A stinger and a zinger

Session 30 January 2022

“Hi! Umm… You’re Muiral, right? Umm…” Zeph looks up at the giant creature. “Can I borrow your stinger…?” he adds in a tiny voice.
“Oh no! My prey talks.” Muiral says when he tries to stab Zeph with his sword. Luckily, Zeph can get away.
“So tiny… So quick…” he sighs. However, Zeph is bleeding.
“Oh so tastyyy… Blood…”

Farryn, Valentine, and I are still on the other side of the wall of force. “Are you ready for a ride?” Valentine asks me. I know what she wants to do and I nod. The next second, we’re standing on the other side of the room, inside the closed off area. A couple of things happen at once, I see two counterspells happening, and Valentine flies off. I have to act quick. My initial plan was to try and stop all the drow statues, but now, I find myself thinking of a different one. I animate the huge glass spider on the ceiling. The glass spider pulls his legs off the ceiling one by one and landing on top of Muiral. Muiral can avoid the spider-drop, but is taken aback. I command the spider to attack Muiral. Afterward, he tries to attack ME, but I counterspell it. Muiral is getting really angry, I can see it, even from a distance. He tries to cut off the spiders’ legs. But then, he comes closer. However, he doesn’t attack me, but Valentine. He points at her, beginning to cast a spell. I use counterspell again, to prevent him hurting my sister. However, he counterspells my counterspell. And THEN, Valentine counterspells HIS counterspell. Because he couldn’t harm us this time, the statues close in. I can also see Grond approaching and attacking a couple of them – so Muiral must’ve dropped the wall of force.

One of the statues attacks me. It hurts, but not that much in comparison with Muiral. The flying Valentine shoots a couple of eldridge blasts to Muiral – I can see it hurts him a lot. Then, sheflies down and stands in front of him with her sword Tearulei. Before she can stab him, I cast fireball on Muiral and a couple of statues. The statues crumble, but Muiral stays up. My animated spider is also still in the game, but misses this time. Muiral attacks me and Valentine with shocking grasp. It hurts a lot, and for a second I am distracted from the fight in pain. Luckily, I open my tearful eyes just in time to save Zeph from an awful-looking necrotic hand approaching him with counterspell. Valentine attacks Muiral with her sword and it seems to hurt him a lot – he is heavily bloodied. In an act of rage he attacks Valentine with his sword – something I cannot counterspell in any way. He leaves Valentine in pain, and runs off. I decide to go after him, and attack with the glass spider and firebolt but miss. Zeph shoots his arcane arrow when he sees Muiral wiggling by. “THAT IS MINE!” he shouts happily, and he shoots Muirals’ stinger right off.
All statues are destroyed, and Muiral is dead. Zeph flies to Muiral and puts his stinger in his pocket.
“Mission accomplished!” Zeph shouts. He heals all of us with his happy happy aura.
“Go back to the place where you came from,” I say to the spider. The glass spider turns around and places itself on the same spot it came from, and I lift the spell.

Valentine pants and asks for a short rest. I can use one too, but Zeph and Farryn decide to already go back to the priestess. Valentine and I think that is a stupid idea because if something goes wrong and we’re resting there, Valentine cannot do anything to help, and I’ll be less powerful. We decide to stay near Muiral, not agreeing with Faryrn and Zeph’s plan. After an hour, we walk back to the priestess. “Muiral is dead… Take the level…” we hear in the priestess’s voice.

“Hi priestess.” we say, entering the room.
“Hello, my children, how did you find the destiny?”
“Yeah, about that… Tell us more please?” Valentine replies.
“I’m just the conjugate of Lolth. I only know what she tells me. It is not about you, only the treason of house Freth as of now.”
“Where are Zeph and Farryn?”
“They are in the medbay.”
“Farryn too?!” I interject. I certainly do not want to find him injured – I thought he was a-okay after the fight.
“No… he is not injured. No one will get injured in the house of Lolth.”
“I’ll keep you to that promise.” Valentine
“Umm. I mean, all people who are DEVOTED to Lolth will get no harm done to them,” she says.
“What can you tell us about the next level?”
“It is the level of house Freth. Most of our spies have not returned, so I cannot tell you much. One spy is in custody, you can interrogate him.”

We head for medbay, to find Zeph and Farryn, later we’ll interrogate the spy.
Entering medbay, I see Zeph fly over to us. He has the same tattoos as he always has, but they seem darker. “Guys! Guys! Look!!” Zeph shows us his tattoos.

We decide to go back to the priestess to interrogate the spy, but now with Farryn and Zeph on our side. However, I don’t feel like interrogating, I would rather study some magic. Farryn notices this, and asks the priestess if I could study some drow-magic. I turn red and feel like I want to vanish, but the priestess obliges and asks Nhilisstra to accompany me to one of the guest chambers. Farryn, Zeph, and Valentine will interrogate the spy, I’ll study.

After about three hours, the party enters the room where I’m studying with Nhilisstra. Valentine tells me about the stuff they needed to do to get the prisoner to talk. She tells me she’ll give more info when we’ll get back to Waterdeep. “Take a rest dear friends, we’ll see you when you return from Waterdeep.”

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