Live session 10 June 2023

As we initially entered the seemingly empty room, Mohan’s action of opening the door reveals a chilling sight – three lurking shadows. Mohan’s piercing scream echoes through the air as he endures their attack, defying the odds and surviving the assault.

Frantic and filled with concern, I urgently command Mohan to retreat, urging him to get out of the room. In a swift display of fiery teleportation, Mohan and his familiar appear outside the door, safely away from immediate danger. Mohan promptly shuts the door, cutting off our view of the shadows within.

I swiftly join Farryn and the White Mage, preparing for combat as I anticipate the shadows’ presence. Mohan remains stationed outside the closed door, providing support from a distance. However, Farryn decides to venture into the room we had just vacated, seeking to “cleanse” it of the shadows. Shortly after, I hear Farryn’s exclamation of “CAULDRON!” accompanied by a plea for assistance.

Annoyed by Farryn’s impulsive decision to pursue the shadows after we had closed the door, I witness the blue glow emanating from the infested room. Mohan employs his flames to rescue Farryn, extricating him from the perilous situation. Meanwhile, the White Mage exits the room where I stand and ascends into the air, using his elevated position to detect and monitor the movements of the shadows.

“Close the door!” I command, stepping out of the room and swiftly shutting the door of the adjacent room, sealing off the flames and shadows within. Exhausted and overwhelmed, I remark that the situation had escalated beyond my expectations, expressing my frustration. Farryn adds a sarcastic remark, highlighting the gravity of the predicament we find ourselves in.

Struggling to maintain my strength, I exert every ounce of muscle to keep the door securely shut. However, a chilling sensation runs down my spine as I notice the shadows effortlessly gliding beneath the door. The encounter drains my strength, leaving me weakened.

With renewed determination, Farryn shouts that we now have new targets and chances for success. But before we can fully regroup, another shadow strikes, and I collapse once again, succumbing to the relentless assault.

After being revived by Farryn’s arcane jolt, I catch a whiff of my smoldering mane. Farryn, with a hint of triumph in his voice, declares, “Ashes to ashes, shadows to dust. They only needed one attack!” Although I cannot discern the remaining shadow’s presence, Farryn informs me that he has successfully dispatched three of them. I express gratitude for his assistance, albeit with a slight growl, and accept his outstretched hand.

In need of healing, Farryn calls out for someone to tend to our wounds. Mohan steps forward, providing healing magic to restore our vitality as we make our way out of the shadow-infested rooms. Our focus now shifts to locating the tomb of Keresta.

While proceeding forward, Farryn takes the initiative to investigate several rooms along the way. However, his efforts yield disappointment as he encounters nothing but empty chambers thus far. In the midst of our exploration, Mohan attempts to use the spell “locate object” in an effort to pinpoint the whereabouts of Keresta’s tomb.

Mohan focuses on using the spell “locate object” to determine the whereabouts of Keresta’s tomb. We consult the map and gauge Mohan’s senses to guide our search. Being aware that our intended route is adjacent to the dragon hoard, we decide to check the other nearby rooms first, looking for any secret passages leading to the chamber.

Mohan listens at the door of one of the adjacent rooms. Once deemed safe, we enter, with me being the last one to step inside. The room features a brass artwork adorning the wall. It depicts a graveyard scene with mournful figures near a gravestone, while a cloaked woman with dual daggers descends from above. This depiction represents a young Char, the goddess we are facing. While the others explore the room, I remain outside with Mohan.

Farryn informs us that the artwork serves as a mechanism, with holes indicating a rotating door. However, the door appears to be locked. Farryn exerts force against it, but there is no immediate movement. In response, the White Mage casts the spell “knock,” creating a resonating sound that catches me off guard. Suddenly, the door opens, granting us access.

The White Mage beckons Mohan and me to enter. As we proceed down the hallway behind the door, we notice numerous chains coated in sticky brown liquid, presumably blood. At the end of the hallway, there is another door. Mohan senses that we are nearing the vampire’s coffin.

In preparation, we all begin to fly, following the White Mage’s advice that flying will protect us from the shadows. Together, we enter the mist-filled room. Along the way, we catch a glimpse of a mural on the door depicting Lord Vanrak atop a dragon, surrounded by piles of lifeless bodies.

