My patience runs out

Session 7 March 2021

In the light of the burning spider webs, we see Driders in the space next to us. One of them is fighting two others on the wall. The Drider on the ground appears to be the one we helped in the past; we run to its aid. I want to cast a spell but can’t pronounce it: I feel a silence around me that’s pressing on my voice. Oh well, I can shoot the Drider instead. The longbow it’s holding flies out of its claws, plus I inflict a large wound. I now notice the silence has lifted around me. The Drider on the ground reaches for its head and yells: ‘The queen is mad, the queen is mad!’ After more fighting and failing spells because of the silence returning, we defeat the two on the wall. One actually flees, followed by Borac. I want to follow but hear a thud and silence: Borac got the Drider. The familiar Drider is again in pain because of the noise inside its head: ‘The queen is mad at me, mad as can be!’ I can see it drives it nuts. Pethar tries to heal the Drider, but it does not help. Then, he casts whirling wind. I don’t know why, but I think he wants to be alone with the Drider. I cast message to ask what he’s doing: he’s okay. Quickly after that, the spell stops and the Drider leaves. Pethar got a gift from it: a magical ring. It is small and golden with small spider eyes on it and spider legs to the side.

We want to head back to Skullport, so we walk back to the river, past the Sea Hags and past the dead Drider. We investigate another tunnel near the river that leads to the ghosts we encountered earlier (we were on the water then with our rafts). Francissy investigates, but we stay behind. The ghosts are actually digging for some treasure.


I cast unseen servant to help them dig: I am way too lazy for that. Pethar cries for help: he is digging something up but cannot lift it by himself. Borac and I help him pull a big chunk of mushed stone out of the sand. Inside, there is a large wooden chest. The ghosts see it and approach us. Borac opens it: it contains a skull and around 180 gold pieces. Unseen, I steal some of the coins – about sixty – but the chest seems a lot more empty than it was before. Did Borac grab some too…?

During the search, Francissy continues walking. We catch up to him, but he is fighting some Drow. We help him but end up in an area filled with green fog. This feels dangerous. I see a moving light in the direction the Drow ran off in when we joined the fight. Borac runs after someone else but first has to climb a ridge. I cannot see where he is going and try to climb the ridge too. Francissy is already up there as well. Suddenly, I hear Borac yell in pain and shout something. Did Francissy again inflict damage on one of us…? I warned him NOT to do that. I try to jump onto the ridge, but can’t push off the wet stones I’m on, so I just slide down into the water. I land face-first on pebbles beneath me. Francissy laughs: ‘Is there something you CAN do?!’ I am outraged: first attacking Borac and then making fun of me?! I try to grab Francissy by the ankles to pull him down, but he teleports to the other shore. Borac again shouts in pain, but I hear Pethar too. I trust nothing horrible to happen to Borac: he is a machine when he’s fighting and will survive everything due to his relentless attacks and endurance. I decide to go after Francissy. I prepare to cast a spell when I hear Francissy scream – something has hit him. Nonetheless, I cast chill touch on him. He could die, but I don’t care.

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