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About a year ago, we started the campaign Waterdeep: Dragonheist. Unfortunately, I do not remember much and haven’t recorded much either. I will mention a couple of things that I do remember and are good to know before we start the campaign Waterdeep: The Dungeon of the Mad Mage, which I will write about.

Ladrengielle is a Wood Elf Bard and is – let’s call it ‘evolved’ into a Warlock. I’ll tell you how and why further into the story. For now, I’ll describe the story as ‘original’ Ladrengielle.

Backstory – Ladrengielles’ perspective
I grew up with my grandparents and lived with them until I was a teenager. My granddad was an important man, and one day, a group of rich humans came to our house. I did not understand what was going on, but it was mostly about money and power. A day later, I came home from foraging some berries, and the house and my grandparents were burned to the ground. I had nowhere to go, but I promised myself that someday I would make them pay. I wandered and wandered unfamiliar cities and met a group of strangers in a bar that took me in. They told me they were fighting the good fight: infiltrating high societal groups and helping the less fortunate. This seemed a good way to repay my granddad and grandma for all their charity to the community and me, so I joined. To this day, I am a bard (to make some money by playing music), but I left my spy-community to huddle up a gang of my own. I did not agree with the leader of the group about some ethical stuff. However, I still am frightened of fires. Every time I see a fire, I forget everything around me and it takes a while to recover from the flashback of my grandparents, I mostly startle and cry. I also do not like berries anymore.

As you can see, Ladrengielle is a loving and rightful young lady. Her alignment is Chaotic Good: in her case, it means that she fights for the greater good but that she is pretty reckless. Ladrengielle prefers to make a new friend rather than a new enemy and is loyal to her friends. She steals from the rich to give to the poor, but she never has a plan, and if there is a plan, she will ignore it. She goes her own way, disregarding any risks. For her full character sheet, click on this link:

A lot has happened
During the campaign Waterdeep: Dragonheist, the party came across some challenges. I’ll try to give some pointers. The first thing I remember is our first session where another Wood Elf named Wycked and I wanted to get some information from a guy in a bar and actually slept with him to get it. I remember I got an STD from that guy that I could not heal myself and had to ask for help. The second thing I know is that we came across a guy named Volo Neverember and his dad, and we needed to secure the stone of Golorr. It took us a while to find it and get it, and we got blown up at the beginning of our quest. A Nimbleright blew us up with a necklace of exploding pearls: the pearls were harnassed with fireballs. In our attempt to find the Nimbleright, we explored some areas and were attacked by Shadows. We all were knocked out, and we were saved by an unknown someone. We solved the issue with the Nimbleright and his evil twin and found out that a guy named Floksinn could possess the stone of Golorr. We went after him and by charming the matron, we could enter his room and kill him. More parties chase the stone of Golorr – bandits, Duergarr, the Xanathar guild, and even water-creatures.

Ladrengielle – Wood Elf Bard/Warlock

As a side note, we also found a small wooden sword somewhere in a cave that eventually turned out to be a talking greatsword called ‘Sunny’. Borac (a Half-Orc in my party) possesses the sword to this day.

Because of our quest to find the stone of Golorr, we made a lot of enemies. This was noticed by the town’s watch. We were charged with some stuff – most of it true (some of us stealing gold bars from a house, and me charming a matron). We were bailed out but we had to pay a fee and clear the Xanathar lair in the sewers. On our way to the sewer, we saw some Kenku and a Halfling. The Halfling said that the Kenku had the stone, and the Kenku’s ran away. The sewer was filled with undead, but luckily we found our way out. We caught the Kenku and found a package with the stone of Golorr inside a windmill where the Kenku tried to hide.

Funny thing, inside the windmill, some stuff went down. Borac drank some kind of potion Celestia (High Elf Wizard in the party) made for him to heal him, and he laid an egg! I kept that egg to myself – Borac never really knew until I had to tell my secret – because I did not like him and he was not conscious at the time.

We needed to bring the stone of Golorr to the vault of Dragons. Apparently, it resided below the theater in Waterdeep. The dragon guarding the treasure is called Aurinax, and to enter the vault we needed to gather three things: a drunken elf (check – that’s me), sunlight (we used a spell), and a beardless dwarf (we got one drunk and shaved him). Inside the theater, I finally understood Borac. He was always annoying me: he stole stuff from me, or borrowed it and never returned it. He always wanted to have stuff that belonged to me. I got it then and there, he just liked me. I was kind of moved. From that point on, he was my friend. Or maybe more… We entered the vault of Aurinax, but we also had to tell a secret to get in. I told mine: I had Boracs’ egg with me for a while now. I had to give it back.

The last thing you need to know is that we completed the final quest at Xanathars’ guild. We blew up the whole thing with barrels with explosives (and I stashed some for a rainy day). We got help from a Goblin, and Arciel (an Aasimar). Furthermore, Celestia and I got bit by a Were-rat, and with every full moon, we transform. The first full moon, Celestia disappeared… I’ve never seen him again. Oh, and that unknown someone that saved us a couple of times? That is Smoke on the Water, better known as Smokey.

I think that was it! There is more, that’s for sure, but now we can start our new adventure! Waterdeep: The Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

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