Children from Hell

Session 3 April 2022

We’re scouting the area stealthily and coming across a metal debris mountain. We are aware of possible rust monster attacks, so we’re careful. Farryn notices tunnels in the metal debris mountain and wants to go in – not being that careful in Calyx and my opinion… Calyx points out that there might be rust monsters in that tunnel, but Farryn still walks in, and we follow.

“Hold on… We’re going inside the tunnels, even when we know there are enemies inside?!” I say disbelievingly. When I end my sentence, and we turn a corner, we see a rust monster indeed. Valentine reacts with an eldridge blast and I shoot a firebolt. I still feel my magic is running low for today, but gather the strength for a fight. Luckily, the rust monster is dead within seconds, but, a couple of weird-looking children crawl out of the scrap metal the tunnel is made of. I think they noticed us because of the fire I exude after my fire spell.

When Farryn uses fire damage against them, it doesn’t seem to hurt them. Also, a lava child attacks me and touches my fiery exterior, and doesn’t feel anything apparently. We’re in trouble – these lava children are resistant or immune to the fire. Their attacks hurt us a lot and I am almost fainting from the heat and their bites. I use a shocking grasp on the lava child nearest to me and walk away when it’s stunned. I make way for Valentine, but she teleports away and the lava child near her, starts attacking me! I use the same trick I used on the previous lava child – shocking grasp and shout to find Valentine. “WHERE ARE YOU?” 

“Get to safety!”

“NO! Not without you!” with a heavy heart, I run towards the sound, leaving Farryn and Calyx to fend for themselves. I feel super guilty leaving them, but need to find my sister first. I am bloodied and feel very weak, but I can reach her.

“Back to the entrance?” she asks when I get to her. 

I nod. Valentine grabs my hand and together we step through the dimension door she conjured. In the distance, I hear Farryn scream in frustration: “YOU TERRIBLE TIEFLING TWAT!”

At the entrance, I turn around and go back inside to see if I can help.

“Don’t die in there! I cannot rescue you another time!” Valentine says warningly.

Inside the tunnel, I see Calyx knocked out on the ground, and I cannot see Farryn at all. “VALENTINE! Bad stuff is going on in here!”

I back up to the entrance again and see more lava children approach. Juk, these weird lava children are going to make an appearance in my nightmares. They get to me, but they’re gnawing at me and pulling me to the ground. I faint on the spot, next to Calyx. I see Valentine run towards me in the corner of my eye, but can primarily see the dead eyes of a lava kid staring me in the face.

Suddenly, I wake again and gurgle from the liquid that has just been poured into my mouth. I see Valentine run off and shout: “I SAID: don’t faint again!” 

I get up and run after her. I see Calyx and Farryn are still alive, the latter fighting the last lava child. As Farryn deals his last blow, I shout: “ARE YOU OKAY?”

“Yes,” he says, wiping his forehead. “Thanks to Calyx.”

“Hey… Enola, does that tiny hut of yours still exists?” asks Calyx.

“No, but I can create it again, give me 10 minutes.” 

We walk back to the same place we rested previously, and I conjure a tiny hut for us to rest up in.

During our downtime, I read the spellbooks I got from Drivvins’ room. It is quite interesting! I see a lot of spells that I haven’t learned… YET.

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