Session 30 October 2020

Hi! I’m Amber Ablaze. I am a fire genasi fighter, and the first thing you have to know about me is that I love poetry. It keeps me sane and calm. This is also why I read poetry and light a fire. It is a mantra of mine that I live by every day. A couple of things happened in my past that made me who I am… I’ll explain it later, but I have my reasons not to put trust in any divine beings or gods: only my poetry and my own sanity are what keeps me going.

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I was raised in a small family and left them together with my brother when we were around 20 years old. My family was not happy with that, but we wanted to experience the world. We ended up in Waterdeep, where we learned to fight. We stayed there for around 5 years. When we were finished there, we decided we wanted to see more of the world and went to explore. We stopped in every town since, to pick up poetry for my brother, and we read poetry every night before going to bed, just like when we were still at home – near the fire I always made. One night we had a falling out. We did not read poetry, and I did not make a fire. That night, an Oni came into his tent and abducted him. I saw it with my own eyes and ran after them, but couldn’t keep up. The Oni flew away. To this day, I NEED my poetry, and my flame to keep me sane and calm every night before going to bed. I swore to protect people and be vigilant from then on forward. I try to defeat my own demons by helping others to kill theirs. I am still trying to find my brother since he was abducted 3 years ago, although I secretly know he is already dead. So I am living on the land, helping people, and living on what they can offer me because I am poor as hell since my brother was abducted: I can’t handle money well. I spend it on books, on armor, on weapons, and to help others.

The story

My story begins in the village of Red Larch. I am hungry and could not perform my fire and poetry mantra last night, so I am very stressed out. I run into a group of people: a Dragonborn, a Kobold, and a water Genasi. Immediately ask them if they have a book for me to read. They escort me to a nearby pawn shop so I can buy a book there. The Kobold – named Lurlille – is very nice, and I tell her my story: about the Oni and my brother Fury. Along the way, a Tortol joins our little group. He’s called Tomen. He’s a barbarian that is very into smoking his pipe and the higher powers of life. The Dragonborn is called Mivyre, and I immediately see that Lurlille is totally in awe of him and that Mivyre is a bit uncomfortable with that – he is a paladin, by the way. I don’t care: it is their problem. I like Lurlille. She is a sorcerer, pretty cool! The water Genasi is a bit distant… She is called Celeste and comes across as a bit cranky and harsh.

We walk through the city and buy some stuff. I already don’t have any money left because I bought my book. Someone in the village sees that we are a group of adventurers and asks us if we want to head to the ‘haunted tomb’ where a Spectre has taken residence. Ugh, I don’t like demons and monsters, but I think Mivyre is right and agree to go and kill that thing.

We find our way to the ‘haunted tomb’, but I get the feeling that we’re being followed by some sort of humanoid rogue… I don’t see him all the time, but he is hooded. When he comes any closer, I will probably attack him. We get into a fight with the Spectre. Mivyre and I take a lot of damage, but together with the help of the rogue, we beat it. The rogue also tells us his name: Solarion.

When we get back to Red Larch, we have to arrange a room for ourselves to sleep in. Lurlille wants to share a room with Mivyre. She thinks he’s a dragon and therefore wants to serve him. I don’t get that: I think she has to stand in her own right: no one is worth more than you. However, she doesn’t seem to understand. Mivyre tries to get me to swap places with Lurlille so that I don’t have to pay as much for my room, but… He’s a bit awkward, so I keep my solo room.

We take a long rest.

Amber Ablaze

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