Upon further exploration, we discover a purple sarcophagus positioned at the center of the room. Farryn takes the initiative to barricade the north entrance of the tomb with two crowbars. However, as he places them under the door, he stumbles back in alarm, exclaiming about being torn apart by a dragon. The White Mage reassures us that it was merely an illusion.

I decide to take matters into my own hands and barricade the door myself. I experience a brief vision but remain able to perceive the real world. Farryn, still shaken, asks if anyone else witnessed the dragon. I encourage him to remain calm and composed, assuring him that we should stay focused on the task at hand.

As we approach the sarcophagus, some members of our group express a strong desire to leave immediately. However, I remain unfazed and undeterred. Just as the others are about to exit the room, the White Mage abruptly turns around, sensing magical energy surrounding the sarcophagus. Despite the urge to depart, we decide to investigate further.

I ignore the whispers that attempt to unsettle me and peer inside the sarcophagus. It appears surprisingly comfortable and is crafted from amethyst. I strike at the tomb, causing some damage, and Farryn joins in to help. Together, we nearly obliterate it. Just as we think we’re finished, Mohan returns and we continue attacking until the tomb is completely destroyed.

Among the wreckage, we discover 80 pieces of amethyst, potentially worth 100 gold pieces each according to Tearulai. I offer one piece to Tearulai, my sentient sword, which gladly accepts it, even though the last gift I gave it was a diamond. Despite our success, we remain wary that there might be another tomb hidden somewhere.

Mohan attempts to use the spell “locate object” again, but he cannot find any further traces. We decide that we can confirm Keresta’s true absence once the force cage dissipates. While resting briefly inside the tiny hut, we keep an eye out for any signs of mist searching for the tomb as the force cage’s duration continues for another 45 minutes.

With a sense of accomplishment, we realize that Keresta is truly gone. However, we notice Farryn suddenly becoming limp, as if his muscles have vanished. Although I still feel somewhat unwell, I am overall fine. We take advantage of the remaining time to complete our long rest, allowing us to recover and regain our strength.

As we continue our journey, the White Mage casts a light spell to illuminate our path. Along the way, Farryn takes the opportunity to inquire about my perpetual grumpiness, questioning why I always seem so cross. I explain that it’s just my nature to be cautious and focused on the task at hand, preferring action over excessive conversation.

Farryn expresses his desire for us to have a more pleasant and amicable dynamic, wondering if we can all just be nice to each other. He extends his hand for a shake, but I don’t reciprocate the gesture, finding his enthusiasm a bit overwhelming. However, recognizing his genuine intentions, I let my guard down for a moment and give him a pat on the head with a smile. Perhaps I should make an effort to be a bit nicer to him.

We arrive at the location we intended to investigate, where we find an obsidian altar with an inscription that reads, “Memories are the chains that bind us to the ones we lost.” It evokes a sense of melancholy. The White Mage remarks that memories shape our identities.

In the vicinity, we discover two altars positioned opposite each other. As I reflect on my earlier conversation with Farryn, I realize the value of vigilance. I decide to revisit the topic with him. I express my appreciation for his perspective but stress the importance of being more to the point and vigilant, highlighting the incident where he left the party to pursue the shadows, which nearly resulted in disastrous consequences.
“I paid attention, i just made a wrong insight.” he says. “Sure. If you can be a bit more to the point and vigilant, I might be less grumpy.”

We proceed to the egg-shaped room as marked on the map, encountering a wooden door with bars on the looking glass. Initially, I don’t perceive anything or hear any sounds from the other side. The White Mage’s manifest mind goes through the door to investigate.

Inside the room, in the northern part, we find a human adventurer who appears to be chained and lifeless. I open the door, revealing more chains and blood in the area. Using Mage Hand, we examine the adventurer to determine if she possesses any items or if she’s truly deceased. I attempt to remove the chains, but they refuse to budge. Farryn attempts to pick the lock in an effort to free her.

Once she is freed, we decide to take her to Scarecrow for further care. However, we opt for an alternative route instead of the usual one. We pass through the first room and enter an old kitchen, filled with an excessive amount of black mold that causes Farryn and the White Mage to hold their breath.

Moving forward, we enter a dinner hall, which is covered in spider webs and dust. We navigate through the room, with Anax assisting us in teleporting through a barrier. As we step outside the barrier, a sense of relief washes over us, as if there is now more life than death in our surroundings. I take a moment to compliment Farryn on his glasses, acknowledging his attention to detail.

