A bad (shopping) trip

Session 7 January 2024

Back in our base, I claim my share of gold from the snail, and our conversation steers toward the possibility of visiting Skullport. However, Farryn’s association with the Zhentarim poses an issue, prompting a discussion about eliminating the Zhentarim to facilitate trade in Skullport. We inform Farryn about the Rakshasa and briefly consider the practicality of obtaining a mass destruction weapon. Deciding against it due to uncertainties on the level of Arcturia, we ponder where to find a mimic and how to ensure it consumes the phylactery.

Skullport emerges as the most promising location to find a mimic or someone connected to one. Venturing into the black market in Skullport, we encounter a challenge regarding Farryn’s presence. To address this, I employ the Seeming spell, altering our appearances. Farryn assumes the guise of a portly and unattractive Tabaxi, Patience appears as a younger and less aged human, the Dark Mage becomes a dwarf, Xenji transforms into an elf, I adopt the appearance of a dwarf, and Urm, now a flying gnome, retains his aerial form.

Fully disguised, we attempt to enter the market, but scrutiny from hobgoblins prompts skepticism: “YOU DON’T HAVE ANY PAPERS!”. Opting for an alternative, we embark on a little boat with an undead skeleton for a crew, each paying a gold piece for the journey. The voyage to lower Skullport proves impressive.

Upon reaching the harbor, we encounter an open grave, triggering Farryn’s recognition. Proceeding to the market, Urm, in gnome form, traverses the ground using hands and feet. Adopting fake names for the occasion, Farryn becomes Warryn, the Dark Mage and Patience both take on the name Dennis, Urm is also Dennis, I go by Tyra, and Xenji chooses to withhold his name.

Navigating the squalor of Skullport, we traverse the area, attuned to the ambient sounds. Our goal: to locate individuals involved in the trade of monsters. Rasmus Blackwistle emerges as a notable figure, dealing in magical creatures. He is also known under a different name: Serpent Tongue, an eloquent conversationalist with a dark side, known for the torture of creatures. Our path leads us to Serpent Tongue’s establishment, marked by an absence of Zhentarim tags, yet an air of suspicion shrouds the location. Choosing caution, Xenji and I remain outside, acting as vigilant guardians. My affection for animals dissuades me from entering, as I fear the potential distress it may cause.

Excitement ensues when we learn of our successful acquisition: a mimic. However, the process of securing this creature consumes a considerable amount of time. Inquiring about the delay, we discover it resulted from prolonged negotiations. We seek to discern any signs of Zhentarim activity during this time, but our findings are negative. Xenji, perceptive as always, opts to leave the premises due to the unpleasant odor, and I follow suit to escape the discomfort.

Our time in Skullport extends to shopping, with Xenji exhibiting unusual quietude as he scans for something specific. My lack of immediate needs allows me to survey various stands and keep a discreet eye on Farryn. My assistance is lent to Xenji in the search for a sunblade.

Upon the return of Farryn, Patience, and the Dark Mage return. They’ve found something VERY valuable: a staff of power. Farryn is ecstatic, and laughs in a high pitched tone.

In the aftermath of their successful acquisition, Farryn and the others celebrate their victory by heading to Guts and Garters, where they are greeted by Carla. As they descend downstairs, Patience introduces an intriguing proposition: selling the phylactery to the Zhentarim. Xenji, however, vehemently opposes parting with the phylactery, emphasizing its importance.

Curious about the origin of the recently acquired staff of power, Xenji inquires and learns it came from Grindle. This revelation leaves him visibly frustrated, prompting him to leave the celebration and ascend upstairs. Meanwhile, the party receives crystals from the Zhentarim merchant, and I caution them about the possibility of these crystals being tracking devices. It dawns on us that we are currently in the basement of someone associated with the resistance.

Moving to the bar upstairs, Farryn and the Dark Mage engage in identifying the crystals, appearing unusually ecstatic. Their behavior takes a bizarre turn as they lick and rub the crystals on their skin. Puzzled, I seek clarification by asking if I can hit Farryn. My attempt goes unnoticed, as he shows no signs of feeling the impact. It becomes evident that they are under the influence of the crystals, enjoying an altered state of consciousness.

Growing increasingly frustrated with the situation, Xenji decides to leave. As I contemplate my next move, Patience takes one of the crystals, and I seize the opportunity to throw a glass of Wyrm Whizz in Farryn’s face. Observing that the Dark Mage is less affected, I attempt to wrest the crystal from Farryn’s hands without success. Realizing I cannot draw a weapon in the middle of a pub, I decide to exit. Before leaving, I cast a brief fear spell on them, aiming to induce a momentary bad trip. Outside, all I find is Xenji’s abandoned bag of holding, with no sign of him or a note. A sense of foreboding grips me; it appears Xenji has been taken.

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