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Session 5 December 2021

To find out how the blood-link works between Violence and Valentine, I take the day off of lessons and lock myself in the library. I need to figure out how to get Valentine out of this bond, how to remove the link between her and her voodoo puppet, and deduce why I could have a puppet as well.

During the day, I see Zeph, Farryn, and Violence a couple of times, and they tell me about what they’re learning today. I envy them but am determined to get some answers myself. I don’t tell the party what I’m up to.

The first time, we are all together in the library, they are looking for the blood-link too, but they cannot find the answers. Spite helps them, but cannot find it either. When they want to leave, I continue looking for answers, they are going to help Spite distract Hallaster to let Spite investigate Hallasters’ office. I hand them the sending stone to use to communicate with Spite.

After a while, they return and tell me about four ‘Hallaster Horrors’ that hit them knock out in like 18 seconds or something. Valentine put the whole room on fire and burnt almost everyone to ashes – where she’s good at. They encountered the Nothic and got his helmet off – Farryn points at his head. Farryn tells me he thinks the helmet has a sending connection with Hallaster. This small update doesn’t take long, and they make way to Professor Figment and Spite. Zeph wants to learn about Naithairs Mischief, and Valentine and Farryn want to know why Spite is not responding to the sending stone they got from me earlier.

A long time later, Valentine, Zeph, and Farryn return with a scroll of animate dead. Valentine got the scroll from the necromancy professor Nestor. Zeph did not want to execute the spell and asked me if I can’t use the scroll of raise dead. I’m not sure and ask for some time to think about it – I tell them that I am searching for a solution to all of the problems my little sister caused, and send them away again.

Again, a while later, Zeph flies in, telling me that Spite is acting weird, but that they don’t know why. He asked us to attack Skrianna to distract Hallaster one more time because he couldn’t find what he was looking for – he did not have enough time -, but the party doesn’t trust him anymore. I think that is a wise decision.

At the end of the day, I put all my findings in writing and make way for the dining hall to share the information I found with everyone.

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