Death saves and a unicorn

Session 2 May 2021
Evanna is still knocked out, but something happened in-game that I would like to tell you about: seven portals opened all out of a sudden around the courtyard; some in the back, some on the towers, the rest spread around the party. The portals showed different environments: sand, rainforest, forests, mountains, and one that looks like one of the nine hells. What the party doesn't know, is that two characters entered the courtyard from another realm.

I am healed by Ilimitar and in total shock, I cast thaumaturgy to amp the volume of my voice and yell: ‘Hail Tiamat! Our mother and strength! Nothing happens, no one responds. I feel lost and defeated. The enemies are closing in. I see no way out. Until…

Elenyr and Attacus help me to teleport away from the direct danger I’m in. Suddenly, we find ourselves inside the tower from where we’re shot at by the ballista – that is now broken. The Stone Giants come closer. Yrod is still in her tiny dome and casts polymorph at the Giants, transforming one of them into a miniature unicorn! Ilimitar shouts (mass suggestion) something like: “we’re good, don’t attack us! If someone attacks us, attack THEM!” Some creatures attack one another, but most of them still approach us. Morsab flies through a room and lands on the ground: knocked out. He is followed by a vampire of some sort. On my hands and knees, I heal Morsab, Shishaldix, and myself but get knocked out by an enemy.

I wake up not much later. I feel a warm glow inside of me: Elenyr healed me again. But, a Stone Golem slams me knock out again.

While Evanna is knocked out, Shishaldix jumps out of the window to preserve the knowledge of the party, and to continue the quest. He falls all the way down but uses feather fall so that he doesn't fall dead to the ground.

Now, Nemo wakes me up again. I suddenly see two new people! The rest of the party is down. How do I help them?! Who are those people?! Are they here to help? Or are they enemies? I don’t know what to do!!!

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