An invisible menace – by Poppy

Session 23 February 2022

Hunting party

Looking at the quest board I really did not know which way to go. ‘Deliver a package to Abu’ sounds like a very good opportunity to meet the father of the very handsome Alan. He and I really got off on the right foot while taking a dog out for a walk. He made sure there would be no drool or any other dirt on my dress and he seemed to have no issue with my transformation. The only issue with this quest is the travel through the desert. Do you know how much dust and sand will cling to your clothes during that travel? A lot; that is how much. So sadly, meeting the great Alans father will have to wait for another time. The other quests don’t seem to be too dirty: though a fey circle or gypsies do seem a little too outdoorsy for me, branches and mud are no better than dust and sand.

‘An invisible menace’, in a house, seems like it should be a good option. On the day itself, I saw Lorraine has also signed up for this, along with Haromyr and Ignis. On the way to the house we try to familiarize ourselves with the abilities of the others, so we can hopefully be a team when trying to find this invisible creature. I tell them a bit about my curse, but soon enough we arrive at the house. The family is outside, looking worried and tired. This has been going on for a while and apparently, the father (Drevin McGravin) has been attacked. The wounds have mostly healed, but are still sore -as Haromyr finds out while poking them extensively. Meanwhile, we try to figure out which of the creatures we read about it could be. But nothing clicks just yet, so we go in. Lorraine thinks it could be a Faerie Dragon, so she leaves a plate full of strawberries and honey on the table to lure it. Luckily there are spells to clean it up, but more on that later.

At the bottom of the stairs, Lorraine is attacked by whatever this invisible thing is. She and I decide to go up the stairs to see if we can find anything, just before we reach the top I give her the ability to breathe fire for a minute and she seems overjoyed by that. Sadly she never got to use it on the monster, but she did make a beautiful flame go up the chimney. I might need to give her this ability again sometime, when we are somewhere she can truly enjoy it. She is adorable when she gets excited. I changed into my dragon form as soon as I found out that the floors would be strong enough to hold me, stupid me, not thinking about that while I was picking a quest. At the same time, Haromyr has found a way to get to the basement, so we go down, even though I am sure the invisible drama is upstairs. We don’t find much in the basement, but I do manage to stupidly trigger a glyph and that makes a lot of noise. I give Haromyr a little bit of healing, to apologize for my stupidity and we continue on. A strange woman with red hair comes out of the little hallway. She seems familiar, but I really don’t know why. As we talk I soon learn that she probably does not know me from my time before the curse, or she would have at least guessed my name. So I change back and she immediately calls me Poppy. But who is she?

We are not getting anywhere, I found myself nursing a fierce burn after Lorraine’s bird Mees teleported away without me, I was scared of him. But why? I know this bird. Weird. We do decide to go back upstairs and see if we can finally find that invisible pest, I am feeling done with it now and just want to go back to the roost and take a bath. I have straw in my hair for crying out loud, I feel pretty gross. As soon as we get upstairs Lorraine is attacked again and shoots fire out of her hands in
the direction she thinks it is. A vaguely humanoid shape is visible for a hot second, but as soon as the fire fades so does the shape. Damn it. Oops, language. It does not behoove a lady to speak thusly. Well, this is unfortunate.

The others go outside again to talk to Dirk because we have no clue. I stay in and try to listen to any sounds, but am unsuccessful. They come back with an idea though, so Haromyr cleans the plate with one of the most useful spells there is. Prestidigitation. We carefully go upstairs (finally) and find the creature on the top floor, it is indeed a skulk, which was what Ignis and Haromyr found out after their conversation with Dirk. As soon as we find it and corner it, we quickly dispatch it. Lorraine then puts it in the bag of holding, so Dirk won’t see the dead body of his “friend”. Smart girl. We go back to the roost and I feel like that bath is the best idea in the world.

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