With a sense of urgency, we rush upstairs to reach the next level. However, Mohan is the first to succumb to black vomit, followed by the rest of us. It’s a rather unpleasant experience, but it provides some relief, although not quite as satisfying as a furball for me.

After greeting Scarecrow upon reaching the upstairs area, Farryn decides to investigate the black vomit while the rest of us hand over the woman to Scarecrow’s care. It becomes evident that she is deceased, likely undead. The White Mage instructs Scarecrow to perform Greater Restoration followed by a Raise Dead spell, a process that will take some time.

In the meantime, Farryn and I collaborate on improving the habitability and safety of our base. We discuss ways to create a more secure environment and find comfort within it. While Farryn heads to the gith level for further exploration, I check on the recovering woman.

The White Mage is engrossed in study, and Mohan has departed for Waterdeep. As the woman awakens, Scarecrow has already released her from her restraints. Confused and disoriented, she asks where she is and what is happening. Observing her closely, I notice her emaciated appearance and evident fear.

She inquires about the whereabouts of the others, but we haven’t come across any additional survivors. Annoyed, I question her name, to which she replies, “Portia.” She shares her harrowing experience of being held captive, witnessing sacrifices, and being subjected to vampiric feeding. Overwhelmed by her emotions, she bursts into tears and vomits.

Scarecrow returns with food and tasks me with cleaning up the mess. I comply without complaint. Portia reveals that she hails from Waterdeep and expresses her desire to reunite with her family. I assure her that we can assist her in returning home safely.

Concerning the fate of her companions. The living were turned into vampires, and the fallen included Thorgar the dwarf and Andor en Inu, her human companions. The name “Inu” triggers a recollection of Keresta mentioning it to me, which I promptly share with Portia.

Deciding to accompany Portia to Waterdeep, I guide her upstairs toward the portal. Her eyes struggle to adjust to the brightness of the city, but after a few minutes, she expresses her relief at being back and escaping the hellish ordeal. She thanks me sincerely before parting ways, eager to be reunited with her family. Before leaving, I play the disruptor song, reminding her not to forget that the Disruptors had aided her. “We are the disruptors, the champions of the day!”

Upon Farryn’s return, he inquires about what we have learned from Portia. He considers it a missed opportunity for gathering more information, but I am content with the outcome. Taking some time for myself, I allow myself to relax and unwind.

Upon Mohan and the White Mage’s return from their research in Waterdeep, they share their findings on the planes, dragons, and undead dragons. It appears that the overlapping of planes could be caused by cultists or other powerful magic, leading us to believe that the cultists, including Keresta, might be responsible. If we can slay the dragon Umbraxar, there is hope of purging the Shadowfell. Convincing dragons to change from evil to good is challenging but can be achieved with the right items: a Sunblade, Armor of Vanrak made of mithril, and a golden horn. We must acquire all of these artifacts to persuade Umbraxar to embrace goodness.

With buckets in hand, ready for potential vomiting, we descend the stairs. Surprisingly, there is no mist present anymore. We also examine the barriers and curtains, but the barrier remains intact. Proceeding to the room where the horn should be, we are ecstatic to find a gemmed horn. Celebrating our success, we exchange high fives.

Considering that we had four visions, we speculate that there might be four artifacts in the rooms associated with those visions. We first visit the room with the broken statue of Char. The statue remains in its shattered state. Moving on to the throne room, we investigate the throne and uncover broken pieces. Employing brute force, Farryn manages to retrieve a dusty piece of armor, adding another artifact to our collection.

Recalling another vision we had further north, close to the portal leading to level 5 and where we vanquished several vampire spawns, we proceed to that location. Entering a room where the vampires would feed, we discover a secret compartment. Opening the door reveals a small room, where we are immediately captivated by the sight of a hilt and a sword with a dragon-like design.

Excited by our latest find, we realize we are making progress in gathering the necessary artifacts to convince Umbraxar to choose the path of goodness.

As we all touch the newly discovered sword, a vision unfolds, revealing Vanrak’s desire to surpass his father and make a name for himself. Excitedly, Mohan shares his own revelation, having seen a coral ring, which we believe to be the final artifact we seek.

