Session 14 May & 21 May 2023

Farryn, unable to contain his energy, clicks his belt and begins bouncing around like someone with ADHD. Meanwhile, I turn to Tearulai, my sword, and ask if it can detect any creatures lurking in the darkness. As I take a few steps forward and dig my claws into the ground, I boldly shout, “Come and get me!”

However, as I attempt to retreat, I suddenly find myself grappled by an unseen creature hiding within the thick mist. Unable to see what has grabbed me, I feel a sharp pain as a hand pierces my arm. A voice echoes through the mist, revealing itself to be that of Keresta. “Like lambs to the slaughter… I will let my minions finish you off,” she taunts.

Yet, to my relief, the subsequent attacks from the creatures miss their mark. Mohan retaliates by defiantly flipping off one of the minions, displaying his contempt. Grond, standing by my side, growls menacingly, ready to protect.

Patience conjures a spectral hand that slaps one of the minions, causing a momentary disruption. Amidst the chaos, we hear Keresta’s voice again, now emanating from a different corner. “Rise, children! Feast on the living bodies here, and let them feel the embrace of Char’s darkness.”

Mohan, seizing the opportunity, boldly challenges Keresta. “If you’re really that formidable, dispel the mist! Show Char how tough you truly are!” he taunts, drawing closer to her location.

Suddenly, a deep, low growl resonates through the air. Umbraxar, as it turns out, is not a dragon but a massive yeti. The creature fixes its gaze upon me, but I refuse to show any fear. Its attempt to strike me fails as I swiftly evade the attack.

Farryn seizes the opportunity and launches an assault on the formidable yeti with his returning big hammer. I, too, channel my divine smite and strike at the creature, but my second attack misses its mark.

Once again, I find myself grappled by the unseen force within the mist. Meanwhile, I witness spectral fangs hurtling towards Jaf’ar, a grim sight indeed. Keresta rises to her feet, a sinister smile gracing her slim figure. Her form seems to emanate a strange light from behind, intertwining with the surrounding darkness. Notably, she bears a dragon tattoo.

Mohan, concluding his attack, remarks, “I’m glad you’ve revealed yourself.”

To this, Keresta responds, “There is no light in the darkness…” before vanishing from sight. The yeti, however, continues its assault, targeting me. It unleashes a chilling blast of cold air, engulfing everyone except me within its cone of cold. The White Mage plummets from the air, having been flying prior, while Mohan disappears into the mist.

Fortunately, Farryn manages to deliver the killing blow to the yeti with his flying weapon. I can’t help but feel a twinge of disappointment—this was a kill I had hoped to claim for myself.

In my desperation to locate Keresta, I consult Tearulai for any sign of her presence. The sword confirms her presence, prompting me to clear a path towards her. However, my progress is abruptly halted as I find myself grappled once more. Undeterred, I unleash dissonant whispers, targeting Keresta with the knowledge of her location. Tearulai becomes my weapon of choice in this endeavor.

The minions, drawing nearer with each passing moment, attempt to impede my advance. But I fend them off, resolute in my determination to reach Keresta. It’s her I must confront.

Amidst the chaos, I hear loud sucking sounds, indicating someone nearby is consuming something. Could these minions be vampires? A wave of unease washes over me as I ponder the target of their feeding frenzy. The sound of bones cracking sends shivers down my spine. In the midst of it all, Farryn darts out of sight, likely investigating who has fallen victim to the onslaught.

“Who is down?” I call out, my voice filled with concern.

“MOHAN!” Farryn’s response echoes back.

Thankfully, Patience rushes to my aid, freeing me from the clutches of the grapple. As Keresta’s chilling words reach my ears—”Don’t worry, my children. Death is the first step in Char’s eternal darkness”—a swarm of shadows congregates near the Yeti. The meat in their presence withers, turning an unsettling shade of green and purple. The Yeti, now enraged, directs its aggression towards me, launching clawed strikes. Undeterred, I retaliate with two powerful strikes, channeling my divine smite.

The vampires renew their assault, but their attacks miss their mark. However, I quickly become overwhelmed by the relentless onslaught from all sides.

“Little help here!” I urgently cry out, hoping for aid to turn the tide of battle.

In the face of Keresta’s taunting words—”Your light is dimming. Welcome to the eternal darkness”—we are stunned by the sudden eruption of a deafening thunder. Thankfully, its effects do not seem to affect me.

The Yeti growls once more, expelling a repulsive mass of decaying flesh. Its attack inflicts significant pain, a reminder of its formidable strength.

