Something Fey – by Zeph Glitterflitter

Session 10 February 2022

Hunting party

This is a quick report by me, Zeph Glitterflitter, of a quest Heroes Roost completed for the Council of Wesert. You’ll read in the report why, but damn I’m way too tired to write out a full report or have the creative energy to write stories that captivate the happening better.

So, we kind of started by accepting the quest about some illegal faerie circle… how can those even be illegal?! Anyway, it seems I wasn’t the only fey thinking that since the party that accepted this quest consisted of three fey-beings: the famous Flowerpower Brigade or something, Bluebell and Periwinkle, and myself, your local glitter shower Fairy. The other two were Tamir, an amazing warforged that turns into a somewhat creepy version of himself when in battle, and Daralei, a human who rather hides and complains, than actively helps her party, so I found out.

Anyway, Desmund sent us off to get rid of the faerie circle and reminded us of the extra bonus if we can somehow prevent the creator of the circle from creating a new one within 10 miles of the city. Apparently, there is some 700 year old ancient rule that states there can’t be any faerie circle around Wesert and fey are being considered ‘dangerous’… Can you imagine that? It’s like calling a flower dangerous for being pretty. So I suggested finding out why this law was even there in the first place. Luckily the party agreed so we went to the rich peeps district, to see if Lady Miora could elaborate more about this ridiculous law (and maybe have some cuddles with Dennis as well!). Sadly the guards didn’t let us pass and they even informed us that they have taken precautions against charms after we charmed them last time… oops I guess?

So, we went to Udamein Forest and could find the faerie circle thanks to the map a ranger left for us at the guild. It was a beautiful faerie circle, made with rocks and mushrooms, and inside the grass was blue and some magic was pulsing from it, it almost looked like a whirlpool.  Periwinkle saw something move and we then met with Ambergrass, the pixie who created this scene. So after introductions (Bluebell Laurel of House Laurel, Cumolonimbus Congestus Perwinkle, Tamir Code, Glitterflitter, and Toll??), we explained that the faerie circle has to be moved. But of course, things never go easy while they should be, though I can totally understand Ambergrass at this point… it didn’t make sense at all. Bluebell tried so hard, but in the end Ambergrass said something like: “If you want me to move it, catch me!” and she fled into the faerie circle. So I dived in after her and so did the others.

It felt so good to be back in the Feywild again! The colors were so much more vibrant here and there was a familiar breeze that was gently touching my face. But, we’re not here for relaxation, I have to follow that pixie! I spotted her moving into the forest in the east. Somehow the others weren’t passing through the circle so I decided to leave a glitter trail and follow Ambergrass before she’s lost. I arrived at a crossroad where in the middle was a bonfire roaring with smoke rising in the air. Ambergrass was nowhere to be seen. The paths all looked the same, although the path in the north seemed to be flat, the path in the east seemed to descend a bit and lastly, the path in the south seemed to ascend. I felt like I was lost, but luckily the others caught up and we could put our heads together. Periwinkle sniffs in the air, claiming it smells sweet like peaches. Tamir also looks around but couldn’t figure out any hint of where we should go. Conclusion: let’s draw a card! We gave each type of card a direction and lastly, the diamonds would mean we’d jump into the bonfire, maybe it was a magical portal. Bluebell shuffled and picked a card: diamond, so Periwinkle jumped in and out of the bonfire! It was hot, so not an option. Daralei was shaking her head in disagreement, I recall vividly. So after removing the diamonds, we pulled another card and hey, our patch continued south, ascending up a mountain! Daralei was complaining and to cheer her up, I played some marching music, only to be met with more complaints. How can someone dislike or even hate music?!

Would you have guessed that the path led to another crossroad? But this time it was raining. Poor Daralei, she couldn’t handle it anymore and hid under a tree. Periwinkle climbed a tree and wanted to investigate, but soon he learned that you couldn’t see anything besides trees and well… trees! One thing was off though… it wasn’t raining up in the tree. I tried to see if there was something magical, of course, everything was magical, it’s the Feywild! Tamir says the forest is quiet, way too quiet. So, we decided to pull cards again to see what path we would follow. This time we decided to follow that path that descends a bit. I think Bluebell’s deck of cards is enchanted because apparently, it tells us the right path! This time we came across the square with just a little clocktower in the middle.

We try to investigate the tower and finally Daralei comes into action this time! She tries to open the little door at the foot of the tower with her dagger, but the door is kept tight shut. Even Tamir, our big powerhouse, couldn’t get it open. Periwinkle climbed the tower and I tried to change the time… still nothing happened. Bluebell wanted to continue and follow the two staircases that led away, but which one should we follow? When I tried to move the hand of the clock, it was only able to move clockwise, so I suggested we should take the clockwise stair. Finally caught up with Ambergrass in a lovely forest clearing with blue grass and purple flowers, but she wasn’t alone; two ogre friends had joined her! Bluebell still tried to talk with Ambergrass about the Faerie Circle, which was much hassle, but we ended with a deal: if we could defeat her friends, she would help us.

So a battle it is! Daralei apparently is good with psychic blades, threw them into an ogre, and then hid behind a tree, Periwinkle used his staff imbued with shillelagh powers but then we were surprised with grasping vines from everywhere! I should have known a fellow fey would trick us, it’s just what we do. Bluebell scared one of the ogres with his biggest fear, Tamir shifted into his scary Decimator form again to battle and I buffed him to protect him against more fey magic from this place. The vines were nasty because once you were grappled by it, it sucked life energy right out of you. Tamir quickly ended one ogre, while Bluebell told the other ogre a joke, which made it laugh out loud on the forest floor.  Long story short: the laughing ogre got some pixie dust to fly, Periwinkle can shoot very well, Bluebell’s mockery can be hurtful, Daralei and I had some struggles with vines but at least Daralei got herself free and Decimator is truly a beast when it comes to hurting others. The two friends were down. We ceased all action, but still, we were grappled by vines and Ambergrass wasn’t yet satisfied. Periwinkle yelled like “The game is over Ambergrass!” but she just giggles. Bluebell asked, “Are these vines your little friends as well?” Then I noticed it, the vines originate from the purple flowers. They are friends of Ambergrass as well. Daralei then crushed a flower, releasing herself from the second vine. It hurt Ambergrass to see her friends being beaten so fast. “Stop! Don’t hurt my friends anymore!” We held our actions and she commanded her friends to release us and end the battle.

“Fine, you won. So I go get rid of that faerie circle now.” But luckily Bluebell and the others were fast enough to stop her and first talk more with her. We created a contract. How? We freshly pressed paper from woodchips created by Daralei. I created some purple ink with the pigment found in Ambergrass her dead flower friends, so she could remember them. But then it turned out Ambergrass couldn’t read so we had to draw it out and with minor illusions we made it move so she could see it. Then it was time for signing: a cross, a fingerprint, and lastly Ambergrass gave Bluebell a hair from her head as promised. Finally, we could return to the faerie circle, cross it to return to Udamein Forest and Ambergrass removed the circle. Bluebell offered her a crystal she found on her earlier quest. Ambergrass gave us a cape in return and explained that it is a Cape of Mountebank. There were only two problems: Daralei lost her memory of the Feywild and apparently this time the time moved slowly in the Feywild, so we skipped a day. Exhaustion kicked in when we returned to the Material Plane. We returned to Heroes Roost, where Desmund (as grumpy as ever) rewarded us and even lifted the amnesia of Daralei. To celebrate we went to party, with bags under our eyes, at the local dungeon bar. This was my report, Zeph out.

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