Find the party

Session 7 August 2022

We’ve been waiting for Farryn for quite a while… In the depths of the cavern, the lava children are still moving slowly, not noticing us. We shouldn’t disturb them, because we know they are powerful creatures, and there are simply too many of them to handle right now.
Furthermore, it is super hot in this area due to the lava, so my clothes are covered in sweat and I feel a headache come up. We have to move, we cannot stay here.
Farryn is still not coming back. We’re getting worried. As Calyx wants to remove his clothes again to cross the bridge to go look for him, we hear: ‘TELEPORTED!’
Wildly, I look around me, but everyone is still there… Farryn must’ve been teleported. We walk further, trying to find him. Valentine follows Calyx (riding Grond) holding hands again. Calyx and Valentine take turns in casting detect magic to hopefully find the teleporting traps.
‘TELEPORTED!’ Calyx and Grond disappear.
Shit! I’m getting scared now: detect magic isn’t helping to find the traps. We turn another corner and get teleported too.
However, I’m not ending up in the same place Valentine is. I’m all alone in a dead-ended hallway.

Next to me, there’s a dead body. I smelled it before I saw it – the meat is rotting away on the bones. It is probably dead. I approach and see it’s a Drow and he or she was visibly screaming when dying. How could the Drow have died? Am I in danger right now?
I take a second to think about the death tyrant and what it can do to its foes. With a shiver down my spine, I remember reading about the death ray it can cast from a distance. This Drow was probably a victim of that same ray. I look at the body one more time and let my guard drop for a split second.
Suddenly, I get slammed into the wall. A dragon-like statue bulldozers me over and leaves me sitting dazed against the wall.
I take another second to heal myself a bit. I’m not a healer, but I can give myself some more energy. The statue disappears after a couple of seconds. I also change my appearance: I change into a buff-looking dwarf and run away – to make sure no other statue slams me.

I run into an oval room with a statue of a dragon. I stay out of the predicted line of fire by using misty step and hurry into another room. There are a lot of pillars and one tomb in the middle. As I walk further – avoiding the center of the room – I see a couple of bars, and a statue of Hallaster and I hear a zooming noise. In the outstretched hand of the statue, there lie six coins, one looking different from the rest. I leave them be, I’m trying to find my party. I listen closely…

I hear some familiar voices in the room next to mine. I run towards the sound and see them at the beginning of the Obstacle Course. Of course, the party sees a dwarf running at them and immediately pulls out their weapons. They ask me a couple of questions, but I also drop my spell.
They ask where I’ve gone and if I’ve seen the death tyrant. I reply I’ve seen traces of it. Valentine says that we’ve probably seen a big trace – the lava trench seems to be created with the spell disintegrate.
Calyx approaches and investigates my wounds, he even gives me a potion of greater healing. We take a quick rest in the entrance hall, which is probably the safest place here, and travel to the place where Valentine and I heard voices behind the door…
We’ll see what’s there…

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