Seizing the opportunity, the White Mage attempts to provoke the Yeti, goading it with deliberate slowness, saying, “Come on, you big guy. I can take you.”

Seeking guidance once again, I turn to Tearulai and ask if the sword can detect Keresta’s presence. Meanwhile, the White Mage erects a force cage, confining the battlefield within its confines. We now have an hour to strategize and act as we see fit.

I take a moment to heal myself, mending my wounds and steeling my resolve. With determination in my heart, I employ the power of misty step to teleport within the force cage, right before Keresta. It’s time to put an end to her reign of darkness.

“Your darkness can only exist within my light,” I declare boldly, challenging her. To my surprise, she emerges from the shadows, her voice dripping with malice. “You are now caught within the spider’s web. Let us witness your struggle,” she sneers, latching onto me in a grapple.

Keresta’s relentless assault continues as she lunges at me, sinking her fangs into my flesh once more. Each bite weakens me, her words taunting my resilience. “Can you hear it? The heartbeat of your friend, growing slower with each passing moment…”

Despite the pain and bloodshed, Farryn takes swift action, obliterating the Yeti with a series of powerful strikes. First the head, then the spine—the creature’s threat is eliminated.

Refusing to yield, I retaliate against Keresta, my voice filled with defiance. “You don’t scare me, you wretched creature.” In response, she launches her own attack, eager to witness my light extinguished. Yet, I remain undeterred.

Once again, she sinks her teeth into me, relishing in my suffering. “How does it feel to see your friend succumb to darkness?” she taunts. But I stand firm, my conviction unshaken. “Think again, lady. My light has not dimmed yet.”

Though she attempts to harm me, her hold only keeps me within her grasp. “I eagerly await the moment when I snuff out your light and faith,” she sneers. Meanwhile, Farryn hurls his dwarven thrower, engulfing himself in a fiery shield. 

“You place your faith in the wrong champion,” Keresta jeers, engrossed in her feeding frenzy.

With determination, I strike Keresta twice, disrupting her and momentarily halting her plans. However, she quickly transforms into mist before reassuming her solid form. “Not quite there yet,” she remarks ominously.

“Go, my children! Spread the darkness,” she commands, and the vampires under her control flee, leaving us to face the impending threat. “You know what is truly disappointing about life? It is always overshadowed by death,” she taunts, her words carrying an eerie weight.

Seeking to gain the upper hand, she retreats to a corner of the cage and begins casting a spell. I sense a surge of necrotic energy, a swirling mass of purple and brown, pushing me forcefully against the wall. The pain is intense, and I struggle to maintain my composure.

The White Mage, ever watchful, offers his assistance. “Can I help you, Cross?” he asks. I grit my teeth and respond, “Heal me, bro.” Unfortunately, he shakes his head. “No can do. But I can enter the cage with you.”

I pause, considering his offer. “No, let me finish her,” I declare with determination. “If I get knocked out, then you can take my place.” I refuse to back down, resolute in my resolve to confront Keresta head-on, even at the risk of my own well-being.

Realizing that I am trapped and unable to reach Keresta, panic sets in. “I cannot get to her. Help me!” I plead, desperation evident in my voice. She responds with a wicked smile, her wounds healing before my eyes.

“Listen well. This is the sound of the resolving of your friend, turned into nothingness,” she taunts ominously. Suddenly, with a deafening screech ringing in my ears, I collapse unconscious within the mist.

Meanwhile, the White Mage and Farryn attempt to transport into the force cage, but their efforts end in disaster. Farryn’s hammer inadvertently strikes the White Mage, causing unintended harm. Undeterred, the White Mage summons his power and dispels the barrier surrounding the cage.

Fueled by determination, Farryn strikes Keresta with a branding smite, seeking to end her once and for all. However, in a moment of chaos, she transforms into mist and evades his attack, slipping away from his grasp.

Mohan finds himself trapped within the force cage while I am miraculously revived, brought back from the brink of death. The White Mage senses an overwhelming presence of evil still lingering within the force cage.

Realizing the urgency of the situation, we embark on a search for the vampire’s tomb, armed with the knowledge provided by the party. As we explore the rooms, some of us meticulously investigate while others consult the map for guidance. Time is of the essence, and our search proves challenging as we struggle to locate the tomb.

Mohan and I venture into a room together, while Farryn and the White Mage investigate an adjacent chamber. Suddenly, our tranquility is shattered as we are ambushed by a horde of menacing shadows.

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