Session of 22 November 2020

We ended our story outside the cave where we rescued Shishaldix. We found our way back to the caravan and traveled to Waterdeep. I have to say that I missed a couple of sessions, but here’s what happened: the party entered the city and saw that the caravans’ luggage had been stored in some kind of store. Some background info: the party was hired by a woman named Green as her bodyguards. Most of the creatures that traveled in the caravan have an evil or neutral alignment. At the store, we sold and bought some stuff. Bree did not because I was not present at the time. The creatures that brought the crates to the store then moved away, and the party followed them all the way to an Inn somewhere out of town. Yrod again drew a card from the deck of many things and a knight appeared: Sir Nemo. He will be her guardian and is at our service. Next, the party found a secret ally that led to a swamp. Apparently, we defeated a swamp monster. Again, I had nothing to do with this, so I also did not get any experience-points from that battle. After the swamp monster was defeated, the party found tents near a river with some lizardfolk – again: battle. Again, no experience-points for Bree. The party defeated the lizardfolk, stole their boats, and found a castle. This is where I attended the following sessions.

The castle
The castle lies near a riverside. There are little huts on the property. The huts are made of reed and some look better than others. I sneak towards the east and check out some of the huts to check for enemies. I take a deep breath, and sneakily I look inside. Nothing. I make my way to the front of the castle. I see an entrance, but the doors are crooked, and there is no sign of life. That seems ominous. There are water and mud everywhere, and with a better look, I think I see some wooden planks before the entrance.

We enter the castle. In the first room, we see a couple of giant frogs and bullywugs. We have a conversation – we can sort of lie our way out of it and head upstairs. The lie was weak: we told them we were inspectors of the property and the ‘big boss’. Upstairs there also are many bullywugs. We tell them the same lie, conclude that we cannot win a fight, and head downstairs again. Another room contains many shrines, and what directly catches my eye is the black statue of Tiamat, but it is bashed. I don’t know what happened, but we got into a fight with bullywugs and cultists. Nothing really noteworthy happened, it was just a fight (the cool stuff I will write down, don’t worry), but I was knocked out pretty soon. I could not perform my sneak attack (2d6 + 4), unfortunately. I was healed by a party member before I really died and we headed upstairs to the library.
In the library, we get into a fight again with a dragonwing and others. And again, I am knocked out and healed.

We close the session healing ourselves in the library of the castle.

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