Session 20 December 2020 and before 

We closed the previous session licking our wounds in the library. Unfortunately, I missed parts of the story because I could not attend some session(s). Thanks to a dear party-member, I can reconstruct the storyline so that the overall context doesn’t get more chaotic than it already is. The party exited the library and entered the armory. Then, a fight started with many subjects of the lizardfolk.

‘It was sick!’


Thanks to our young sorcerer, Yrod, the party battled their way through. Shishaldix remembers that someone tried to hide in a corner during that fight and that he stepped up and sacrificed himself as ‘meat shield’ – while casting shield, of course. The battle was won, and the party found their way into a cave below the castle. We crossed a river and were attacked by two grey oozes. Yes, oozes. Just blobs of ooze. Shishaldix was knocked out, but we beat the oozes quite easily. Ilimitar and Shishaldix (in snake form) scouted the space. Shishaldix can turn into a snake. I just wanted to let you know that. He is not a druid: he’s a Yuan ‘ti pureblood that apparently has that ability. He did it before, but I forgot to mention that. Yay for chaotic storytelling! Shishaldix and Ilimitar didn’t find much and returned to the party. The party rested for a while and got attacked. This attack resulted in killing the ambusher and a rise in the number of gems for us.

Bree wakes up
This is where Bree also wakes. In the morning, I attune with the dagger I came to possess after the encounter with Venomfang. The dagger has a very nice handle: it is stoned with 5 gems. When I look at it better and make it my own, I hear a voice inside my head. ‘I told you! You’ll never get rid of me!’ It was the voice of Venomfang. I get scared and hand the dagger over to Ilimitar. He checks it out and takes the dagger over from me. I feel the need to hit him really hard in the face and retrieve the dagger. How can this happen? I am a respectable halfling! But… But… I need that dagger. I need it. When I almost give in to the urge to hit him, poof! The dagger appears in my hand again, and I feel calmer.

About the dagger 
The Venomfang dagger does not function the same way a normal dagger does. It has 5 charges, like the amount of the gems on the handle. These 5 charges double my sneak attack as added poison damage. So my damage will be 4d6 (double sneak attack) + 1d4 + 4 (dagger). However... To get back the charges on the dagger, I must perform an act of pure evil. My lawful good nature doesn't allow that, but with the voice of Venomfang inside my head and the urge I just felt, I am afraid that I will get forced into such an act. I hope not...

When I walk around, Elenyr comes to me and gives me his cloak of Arachnida. I feel very blessed with such a nice gift. It will allow me to walk up walls and ceilings without using my hands! I vow to attune with it as soon as we rest again. The party asks me to scout the area. I comply hesitantly, I do not see well in the dark, and when I can’t see anymore, dancing lights assist me. At some point, we only see darkness. Ilimitar concludes that this darkness is no ordinary darkness but created by someone else. We have to find a wall and follow it until we can see it again. Out of the mist, we find ourselves in a new room with fog on the floor. In the room, there is a circle with runes. Ilimitar tells us that it looks like a conjuration. I do not know what it is, but man, it does not feel good. After investigation, the arcane-proficient members of the party say it is a teleportation circle.

We exit the room, travel another while along the walls through the black mist, and find a staircase. Below the staircase, there are a bunch of bullywugs. I try to be as sneaky as possible, but also to hide my insecurity and fear, I obscure myself by stepping into a niche in the rocky wall. My party actually does all the fighting because I readied to take action, and I do not possess any ranged weapons. I contributed totally nothing to the fight. Secretly, I am a bit ashamed. I take a step out of my hidingplace, and BAM! I walk into an area of spiked I did not see at all and am instantly bloodied. Shishaldix heals me and gives me a crossbow. Wow. I am deeply impressed by the kindness of my party. I get a lot of help and items. I really hope I can repay them one day, but for now, I will try to do my best for the sake of the party.

Next, we find a throne room, and together with our KFC (that is our nickname out of character) Morsab, I fly towards a chest. He lifts me in the air, and we cross the big room. I try to open the chest with my thieves’ tools and we find books. I am a bit dissatisfied. I hoped that there would be more riches in the chest. Suddenly we are greeted with six pots falling from the ceiling above the chest. Morsab and I succeed in dodging the pots. Pfff, that is a relief! Three pots break and green fumes exceed from the cracks. So, contrary to what we thought, there was no trap set along the way TO the chest, but ON the chest. Silly us.

This is where we concluded the session of 20 December 2020 in the Tyranny of Dragons campaign.

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