It’s black, it’s disgusting, and it’s now in Waterdeep

Session 18 June 2023

Shortly after the vampire slaughter, we discuss if we should proceed hunting vampires, or aid the
sisters in Skullport. I want to go to Skullport, or find Glyster, while Mohan and Jaf’ar want to hunt
vampires. We decide to find Glyster first, as we still have some of the dragon hoard with us, and we
promised to help him out. You’ll never know what you get out of helping someone as reward!
We walk back to the temple of Selûne, but don’t see Glyster outside. The temple is now heavily
guarded by city guards. Sylvar is still coordinating temple repairs. Sylvar: “Glyster is at the moment
showing his faith at the ceremony of Serephine”. We describe we eliminated two vampires, and are
thanked on behalf of Selûne. It is still early, and we have all day ahead of us.

Jaf’ar and I discuss the necessity of mourning ceremonies. Mohan already flies out to the temple
while Jaf’ar explains how he as clerk shows his respects. Fine with me, as long as they don’t expect the same from me. We arrive, and the ceremony is still going on with praises to Lathander. No sign of Glyster. Mohan
scouts from the air and sees Glyster standing aside, still mourning.
“Don’t fly too close to the sun, Mohan!” I shout. He should not fall down… We join Glyster’s solitude.

Mohan explains that we feel we have a curse from Shar, and that people stare at us. I ask where to bring the dragon hoard. Glyster wants to give back to Waterdeep, and especially to the
two temples opposing Shar. Mohan promptly asks for how long the ceremony will take. Both Jaf’ar
and I look at him as if he was just very impolite.
Shortly after, I cast Fly on Grond, mount, and pull Jaf’ar with his own flying speed to Aurinax. A bit
slower than expected we arrive. I introduce Jaf’ar as Disruptor member. Aurinax is unpleasantly
surprised of the first conversion of Glyster to the dark side, and even more surprised (pleasantly)
about the second conversion back to the light. We jot down that we should give him a signed copy of
the pamphlet Mohan and Jaf’ar are going to make on the conversion process.

We check our (well, that’s relative) belongings, they are still there, including good old Sunny. This
might come in handy for future combat with the shadows, and I’ll bring it with me. We decide to
leave some items at Aurinax as well:

  • Chest with 500 GP and 2 silver bracelets with onyx we found at level 4
  • 2 diamonds, excreted by polymorphed Guffaw at level 14
    Jaf’ar and I jointly decide we should distribute 100 PP to each Disruptor member when we come back
    to our base.
    We then walk and fly to the Golden Couldron Guild homebase. Again, I introduce Jaf’ar, but now to
    to the guild members on ground level. He quickly gets into an academic discussion with other lower
    rank guild members about arcana and I leave him there while walking to the 2 nd floor for inner circle
    guild members only. I enquire on our investment (no revenues yet), the quest for a magic staff (not
    yet found), and ask for an update on Zhentarim progress in Waterdeep and Undermountain. I learn
    that a delegation of Golden Couldron was sent to Skullport, but they haven’t heard since (1 day ago).
    I make sure that the vial with black vomit from the Shadowfell is sent for analysis by advanced
    Taverns and Inns
    Jaf’ar want to rest and sits down at a cocktail bar and orders a fishbowl “Waterdeep special”.

I could use some fun as well, and walk into a random tavern. Somehow, the bard sings no songs on me or the Never Evers. Not even when I toss a silverpiece! I decide to run my own course and perform with the song on my own adventures. The tavern guests are underwhelmed. Time for action! I play Zeph’s flute and cast fog cloud, guests are starting to get nervous and with the Gem of brightness I shine light, and dispel the fog cloud! A hero saved them! They still look unimpressed, and the bard sings the Never Evers song, with and added verse on Farrýn and his accidental Fog Cloud.

Well, it’s better being in a song than being ignored, so I toss another SP to the bard, and to the pissed tavern owner, and walk out.
I find Jaf’ar under the influence of some cocktails. Multiple glasses in various shapes are emptied. He
shares his story. With detect thoughts he learned about another vampire attack at the Dancing
Hearth Inn in the North. We walk eastwards to the Dancing Hearth Inn. Mid-way, I start sweating,
and feel the urge to go down in Undermountain again. Adventure, mystical creatures, treasures,

At the Inn, more and more flowers seem to have withered, with the Dancing Heart Inn being the
centre of it all. I cast Protection from evil and good through Zeph’s flute. Grond protects me with his Warding Grond.

The Inn is empty. Bar owner Andrea looks pale, but welcomes us. Last night she woke up sick, guests checked out. Something doesn’t feel right, but it also doesn’t feel hostile. We get permission to explore the place. In the basement, we find a nice bottle of Whispering Moonstone Reserve, quite popular among rock gnomes, but nothing else.

We walk upstairs, I check the guest records (with permission), and observe that Portia checked in
yesterday in room 203! Upon entering the room, we see black vomit on the floor. While I remove
most of it, part of it get dispersed into the wooden floor. I wish we had Prestidigitation on hand, but both of us felt it important to prepare for the day. With some Dragon thrower finesse the black stain is removed. The window has been forced open from the outside, maybe they have taken Portia?

Andrea is terrified that her business is closed forever. I pay 1 platinum piece for the bottle of
Whispering Moonstone Reserve, damage to the wooden floor and for restoration of business. She
thanks us, Farrýn Flamel from Never Evers/Disruptors! Jaf’ar drops 1 citrine stone for her to find. Homebase endeavours Jaf’ar mentions out loud that he feels the urge to go back to undermountain grow and I’m glad I’m not the only one with this feeling. We swiftly return to Trollskull manor. I ask Jaf’ar to stay downstairs, walk up, cast Invisibility on myself, wait 2 minutes to see if I weren’t followed, and then discover that I’m being spied on again! WHO IS SCRYING ME CONSTANTLY!! I decide to wait for a visit
to the hidden vault, and instead go to the toilet and take a dump very badly. After 10 minutes, the
feeling of being scried disappears. The hidden vault is still upstairs, and I open it with my key:
everything is still there. He strokes the Rod of the Pactkeeper while thinking of Valentine. I seal the

Back in Undermountain, I share with Jaf’ar, Simufarrýn, and Scarecrow on the feeling being scried again. It seems to have been maximum one time a day, but also experienced days without scrying moments. Jaf’ar wants to think on identifying who keeps scrying by means of developing a spell. I think for a while, and remember one of Mordenkainen’s inventions on protection from divine magic in a specific area.

When we meet Mohan, we are initially shocked by the sight of his companion. He later explains how
he paid respect with day and night flowers. Truly respectful. He also located no vampires in his area
in Waterdeep, where he scouted from the sky. He traveled through different wards, and located a
vampire between the Sea ward and North ward. He entered the sewers, found the vampire. They
talked, and it turned out to be a former adventurer and fellow of Portia! After Keresta’ disappearance, they felt freedom, and a will of their own. The vampire spawn asked something to eat and Mohan arranged a fresh butchered pig (live in front of him), and brought it to feed the vampire spawn. They regenerate! He tried to bring the vampire to Trollskull, but got lost. He wrapped the vampire spawn in a table cloth, and found their way to Trollskull manor. Children ran away when they were spotted, but it didn’t keep them from coming to Trollskull manor. In the bar, guests walked away when Mohan and Andor walked in! Smokey felt disrupted as well.

What is this devilry? How come people look terrified when we’re around? How to convince
Waterdeep citizens and administration that we had nothing to do (that is mostly true) with these
vampire attacks? And what is the deal with this black vomit? I should clear out our homebase and the corridors of level 18, otherwise everything will die around here..

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