We return to the other room where we had previously searched, but our efforts yield no results. Passing by the statue of Char once more, we check for the ring but come up empty-handed. Determined, we decide to head south again, passing the room with the decaying tapestry infested with worms. We conduct another thorough search for the ring. Mohan employs the locate object spell, confirming that we are on the right track.

Following the passageway, we continue our investigation, knowing that the ring should be nearby. Mohan’s keen eye spots a secret door, and Farryn skillfully opens it. In a moment of revelation, the White Mage experiences a vision: sitting across from him near a campfire is Vanrak. Laughter fills the air as the White Mage presents the ring to Vanrak, who gratefully accepts the gift, promising to cherish it forever. As the vision concludes, the White Mage discovers something under his foot—a ring. It is indeed THE RING we have been searching for. Filled with pride, we celebrate our success.

Moving onward, we venture to the northwest, revisiting the pillars of the cultists. To our satisfaction, the pillars remain broken, indicating that our previous actions have had a positive effect.

Our next destination takes us to a series of wells with two basins and two fountains. Mohan bravely approaches, testing if the eyes that had previously scrutinized him will appear once more. However, this time, nothing of the sort occurs.

We decide to head back upstairs. We make a quick stop at the buckets, but we only spit in them once. At our base, we all head to our rooms to take a long rest. Farryn takes himself to a room: simu-Farryn and Farryn. Double the fun. 

In the morning, the Farryns emerge from their room with beaming smiles. They worked tirelessly throughout the night, and now there is an additional aura behind Farryn’s shield—an Infused Somatic Device (ISD).

We return to the realm of Shadowfell, noticing that even the mist has dissipated. Making our way to the place where we defeated Keresta and destroyed her tomb, we are taken aback to find her lifeless body lying beside the shattered remains.

Taking a javelin, I break it and drive a stake through Keresta’s heart, ensuring her permanent demise. With the sunblade attuned to me, I share the tale of enlightenment and explain the symbolic meaning behind each artifact—the ring representing friendship, the armor signifying honor, and the horn expressing regret. Placing the sunblade upon Keresta’s body, a radiant burst of sunlight reduces her to ash.

Our purpose now is to confront Umbraxacar. Farryn steps forward, opens the door, and a colossal shadow dragon stands before us. With a mix of sorrow and malice, the dragon addresses us, saying, “OH SAD SAD LIVING SOULS, YOU HAVE ENTERED THE LEVEL OF DARKNESS AND DESPAIR. YOU WILL MEET YOUR END. You have one choice, meet me in the darkness, or fight it, and I’ll make you suffer for as long as possible.”

Attempting to instill fear, the shadow dragon continues, “WHAT HAS BROUGHT YOU HERE? STEAL MY TREASURE?! OR ARE YOU TRYING TO BRING ME TO THE LIGHT?!”

Mohan steps forward and addresses Glyster, saying, “Glyster, we have come here to bring you back to the light. And I want to give you something for friendship, just like you had with Vanrak.” Glyster glances back, his expression filled with hostility. He readies himself to attack.

Mohan looks around cautiously, and just as he does, he narrowly avoids being engulfed in flames. Farryn intervenes, saying, “Glyster, honor is the greatest virtue within the Moonstar family, of which you were once a friend. Do you regret or honor the family? Let this armor be a gift to guide you toward the light.” Glyster glares angrily at Farryn and shouts, “LEFT?! LEFT?! THEY LEFT ME!!”

Farryn is forcefully thrown onto Grond’s back, the impact resembling a painful whiplash. Glyster taunts, “YOU STUPID ATTEMPTS GIVE ME SOME ENJOYMENT IN THIS PILE OF DESPAIR. That’s what it’ll do in the eternal darkness.” A chilling coldness envelops us.

Glyster, the white mage, speaks up, revealing his own experience with regret. He explains, “I’ve had a long life filled with regret. My greatest love, the best sorcerer, succumbed to darkness. He shaped me into what I am. But that is no reason to remain trapped in this state. I strive to make a difference and change myself. You can do the same. Regret is a power, not a weakness. You can see how it can be. Please, see it too.” As Glyster speaks, we notice a shadow dragon-like pattern on his skin, with hints of moonlight shining through. He appears slightly less translucent.

