Tortle Power!

Session 28 April 2024

With Farryn’s directive ringing in my ears, I set off on my mission to scour the area for any valuable loot left behind amidst the chaos of battle. As I take to the air, I observe the shift in the balista’s positions, noting that most are now aimed downward—a clear indication that their operators have heeded the Dark Mage’s command to stand down. However, one stubborn balista persists in its attempts to target my comrades, its efforts thwarted by the protective barrier of magical warding.

Determined to make the most of the opportunity to gather resources, I enhance my speed with the spell Longstrider, allowing me to cover ground more swiftly than before. With renewed agility, I navigate through the air towards the sole remaining Zhentarim structure, my eyes scanning eagerly for signs of hidden treasures.

Suddenly, the ominous voice of the Dark Mage cuts through the air once more, issuing a stern warning to those who defy his commands. Without hesitation, he unleashes a colossal fireball towards the defiant balista operators, engulfing the area in a raging inferno.

Amidst the tumultuous commands of the Dark Mage, urging the disarmed masses to converge in the square’s center, I venture into the Zhentarim building. Inside, the scene is chaotic—two thugs propelled skyward, a mage left exposed in naught but his underclothes.

Exiting the room, I step into another chamber cluttered with overturned tables and scattered chairs. The air hums with tension, a testament to the hurried retreat of its former occupants. My eyes catch sight of a staircase leading upwards, beckoning with the promise of exploration and potential riches. Meanwhile, Farryn’s frustrated voice filters through the mind link, informing me of his struggles amidst the rubble to the south.

As the dark mage continues his efforts at crowd control, reassuring us of the approaching unarmed bugbears, I ascend the staircase and enter a spacious sleeping hall. Rows of beds line the room, flanked by trunks that hold the promise of hidden treasures.

My eyes light up at the sight of the trunks, excitement bubbling within me. “Ohh guys, trunks! There must be something valuable inside!” I exclaim eagerly, my curiosity piqued by the potential loot awaiting discovery.

Meanwhile, Farryn relays the information about Morgath’s body being deposited with him, expressing his inability to loot it for some perplexing reason. He requests assistance in retrieving the rings from the body once the looting is complete.

The dark mage’s response offers a glimmer of hope, assuring that Morgath’s belongings can be addressed later, allowing us to focus on the task at hand. With determination, I set about rummaging through the trunks, eager to uncover any treasures they may hold.

I set to work methodically opening each trunk, eager to uncover any hidden treasures they may contain. As I delve into the first one, I find a collection of clothing, some armor pieces, weapons, letters, and various personal possessions. The contents offer glimpses into the lives of those who once occupied this space.

Moving on to the next trunk, I encounter similar items, but my search yields a small coin pouch containing five silver pieces and a rather unflattering painting of a child that leaves me questioning its significance.

Realizing that my current approach may not be the most efficient, I decide to enlist the help of my summoned tortles. Eight of the tortles appear, resembling the wise and intelligent form of the dark mage. With a command, I instruct them to assist in opening the remaining chests.

The tortles eagerly set to work, their nimble movements revealing hidden compartments and treasures within the trunks. They rummage through the contents, occasionally uncovering pouches and other valuable items. With each find, they return to me, presenting their discoveries with a sense of pride.

In total, I manage to gather thirty gold pieces from the various chests, a disappointing but nonetheless welcome haul. With the bedrolls now thoroughly searched and feathers scattered about, I conduct one final sweep of the area before dismissing the tortles.

I decide to deploy the tortles to search through the rubble outside the building, where the initial explosion and the start of the fight occurred. With their strength and resilience, they should be able to navigate the debris effectively.

As I step outside, I spot Farryn’s location near the Arbiter’s room. Making my way toward the collapsed buildings, I observe the dark mage meticulously collecting fingers from Morgath’s body to retrieve the rings.

Turning my attention to the task at hand, I watch as the tortles, aided by Grond, diligently clear away the rubble, tossing aside stones and debris. I take to the air, soaring overhead to scout for any valuable items hidden amidst the wreckage.

Together, the tortles and Grond work in harmony, their coordinated efforts gradually revealing objects buried beneath the rubble. Some bodies are carefully extracted from the debris, adding to the somber atmosphere of the scene.

I swiftly heed Farryn’s request to inspect the deceased mages on the barricades. Gathering their spellbooks and spellcasting focuses, I return to the dark mage and hand them over for examination.

Turning my attention back to the tortles, I find them diligently organizing the retrieved items. Among the debris, I notice several chests belonging to the elites, but they remain stubbornly locked. Calling upon three tortles to assist, I instruct them to pry open the chests, but their efforts prove fruitless thus far.

Suddenly, a loud crash echoes from the back, accompanied by a string of curses from the dark mage via the mind link. Alarmed, I strain to identify the source of the disturbance, my senses on high alert as an intense ringing noise fills the air.

As I continue to coordinate the tortles in their search for valuables, a sudden commotion over the mind link catches my attention: one of the rings triggered a trap, prompting Farryn’s laughter. Despite my skepticism, I maintain focus and urge the tortles to proceed cautiously with their task.

Meanwhile, the dark mage struggles to locate the lost ring amidst the rubble, prompting me to join in the search. Despite our efforts, the chests remain stubbornly sealed, prompting Grond to take matters into his own hands and forcefully pry one open.

To our surprise, a liquid spills out from the chest, revealing a mixture of potions. Curious, I dip my finger into the concoction and taste it, identifying a healing potion, a potion of gaseous form, and a potion of mind reading among the contents.

With the discovery made, I decide to try my hand at lockpicking the remaining chests, calling for a halt on any further attempts to break them open. However, my efforts prove futile, prompting me to seek assistance from Farryn, who promptly arrives to lend a hand.

As the tortles continue their cleanup efforts, they uncover four more chests, adding to the growing inventory of potential treasures. With renewed determination, I resume my attempts to unlock the remaining chests, eager to uncover their secrets.

As Farryn joins me in our quest to unlock the chests, our efforts yield promising results: a total of ten chests are discovered, along with more bodies, suggesting a wealth of potential loot. Among the treasures unearthed are numerous gems, potions, and spell scrolls, each promising their own unique benefits.

As we sift through the belongings of the deceased, Farryn and I uncover spell focuses, component pouches, and luxurious robes, along with a variety of valuable gems, including a black pearl, carnelian, deep blue spinnel, and an oil of slipperiness. Our findings hint at the wealth and power once possessed by those who now lie lifeless before us.

Meanwhile, the dark mage reports on the state of the vault in the shadowfell, revealing its emptiness save for the enigmatic presence of Morph, who inexplicably possesses wings. Farryn suggests questioning Morph about his involvement with the arbiter, speculating that he may hold vital information despite his apparent ignorance.

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