Session 26 November 2020
Session 10 December 2020

We ended the story in the previous blogpost when the party crossed the trench to the bandit camp.

The bandit camp
Solarion and Celeste go through the door first. I feel a bit absent and want to check if we are not followed or attacked from behind, so I follow last. I see from a distance that Solarion kills a bandit with his sneak attack and together with Celeste, lure them into an ambush. I don’t really hear what they’re saying, but the two bandits that are left seem less eager to attack them. Celeste and Solarion still kill them though. Lurlille walks in front of me and is searching the bodies that lie on the floor to find Pell – the girl that is abducted.

We hear and see more bandits. I feel that I can catch up to them and dash towards them. Mivyre and Tomen follow me. We end up in a room with beds and bunks, and bandits. It is a pretty intense fight. At one point, I take a running start and try to hit three bandits at once with my longsword. It works! I feel powerful: my hair burns a little bit brighter. I’m in my element. Killing other peoples’ demons helps destroy the ones I have on my own. We succeed in defeating all the bandits. One remains alive, begging for his life. I still want to kill him, but Mivyre thinks we can interrogate him to find out where Pell is. I’m not interested and try to find Solarion, Celeste, and Lurlille. They are still investigating further down the hall.

We then enter a room with some crates. Tomen and Mivyre take the bandit with them because he already tried to run away. Stupid bandit… We investigate the crates in the room. Some of them are quite big, but we find one that we can move. Under the crate, we see a red skull drawn on the floor. While investigating, the bandit – who is not tied up – tries to run away. We try to catch him, but he pressed on some button near the fireplace in the room, exposing a secret hallway.

We enter the hallway and find a room with a dragon-statue and a table. I also see a blue flame.
Lurlille investigates the dragon-statue but gets badly injured from sticking her finger in a hole in the statue. As a solution, we tie the bandit to the statue. When we come closer to the flame, the statue again does its poison damage, but now on the bandit – killing him. Suddenly, we hear a high voice calling for help. Is that Pell? It comes from behind that door!

Finding Pell
Tomen breaks through the door, and we enter a room filled with four wolves and a staircase spiraling down in the back. Above that staircase, Pell is imprisoned in a cage hanging from a rope. That rope is controlled by a bandit with an eyepatch. He demands the money, but we try to save Pell before paying him. It turns into a fight. I immediately try to battle the eyepatch-guy, but despite my thick armor and shield, I get knocked out… I don’t remember anything…

Knocked out: Amber is K.O. this means that her HP is at 0. To save her life, someone needs to stabilize her or heal her (give HP). In the meantime, Amber needs to use her turn order in the fight to perform saving throws. This means that every turn, I need to roll a d20. When the result is < 10 a negative save is recorded (nat 1 = 2 negatives), and > 9 a successful one (nat 20 = stabilized). When I have three of each, my character lives or dies.

Luckily, Lurlille saves my life and stabilizes me. However, I am still a bit fuzzy and don’t see or hear much, and physically I can’t do anything (still K.O.).
When I wake up, the party tells me that they defeated the wolves and the bad guy, but Pell fell down – cage and all. She’s dead. I am very emotional: I can’t believe it has really happened. I blame myself. I should have been stronger. How in the hell are we going to tell her grandma…?

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