“Come back to us,” implores the White Mage, speaking rapidly. The wind that had been swirling around us suddenly ceases, causing the dragon to appear somewhat taken aback.

I gather my resolve and take action, hoping to sway Glyster further. His reaction is one of surprise, and he becomes slightly more translucent. The cold air begins to stir once again.

Undeterred, Mohan makes another attempt. “Look, Glyster, see! We see there is hope. This is affecting you. It was a beautiful time.” But Glyster responds with a chilling proclamation: “THE SHADOW CONSUMES EVERYTHING. KILL THEM.” Fourteen shadows start to draw closer.

Three shadows converge on me. Although the damage inflicted is not particularly concerning, I can feel my strength waning. One shadow moves closer, intensifying the sense of unease.

Farryn says: 

“Honor is like a delicate flame. It is easily extinguished, yet it can also be rekindled. You, the undead dragon, possess the power to transcend your current state.

Cast aside the shackles of darkness that bind you. Allow your ancient scales to glisten with the radiance of bronze.

Rise above the temptations that surround you, for your true strength lies not in the depths of the undeath, but in the resolute choices you make to rekindle the light within.

Oh, mighty dragon, heed the call of honor, for it is a force that transcends the boundaries of life and death. For in the end, it is not the darkness that defines you, but the choices you make to reclaim your true essence, to reclaim your honor, and to rise once more as a guardian of light.”

I observe Glyster, visibly taken aback once again. His form becomes less translucent, and his scales shimmer more prominently. The chains of shadows remain visible. He vehemently declares, “I REFUSE. THE DARKNESS BROUGHT ME EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING YOU SEE, THIS IS MY DOMAIN.” With a powerful beat of his wings, he launches himself towards us.

I find myself knocked prone but quickly regain my footing and use Misty Step to teleport away from the immediate danger. I wield the sunblade, infusing my attacks with divine smite as I cut through an assassin shadow. The White Mage invokes the power of turn undead, causing one of the shadows to flee while the rest scatter.

Mohan calls upon Anax, urging him, “Please let the sunlight be your new friend.” Anax takes flight and casts Sunbeam through the ring, directing a brilliant stream of sunlight above the dragon. The dragon’s scales glisten in response, and the entire room is bathed in radiant light. It feels as though the entirety of Shadowfell is illuminated. A tremor runs through the area, reminiscent of an earthquake.

From the sky, a tremendous amount of light pours down. Those on the lower level witness it drawing nearer and nearer. I feel temporarily blinded, surrounded by a fiery brightness that causes all shadows to fade away. As the brilliance subsides, we see a majestic bronze dragon before us. The overwhelming light and the muted illumination of Shadowfell are now gone, replaced by a brightly lit room resonating with sunlight. The bronze dragon takes to the air.

Glyster has returned.


Glyster’s form shrinks, taking on a human size, and he now adorns bronze armor bearing the emblem of a star. With a voice filled with emotion, he addresses us, his gaze lingering on the items we’ve presented. “I’m grateful that you aided my return to the light. Thank you,” he says, his voice tinged with regret. “But I am here now, and I cannot overlook the cost. Adventurers and noblemen lost their lives.”

“But now, we can tell the tale of Vanrak and Glyster, of how we turned towards goodness,” Mohan says. “You have triumphed over darkness. You are an inspiration to those who strive to battle against it.”

“This dungeon is tainted and requires purification. I will start with Waterdeep. I need to find a new domain,” Glyster explains. We suggest that he can reside at our base and travel to Waterdeep from there. He acknowledges the offer but insists on personally safeguarding his hoard. “Let’s aim to make this dungeon a better place,” he adds.

Glyster turns to the White Mage, acknowledging the noble purpose of purging Vanrak from the darkness. “Let us do it together. Let us bring forth Glystering Hope,” The White Mage suggests, proposing a name for our shared mission. “This level, this place has been shrouded in shadows for far too long. The stench of death lingers. It will take time to restore it, but we must rid it of evil,” Glyster asserts.

“We can dispatch Scarecrow, the cleric, to this level to cleanse it,” the mage suggests, and we agree, considering it a great plan. Glyster looks at us once again. “Let us keep this news safe. It must not be shared far and wide,” he urges.

“Who have we angered now?” someone ponders aloud, to which Glyster responds, “Halaster is always watching.”

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