Solarions’ cloak

Session 5 August 2021

After breakfast, we choose to leave the Feathergale Society and return to Red Larch. Celeste needed to tackle and tie up Solarion to get him to go with us. Solarion put up quite a fight and struggled to get away. Lurlille used her suggestion to get information from him. What is up with Solarion? He is acting weird since the Tower of Temptation. His answers are not clear at all and confuse me even more, but we all get the feeling something is wrong with the cloak he’s wearing. We decide to go to the temple in Red Larch to ask if they can remove the cloak because we can’t.

At the temple, we’re in luck, the people in the temple succeed in removing the cloak from Solarions shoulders. The cloak is made by a demon lord: Thariz Dun. Solarion doesn’t remember anything since he put the cloak on, and he is a bit confused, but up for a new adventure.

We decide to travel to the Black Earth Monastery, as we promised the Feathergale Society. The journey took us a whole day, but nothing out of the ordinary happened. We took a long rest and I took over the watch near dawn. I have more respect for Mivyre than earlier: staying awake is harder than I thought it is.

In the morning, Lurlille and Celeste scout for an entrance to the Monastery. Luckily, they’re not spotted. The whole party enters via a backdoor. We find a hallway with many doors. We listen… Behind the first door, it seems like there are people in combat training, so we decide not to enter. Another room seems empty but is magically locked. Celeste tries to open the door with Solarions’ thieves’ tools, but lets it fall through the keyhole. Smart. The third room contains a heap of money, that Mivyre puts in his bag. Behind another door, we hear a conversation between four academics: “Umrayle… The Fane of the Eye… Ironfang… Black Geode…” We see a hallway with some Gargoyles and a courtyard, also filled with Gargoyles and we decide not to approach the statues.

We decide to go to the cellar and walk into three Orogs and one Ogre. They ask us for a ‘secret hand gesture’. However, we do not know the ‘secret hand gesture’ and reply with “Umrayle”. That…. was a wrong move.


After a heavy fight, where I almost died and used my second wind, the Orogs and Ogre are dead. I have to do something about my impulsiveness when it comes to battles… One time, it is going to be the death of me…


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