Razmirs’ chambers

Session 28 February 2021

We still sit in the cabin in front of the castle. Dralmorer is still a bit drunk and tells us everything we need to know about the castle and where we can find more info on Razmir and the teleportation circle password. We decide to head back into the castle to find Razmirs’ chambers. Ilimitar, Shishaldix, and Morsab scout the air around the castle. The rest of us scouts the courtyard together with Dralmorer. We merge parties again on the ground and follow Dralmorer upstairs.

We enter Razmirs’ chambers. The stairs are flanked with two Onix black dragon statues. Shishaldix tries to lift one of them to take it with us – apparently, it is valuable. He wants me to lower the statues into the portable hole Ilimitar has in his bag. Ilimitar helps me with the second one, Shishaldix walks into another room. I hear a scream! I startle and let go of the statue. It falls down, and so does Ilimitar. It was too heavy for him to hold on to. I want to get Ilimitar and give a rope to Morsab and lower myself down – I fall. Morsab could not hold on either. Inside the portable hole, Ilimitar and I straighten the statues, take another one down and climb out again. Ilimitar flies and helps Morsab to hold the rope.

The portable hole – by Peter (as Elenyr)

The yell came from the other room: Shishaldix has got acid all over him. I wipe the sweat off my face and walk with Shishaldix to the bedroom. I sit down on the bed: I understand he wants to tell me something. Shishaldix tells me the whole story – they have been through a lot… I have so much respect for them all!

Dralmorer has something to tell as well. Razmir is a wearer of purple. I don’t know what that means, but we see a statue of a five-headed dragon and I hear something about wyrms. Odd. Ilimitar states that he wants to check the observatory out, so we walk to the ground floor to again ascend some staircases.

In the observatory, we see four gargoyles. Dralmorer tells us that they will not attack because he is with us and is not ordering them to kill us. He smiles. Through the telescope, we can see everything within fifteen miles. I don’t look through it, but some of us do. They see two black dragons that look very much alike.

I think that is an explanation why it seemed like the dragon that was chasing me through the forest seemed to be at multiple places at the same time! While I’m thinking this, I inspect one of the gargoyles. It does not respond to my questions or hand-gestures. I am a bit disappointed, I know some gargoyles from my school, and they are pretty funny. Yrod wants to go to the teleportation circle below the castle and tries to persuade Dralmorer to lead the way, but he suddenly wakes from his suggestion. I know that because his tone suddenly changes, and now the gargoyle looks angrily at me… We have to fight to get out of this. It is a tiny room, so we have to watch out when attacking our enemies.

I use my spiritual weapon (a spear) to attack the gargoyle in front of me and cast my channel divinity (twilight sanctuary) to temporarily heal my companions. In the middle of the fight, Dralmorer disappears. Morsab goes after him. I miss my gargoyle with a guiding bolt, but luckily, it does not hit my party as well. Shishaldix helps me out of a big conundrum, and he and Yrod help me defeat my gargoyle. Ilimitar goes after Morsab.

When Ilimitar and Morsab return, Morsab tells us that he chased Dralmorer and sniped him but that there were too many guys in there to protect him. It was simply not doable to attack them all on his own. They barricaded the windows. The party plans to destroy the tower that the enemy is in. Morsab takes Yrod in his claws, Ilimitar steps on his broom, and Shishaldix readies his humonculous to fly. Together they go blow up the tower. Elenyr walked downstairs, and I remain with Sir Nemo. It is a bit awkward… They are gone for a couple of minutes, and then I can hear a big explosion. I know they’ve succeeded and that they’ll come back soon.

Final moments – by Peter (as Elenyr)

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