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My character Bree Gemgee, let her rest in peace, has died in the campaign Tyranny of Dragons. I’ve created Evanna Spectre to continue the story with. However, in these blog posts, I try to summarize what Bree was all about and what she experienced during the campaign. This is to give more context to the story of Evanna as well.

Bree Gemgee is based on Bilbo Baggins. She has kind of the same character; a bit stuck up, careful, loyal, and when it counts: brave. In DnD terms, Bree is a halfling rogue. Highly dexter, and quick.

The story started with an ambush. A group of creatures saw a burning village – my future party, and I – Bree – was undercover in a group of Kobolds as an acolyte of the cult of the dragon. The cult of the dragon wants to resurrect Tiamat, a five-headed dragon ruling one of the nine hells. It turned into a fight. Secretly, I was helping the party. After the fight, I needed to explain myself and I eventually joined the party. The party exists of Ilimitar (warlock), Arciel Dawnbringer (aasimar cleric), Morsab Alto (arakockra ranger), Yrod (aasimar sorcerer), Xanthorin Nightstar (high elf bard), and Shishaldix (yuan ‘ti artificer).

The village was threatened by a blue dragon. We needed to get everyone to safety, and chase the dragon away. We succeeded, but at the cost of Nightstar, he was taken by a Dragonborn Landedrosa.

We did have an epic fight in a barn with a big load of enemies, where I ran to an upper level of the barn and slid down from a big haystack to help someone. Another character, Morsab Alto took Yrod into his claws and flew up to help during this battle. We took someone prisoner, and Shishaldix and I questioned him. That went wrong; due to my colleague being somewhat evil it turned into a torture scene. I did not know what to do. Finally, I gave permission to Shishaldix to kill the prisoner in case he would rad us out to our enemies after being persuaded. Not a really good action given my alignment, neutral good.

We also got approached by Omin Dran, the head of Acquisitions Incorporated, asking if we wanted to work for him in exchange for rewards. We accepted and did some quests for him. For example, we escorted a monk named Leosin back to the village of Greenest where we started. We also rescued Nightstar from Landedrosa where he was kept in a cage in a hideout-cave. We also destroyed a couple of dragon eggs we found there.

In the meantime, I have to mention, I did not really keep track of the next events and I don’t remember much. But what I do know, is that we had a deck of many things. We played a lot with it due to intoxication, Yrod wanting to play games and forgetting that the game does horrible things, and Shishaldixs’ evil character.

A lot of bad things happened: my alignment shifted to evil (I stole items from my party members from then onwards, mostly from Ilimitar), we lost experience points, we lost magical items, and much more. Good things also happened: Yrod gained experience points and got to level 5 when we all were still level 2 and got the spell whish. She whished all our alignments (that had all shifted a bit towards evil) to lawful good. Happy party, happy life.

The last time we played with the deck of many things, Shishaldix went to the void. We knew where it was, and sought a caravan to take us there. During the journey, we had to take the body of Shishaldix with us. Only his soul traveled to the void and was kept inside an amulet on a chain guarded by a dragon. The latter is the information we stumbled upon when we got to the place the ruïns were. We found the ruïns by following a golden stag. Morsab chased it and I sat on Elenyr (eladrin, druid) because he turned into a stag as well.

FYI: Elenyr replaced Arciel Dawnbringer in the party.

When we got to the ruïns we got a couple of presents in large chests from the golden stag. I got a ring of the ram, which was very cool because I did not have any ranged weapons. Elenyr got a cloak with fine silvery threads, Yrod got a big shield (too big for her to wear, unfortunately), Morsab got a longbow with his name on it in golden letters, Xanthorin got two potions (resistance to all damage potions), and Ilimitar got two spell scrolls. For Shishaldix we took a dwarven hammer.

We sent Elenyr into the cave to scout as a spider, because Shishaldix was sending us mental messages and warning us of a large beast. This large beast turned out to be Venomfang, a young green dragon guarding a large horde. We had to sacrifice a prized possession of ours… Soooo, I had to return my ring of the ram. Eventually, green dragons are evil, so he totally tricked us and we could not get our friend back. Elenyr had taken the amulet with him when he was still a spider, and we destroyed it – as Shishaldix told us to do. However, Venomfang saw everything. It turned into a big fight. We managed to get back to the caravan and greet Shishaldix once again. I got a dagger with small crystals on them, not knowing how I got it; I discovered it after the fight.

The next blogposts will describe the sessions that follow, resulting in the end in Brees’ unfortunate death.

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