mace of disruption and I see it backing down. I know when a creature is near it’s death, and gets an attack by my mace, it can be destroyed instantly, or get frightened of me. It’s the latter, but I still know it’s almost finished. 


Then, Farryn deals the final blow. 

Immediately after, he also grabs his dagger and tries to rip open the Neothelid to free the White Mage. It is not fast enough, at least not to Patience, because he casts telekenesis and rips open the Neothelid instantly. I get a lot of guts and flesh all over my dure. Oh gosh… that’ll take a while to get it out. Acid drips all over the floor, but the Tortle is free.

Patience says: “Mindflayers are following the Gith back to the base…”

Mohan and I heal the White Mage, and we enter the tiny hut. The hut is see through from the inside, and we spot 5 orogs and 2 mindflayers approach. 

“Okay, sit tight. I’ll take care of them.” says the White Mage.

He shoots a lightning ball from his pendant that flies above the tiny hut and it explodes in their faces. All the orogs die, and the mind flayers are bloodied in an instant. 

We wait for what will come next in anticipation. 

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