The white dragon

Session 30 May 2021

We try to lure the dragon in by moving treasure with our magic. Shishaldix creates a snake that scouts for us and brings some treasure back to us, but nothing happens – a lot of the treasure is frozen and the snake cannot access it. We conclude that the dragon is not home and exit the igloo we were in at the outskirts of the treasury. Yrod stays behind, but we walk around the room to the treasure. Suddenly, a stalactite moves and transforms into a great white dragon! He attacks us with his cone of frost and with Shishaldixs’ help, I can avoid some of the damage. The chainmail that I’m wearing is resistant to cold damage, thanks to him. Morsab falls from the sky frozen, and Ilimitar freezes too. Not long after, Shishaldix falls to the ground too.

Zhaidos heals everyone and gives me extra strength. I feel determined to kill the dragon. I look around and see that everyone has taken cover already, and I am still standing in front of the dragon. Oops. I try to get his attention to make sure he doesn’t hurt anyone else. The dragon flies up and knocks me prone in doing so. It flies away from me, towards the others. Zhaidos heals everyone again.

The white dragon – Glaciel

The dragon turns around and faces me again, but aims his breath weapon at Morsab. The dragon lands and folds his wings. He enters the caverns that connect to the treasury. I don’t know who is in there, but I saw Ilimitar near that area about half a minute ago… I hear a scream and run towards it – it is not coming from the caverns, but from behind me: Shishaldix is being attacked by the red mage we encountered earlier. During our fight with the red mage, I hear a couple of dragon roars coming from the caverns. I turn around and together with Zhaidos, I am caught in surprise by the dragons’ breath weapon that kills us both.

I wake up soon after and help Zhaidos. I am impressed as Shishaldix kills the dragon. I am distracted from being knocked out and feel my soul ALMOST leave my body as the red mage casts fireball on us.

Luckily, Zhaidos brings me back to life. The whole party is still alive and has killed the dragon and the mage. For ten minutes, Zhaidos sings for us in a prayer of healing – we all feel better after.

We inspect the treasure, and with a lot of fire, we succeed in melting the ice and retrieving the hoard. We find a frozen chest and many, many coins. Ilimitar looted the red mage and walks back with a staff of fire. We are wondering if we stopped the cult by defeating the dragon and the mage and walk back to the Cloud Giant.

The giant tells us that we have caused a setback for the cult of the dragon. However, there are more leaders: this was only Razmir. We still need to attack and stop the other leaders. The giant will ask his siblings to help us in our quest. We are welcome to stay in the castle as long as we would like. Ilimitar asks if we could go back to Greenest to give the people their money back, but the giant has already set course for his siblings.

We spend a few days in the castle as our journey continues. One day, when we are all in the courtyard, a raven flies up to us. It delivers a parcel. When we open it, we hear the voice of Leosin: ‘I send you my gratulations, you brought a blow to the operations of the cult. I give you this gift – meet me at Waterdeep as soon as possible. The cult is still active and not yet defeated.’ The parcel contains a spell scroll of teleport with a sequence to go through a teleportation circle to – probably – Waterdeep.

To be continued…

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