Session 10 November 2020

When we wake up in the morning, we are asked to chase a couple of bandits to their camp because they’ve terrorized the village. Of course, without hesitation, we go on the move. After a while, we find the bandits and a bear. It turns into a fight, and we win. With the feeling that we’ve done something good, we walk back to Red Larch. It was quite an experience, so early in the morning. We woke at 7AM, so I’m a bit fuzzy still. We have to go through a canyon and get ambushed by a couple of Goblins and a Half-Ogre. I cannot see every Goblin, but I have the feeling that one of them hides behind a rock on a ledge above us.

The Goblins and Half-Orc we do see, demand all our money and are apparently stalking us on our way back. I don’t have any money left, so I can’t donate or give it to a couple of scumbags. I don’t fear them. They’ll burn for the thievery they’re all guilty of. I throw a handaxe and initiate the fight. It turns into quite a commotion because Tomen is knocked out at some point, and I cannot see every Goblin, so I just throw handaxes and flame-balls (produce flame). Celeste helps by firing a couple of well-aimed arrows. We stabilize Tomen, and Mivyre and I drag him back to town. We come across a wheelbarrow when we enter the village. We put Tomen on top of it, so he is less heavy to transport. He still looks like he is totally unconscious.

In Red Larch, a guy named Harburk tells us that Pel (a cute kid with red hair) is abducted by bandits. Her grandma Minnie got a note where they demanded 200 gold pieces in return for the little girl. How awful! I immediately want to go back to the bandit camp, but Mivyre holds me back and says that the best thing we can do now is investigating at Minnies’ house.

Minnie is devastated and really wants our help. She is quite afraid of me, but most humans are. I have some kind of darkness around me because of the things I’ve experienced. Everyone wants to help me most of the time but don’t want to come close or want to be seen with me. My party-members are the only ones that – for now – stick to me.

After the investigation, we head to the bandit camp again. We search for a while, and we find a cave opening in the forest. It is guarded by a boy and an old man. Well, they are hostile and attack us: I throw a flame towards the boy and he instantly burns to the ground. I had no idea my fire was that powerful: the boy looked like he was eighteen years old or something. Tomen and I make a ritual out of the burning, and I also read some poetry.

We enter the cave and see a bridge in front of us, crossing a deep trench. Celeste tries to cross the bridge but falls; we don’t hear anything after she hits the ground. She’s probably knocked out by the fall. That is not good. I don’t like her, but I like the saying: ‘never leave someone behind’. Tomen also falls when he tries to cross. That is no surprise: that Tortle is really heavy and not so athletic. Eventually (also healing Celeste in the process) we all cross the trench one way or another. I climb down and climb up at the other end, for example.

In front of us is a big metal door…

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