The manticore

Session 16 July 2021

Thanks to Frans, I can create a blogpost of our past session that I've almost completely missed. 

We stay at Feathergale Spire the whole day and attend the party. There is a buffet, we enjoy it enormously. The society asks if we can tell something about the quests we completed. We explain our journey to the Tower of Temptation and much more. After an hour into our stories, we hear an alarm: the Manticore has been seen! All warriors hasten to the flying beasts like the giant vultures. The captain rises out of his chair and yells: ‘The one that can bring me the head of the manticore will be rewarded with my Garnet Ring!’

Of course, we were interested. Mivyre, Solarion, two warriors, and I mount a vulture each. I feel the Manticore approaching and choose to go in full attack mode and close in on the beast. I attack it with my fire and Solarion keeps his distance but succeeds in hitting it with his arrows. Mivyre killed the Manticore with a final blow of his sword, right in its EYE! That’s how I like it! Such a clean kill!

At that moment – the Manticore falls from the sky and we chase it down to the ground – we see Lurlille, Celeste, and Tomen. Reunited, we search for the head to bring it to the captain of the Feathergale Spire.

When we return to the tower, the feast is still on. People are dancing and eating, but when we enter with the Manticores’ head, the captain falls silent. He thanks us many times and gives Mivyre his Garnet Ring. After some investigation, we conclude that the ring is not magical, and let Mivyre keep it. In conversation with some members of the society, they tell us about the Black Earth Cult we encountered in Red Larch and their Monastery east of us. The Feathergale society wants us to become members of the group, but we are not so sure. What do they want from us? What will we get in return?

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