Building a base

Session 26 February 2023

We head towards the door where the rest of Farryns’ party perished, but Farryn stays behind with watery eyes. I step forward and see Scarecrow. “Can I help you?” I ask, trying to lighten the mood. We end up having to perform a greater restoration, and Scarecrow wakes up and asks for the others. He had been in a pod for a long time and was completely gone.
We shake hands, and I almost crush his hand in the process. I pat him on the shoulder, and he looks exhausted. He wants to rest and asks if this level is safe. Patience has left once again, and we’re left to decide what to do next. “Just whatever is fastest,” I suggest. We decide to wrap things up with the gith and visit the commoners.

But when we try to explain what happened to the commoners, they don’t seem to understand. “Okay, let me call the white mage to explain,” I say, trying to salvage the situation. After he cleared things up, we ask the commoners where they want to go. “Waterdeep, but the REAL Waterdeep,” they say, hoping for a smoother journey ahead.

As we gather with the commoners Milow, Kahlan, and Lila, Milow tells us about his catches as a fisherman. But our attention turns to finding a way to get them up, as they are currently stuck in the Underdark. We consider using a wish spell or walking up, but we’re unsure of the best course of action.

The white mage suggests making a copy of Farryn that can make a copy of Grond, but we first need to discuss the loot. As we go through it, I notice that I have to pay for a blue stone and I’m not happy about it, but I let it slide. We head to Mohan, who is busy opening a door near the glob, which is now gone.

Moving to the south, the white mage and I find ourselves in a hall with a table and chairs, hearing grunts in the distance. Suddenly, a voice tells us to stop and asks who we are. We explain that we come in peace. They start speaking in a foreign language, and the white mage asks them why they are here. The voice replies, “Mindflayers,” and we ask where they are now. The White Mage offers to talk if they remove the spike near his throat. I cannot see our enemy, but I see the White Mage being threatened, and I step in to protect them. I walk closer to get a better look via Tearulai and say in Leonin: “Duergar, lots of duergar.”

After a short conversation, we make our way back.

As we make our way back, we hear a knocking sound, the white mage announces that the sound came from the second control room. Mohan is holding the Extremitons’ head in his hands. I tell him to give it to me, and we walk towards the gith with the head and tentacles in hand. Once we arrive, I place the head on the ground and say, “Yaveklar. Lashirr. The thing is dead.” 

The next thing on the Disruptors’ list is creating a base on this level. 

I return to the strange hall where the previous party was killed. There is blood on the floor, but no bodies. Farryn walks towards the chairs and remarks that this was the place where Daylee met her demise. He notes that someone had cleaned it up.

We continue scouting the area, and suddenly Farryn opens a secret door. Suddenly, we hear the sound of “FLUMPH FLUMPH FLUMPH!” I hear Farryn shouting, “YOU’RE ALIVE! O MY GOD, I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD. I HAVE A DEBT!” 

There are a lot of Flumphs in a secret cavern. Farryn informs them Umph and Flumph aren’t coming back. He falls to his knees and shares the story of how both Flumphs died. The other Flumphs appear shocked.

To say goodbye to Umph and Flumph, we feel a draining sensation from the flumphs. Farryn takes them with him, and we continue on our journey. We plan to bring the flumphs with us to the commoners, and Farryn introduces them as their therapists for the time being. Milow comments that they look like weird fish.

We then discuss how to get to Waterdeep. We need a portal, door, or extradimensional space. I ask how we should formulate this request. Farryn suggests, “We wish a safe connection through a portal (10×10 feet) to Trolskull Manor, that ends behind the painting of the Never Evers in Waterdeep. And every person who knows the password ‘Flumph the Flumph’ is completely transported.

We summon the genie, Gazrah-azam, and state our wish. Before we proceed, we double-check if everything is correct. Satisfied with our request, we give the go signal to the genie, who starts to work his magic. We watch in amazement as a portal is built, and we can see the other side of the painting.

Mohan is the first to test the portal, and everything seems to be working perfectly. We thank the Djinni and step behind the bar, out of the painting. The commoners also step out of the painting, and Thalia bursts into tears of happiness. Milow raises his beer and shouts, “TO THE DISRUPTORS!”

POES goes through the portal, and we realize that Scarecrow cannot return to Waterdeep. He decides to stay behind and build the base. We thank the Djinni for his services and bid him farewell.

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