Session 10 January 2021

We ended the previous session in a room where the green fumes came out of some pots. We decide to take a short rest. Before the short rest, I get another item! This time, Shishaldix approaches me. He asks if I have some glass and iron because he wants to make a set of goggles of the night for me. Ecstatic, I hand over an oil lamp, and Shishaldix takes the short rest to create the goggles. This means I can finally see in the dark after I attune with it!

We continue our journey through the tunnels and suddenly enter a large cave. It is quite big, and there is a sort of lake in the middle. I hear some movement… We approach the lake and see a giant frog on a little island in the middle of the lake. We make our way around the lake. Morsab and I both do not have darkvision, so we follow the illuminating moth that belongs to Elenyr. He calls it Attacus, and it is a Wildfire Spirit. I don’t really know what it is, only that I’m happy that it is here, so I can follow it. However, I still have to follow the wall sometimes, which is very wet. Water everywhere. Iew. I wish I was still at home in my hometown: lounging in a comfy chair, and with an open fire in the fireplace… Hey! Where are Ilimitar and Shishaldix? I can only see the people in my surroundings, maybe they’re flying somewhere? I can hear them talking in the distance. Suddenly, I hear a lot of water plunging and splashing. What is HAPPENING?!

The frogs
Before we know it, we are completely surrounded by frogs and bullywugs. The frogs are size medium, so a size bigger than me. I immediately feel like something bad is going to happen. I try to hide behind Morsab and Elenyr, but the frogs surprise us with their attack, so before I can do anything about it, it becomes a big clusterf*ck of giant frogs, bullywugs, and us.

Apparently, I seem tasty, because the first thing a frog does when it approaches is trying to eat me. I am terrified. I am being swallowed. My legs are in its mouth. I attack it with my daggers, but it does not let go! HELP. Ilimitar casts an eldritch blast at the frog, but that does not help either. The frog swallows me, and I am blinded, restrained, and grappled at the same time. I also get poisoned from the mucus in its stomach. IEW. This is the grossest thing I’ve ever encountered.

I start to panic. I try to get my rapier and cut myself out of the frog. Luckily, this works out. With a lot of pain, scratches, and poison damage, I manage to get out of the frog. I cry out loud: ‘IEW, this is so gross!’ I am almost in disbelief that something like this happened to me. I cannot grasp it. I cannot seem to realize it. However, when I catch my breath, another frog sees me and tries to eat me for lunch. This time, I manage a two-weapon attack (while my legs are in its mouth again) on its eyes with my daggers. I deal a lot of damage and am stunned by the fact that the thing does not let go of me.


I yell into its face.

Then, my body kind of gives up on me as the frog swallows one more time and I get more poison damage. I find myself inside the stomach of another frog, this time not being able to get out. The poison surrounds me and touches my eyes, my mouth, everything. It is horrible. I try to squeal out for help. ‘Oh please, don’t let this be the end of me.’ I think to myself as my sight fails and turns black.

Outside of character
I failed a couple of saving throws, but the poison damage I got while being stuck inside the stomach really quickened my death. It is very sad to see my character die. I really wanted to exploit all the new items Bree got from her party and letting her add value to adventures, and being the best rogue ever. However, death by frog sounds pretty funny, don't you think? 

 I am at peace with her death and will continue to participate in this campaign with a new character: Evanna Spectre. Read her blog posts as a continuation of this story!

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