A package for Abu – by Anki Laine

Session 16 February 2022

Hunting party

Hello Alan,

As we discussed during our previous encounter, I am keeping this short travel journal to describe the developments that occur during our journey to the City of Abu. As I am penning this paragraph, I just met up with Aedan Rhogar, Snuzzle McPuzzle, and Zelda Syllin Lia. Our adventuring party seems well-prepared for a trek through the scorching Draz’gan Desert. I have traveled through this expanse multiple times before and have found it to be a treacherous environment. 

I am currently writing this paragraph while walking at a considerable pace, so I apologize if the handwriting is less legible. We have been traveling through the desert for approximately one hour, judging by the movement of the sun. Aeden is carrying the chest, as his strength and endurance seemed the most effective for this task. We are moving in a defensive formation, as, in my personal experience, it is vital to stay sharp in a desolate environment such as this. Snuzzle is using his mirage-esque owl familiar Muzzle to navigate, as the loose sand has covered much of the established road. We do not–    As I am writing this, it seems Snuzzle has discovered an unexpected feature in the landscape up ahead. I shall attempt to transcribe his description; “A massive sinkhole .. over 100 feet by 100 feet .. five purple orbs spread across the hole.” These fools are deciding to approach it–

I apologize for the sudden cuts in the previous paragraph. We are now moving away from the sinkhole. The party eventually decided to heed my advice. The three “orbs” Snuzzle initially spotted in the sinkhole turned out to be large eggs, approximately 2 meters across. Only two of these eggs were fully intact; the other three eggs were fully shattered. Snuzzle directed his faux-owl to pick up a shard of one of these eggs, but as it did so, a purple worm larger than a given person jumped out of the sand and lunged at the creature. The illusory owl disappeared instantly as the worm hit it, and the party was convinced to move on. Let us hope the rest of the trip is less eventful.

We just killed three of these purple worm babies. We are only halfway to Abu when they ambushed us. I’m afraid I do not have much time to write before we move on. My three party members are currently looting the bodies of the beasts for trinkets. I must say our party fought admirably and has come out of this encounter largely unscathed. Aedan’s rage, in particular, was quite a thing to behold, while my sacred flame and Zelda’s crossbow bolts only did superficial damage in comparison. We did find we could distract the beasts with small earth tremors, such as throwing metal weapons into the sand. I hope this confirmation of a common theory will come in use in the future. The worms all attempted to burrow underground in order to avoid our attacks, but Zelda’s magical earth tremors were quite effective against their strategy. I pray to my father that this is the last we see of these creatures.

This may be the last entry I write, as we are currently running from an enormous worm, the size of our guild hall. I pray I will not meet Nuvuk or Ujarak today.

The worm seems to have withdrawn itself. We are currently hiding on top of a small boulder, numb from the harrowing experience we just had. The behemoth appeared just as we were about to move on from the corpses of its offspring and moved at an unprecedented speed. We initially attempted to run away, but the creature was clearly catching up with us. We all threw and shot various objects and projectiles in order to distract the worm, but it had little effect. Three of us made it to this boulder and climbed on top, staying as still as possible. However, the worm caught up with Snuzzle and almost swallowed the feline wizard. Somehow, the worm’s lunge missed and Snuzzle was able to slip away as we distracted the worm further with projectiles. I believe the route between Wesert and Abu will remain hazardous for the foreseeable future. I am blessed my father did watch out for us.

We eventually arrived at our destination. It was big, and it was nice to see the ocean again. We approached the western gate and an overly enthusiastic guard guided us through the city. Apparently, Abu was sleeping as we arrived, so we had to wait for 20 minutes. Another guard led us to the king’s chambers. This man had relatively kind words towards you, Alan. Apparently, your father misses you, but he appreciates the life experience you’re building up here.

Your father seemed like a kind man and is in good health. The parcel contained a large purple hat.


Anki Laine,

Pysykää hyvässä kunnossa

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