Chores and cleaning

Session 12 March 2023

Scarecrow expresses his desire to regroup here, gather his strength, and establish a base. We discuss the details of the base, with me suggesting where to place the chair, couch, and control room. “Guys, chair here, couch there, control room over there… Nothing really difficult, right?” I say.

Farryn then brings out a map of level 18, which catches our attention. “Shadowfel,” he says. I immediately question him, “Did you say Shadowdusk?” but Farryn clarifies, “No. ShadowFEL.”

At this point, The White Mage chimes in with some knowledge. He explains that Vanrak was once one of the lords of Waterdeep and had his base on Vanrakdoom, which was his hymn to the gods. However, because he was here, he lost his title and everything else. A couple of priests even tried to banish him to the shadowrealm. The rumor is that the base is in the shadowfel-plane, and there might still be a nobleman of the Waterdeep realm alive.

I realize that our base needs cleaning. The White Mage expresses his desire to learn some new spells, so we divide the money that Patience has. However, before we can do any of that, we decide to check the area.

Patience, Mohan, and I head out to clean up. We come across a door that needs opening. I suggest breaking it down, but the party doesn’t agree with me. Perhaps we can learn from it and use that knowledge to open other doors in the future.

While cleaning, I refuse to clean the blood off the floor. Mohan jokingly suggests that I would lick it, to which I reply, “Damn, I’m not that barbaric. I’m just a simple boy – I’m not licking blood. I like it when it comes out of my enemies, but I’m not licking it.”

Eventually, we open the door with a mind flayer head and mage hand. We enter and find a moldy and slimy prison. Mohan suggests using it for storage, but we check the corridor first. It’s so gross that I have to walk on my nails to avoid touching anything. Mohan takes care of the cleaning with sacred flame, and I assist. 

I scout the cells but don’t find anything of worth. Everything inside is just garbage. However, I do spot something shimmering in the corner. It turns out to be a molten piece of metal with a sapphire in it. The sapphire is still good, and I show it to Mohan.

We head back to the rest of the party, near the control room. On our way back, we see a couple of mind flayer bodies float by in the river; Patience is busy cleaning up still while Mohan and I walk back. 

Before I enter the control room, where Scarecrow says the White Mage and Farryn are, I ask Tearulai to check the sapphire. 

 “This is a fine piece of gemstone. It’s definitely worth a good sum of gold, perhaps a hundred or two depending on the market. But we should hold onto it until we find a buyer who is willing to pay the right price.”

“Damn, you smell,” says Farryn when I walk in. He is checking the throne… Weird. 

The White Mage doesn’t pay any attention. He is writing in his spellbook, learning spells.
“We found some cells!” Mohan exclaims.
“Yeah, what about it?” asks Farryn. “I’m not sleeping in a cell.”
“Calm down Farryn, it’s not that bad, just clean them.”
“I found a diamond a while back,” I share with the party. And I take it out of my pocket. “and I also found a sapphire.” I give the diamond to Patience, who puts it in the party stash.

We divide the money we have found, to also fund the studies of the White Mage, and go to bed, getting ready for the next day. 

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