Body barricade

Session 29 August 2021 - online

Please note: this is a short summary - I could not attend the session unfortunately. Thanks to Peythur, I can still write a blog about the session. 

After our short rest amongst the dead bodies of our enemies, we hear footsteps and croaking in the distance. What is approaching us? We barricade part of the temple with the Yuan-Ti Abomination bodies and wait for enemies to come in. Not long after, a hoard of Bullywugs enters the temple. Someone throws a fireball and wipes out most of the Bullywugs and Giant Toads in one blow! However, more Toads and Bullywugs enter the temple. There are SO many of them! Valentine casts a wall of fire to keep them at a distance and Peythur combines it with a spell that creates a difficult terrain with plants, so they cannot get away fast enough. They’re stuck near the wall of fire and we watch them all die from the burning hellfire.

After they’re all dead, we walk and climb over the bodies to explore this level further. We find a portal back to the sixth floor that we open with thieves’ tools, but we decide not to go through. We just got to level eight and are not eager to go back yet. Furthermore, we find a dead dwarf holding a diary and a little bag with some stuff in it. I was not really interested, so I did not look for loot. Valentine, Farryn, and I took a short rest while Peythur wildshapes into a Giant Owl to scout the area up ahead. When he comes back he tells us about an attack on him with a crossbow that made him return quickly.

We ride Enola2 on our way through the swamp. We descend on a little island with a statue and talk to a Giant Toad about the statue. It is a sculpture of Dendar the Night Serpent. Farryn touches it and instantly feels horrible. I think he’s cursed or something because that statue doesn’t seem right to me. We try to demolish the sculpture but fail in doing so.

Dendar the Night Serpent

We find another ruin with statues and talk to a ghost who has been banished by a spirit creature Naga. The ghost desires revenge on the Naga – she wants them dead. The party knows that the Naga has a Rod of Leadership – that information was obtained from the dwarfs’ diary. We decide to ‘help’ the ghost and kill the Naga, to get the Rod of Leadership and more of their treasure – the creatures are evil anyways and Undermountain will be a lot safer without them there.

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