Session 4 July 2021

We are talking in the great hall after we left the treasury. Farryn wants to go back to the kings’ tomb where they found the demons, but we are reluctant to go there. Farryn walks away and the rest of us have a talk about his motives. We decide to follow Farryn because if he goes back there by himself, he’ll probably die.

When we arrive, we see Farryn walk around the room. However, there are no demon statues, but god-like statues, like the ones we saw before but in a different place. Aiden asks me to place the tuba piece we found at the other place in front of Beronar, but it doesn’t do anything. I investigate the statues. Valentine tells us she just heard a voice – a soft and pretty voice – that asks us to turn the statues towards the King. Farryn doesn’t agree and mopes in a corner, not wanting to help us at all. We try to turn the statues to the tapestry hanging on the wall. I push and hit my head hard and a little chip op marble comes off. Aiden pushes and turns it – a tear appears on the statue. Suddenly, an illusion lifts and a shadow pours out of the tear. It is Glabrezu! I damn Farryn for leading us here.

We attack Glabrezu with a wall of fire and fireball, but it does less than we expect. The demon stuns Aiden, steps through the wall of fire, and releases another demon from a statue: Hezrou. After that, he summons two other demons from the depths – Vrocks and a Barlgura. This whole time, I did not leave my sisters’ side. She looks at me, grabs my arm again, and together we step through a dimension door.

We enter another room behind the tapestry. It is the REAL tomb of the king! The whole room is made out of white marble and tapestries hang from the ceiling, depicting the demons being trapped to protect the tomb. The same demons that we just set free. As we are thinking of a way to help the others, the Vrocks scratch through the wall. I think that if we can beat Glabrezu, we defeat the other demons, so I cast magic missile on him. He seems really mad that I’ve bloodied him. After that, I disregard the 3 demons that ganged up on Valentine and me and attack him another time. Aiden kills Glabrezu with his solar beam and the darkness pulls him and the two Vrocks back into the shadows.

Now, only one demon remains (Hezrou). He is quite confused by us looking so much alike so he attacks both of us. Aiden assists us with his solar beam, but Hezrou smacks Valentine knockout. Aiden sends Nym to heal Valentine, just in time for her to attack with her booming blades and kill Hezrou. Apparently, Aiden also killed the Barlgura. We’re safe now.

Aiden performs his aura of vitality and heals us all! After that, we walk to the tomb of the king and inspect for traps. As soon as we feel it is safe, Valentine opens the tomb. We see a robed dwarf with a crown on his head, a pickaxe, and a shield. It is a sentinel shield that boosts your quickness of response and perception. Luckily for me, I get it, because I get hit by enemies often. We take a short rest near the tomb.


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