Session 24 January 2021

Adventure hook
I’m lost. A black dragon is occasionally crossing my path. I have to eat something, I haven’t eaten for three days. How I got here? I’ll tell you!

I was searching for friends and came across a small village: Hogsmeade. The people there told me that they are afraid of a black dragon, Voaraghamanthar. I felt that if I could save these villagers, I would be accepted in their community, so I went after the dragon. I thought I could reason with it, just like my father told me. I was horribly mistaken. It was destroying everything on its path. When I tried to contact it, my mind link did not work. I had to flee. However, I do not have a map: I have lost my way. I am walking around, running from the dragon for three days. I have encountered some enemies: I thought I came across some nice Lizardfolk, but when I tried to touch a sleeping one, it bit me in the face. I have a lot of scratches on my body from wandering around and other small battles. I have to find shelter from the dragon, and I have to find food. I’m so hungry…

Wait… I see something… I see huts! I approach them as quickly as I can. OH! I see a castle! I hope the creatures inside are friendly… I got distracted by a nice bush in front of the castle. It has nice branches and I think the leaves have healing power. I stop for a second and look at the bush. When my belly aches, I realize that I have to go in.

One of ‘them’
When I enter the castle through the main entrance, I see a lot of bullywugs. They ask me if I’m with the ‘others’. I don’t know what that entails, but I say ‘yes’ and ask if they have anything to eat. They point me towards the kitchen. Those are nice bullywugs! I walk through the hallway, speculating whether I could have some kind of roast or pudding. I like pudding. Walk into a hall with a lot of doors on each side. I yell if someone knows where the kitchen is. Two other bullywugs exit a room and point me towards it. Then, when I walk to the kitchen door, I hear a small voice… ‘Pssshhtt!’ It is a little girl beckons me towards her. She hides behind a door that stands ajar. I introduce myself and see another face, one of a male humanoid with red hair. They let me in. The man gives me food and tells me that we have to be silent because his party is infiltrating the castle. The girl is called Yrod, and the man Elenyr.

Another man shows up and introduces himself as Ilimitar. We talk for a bit but have to go into another room because we are making too much noise. I comply but tell him that he also is talking fairly loud… I don’t really like loud people. A yuan-ti approaches me. He frightens me for a second: he looks really battered. Most of the party does. The yuan-ti is called Shishaldix; he asks me what I can do and whether I can heal them. I perform Mass Healingword. I also see a bird-like figure. It looks really cool, like a raven. I like ravens, in contrary to owls, they are the most knowledgable birds of them all – according to my father.

Ilimitar, Shishaldix, and the bird go and scout upstairs. Elenyr tells me that the bird is an Aarakocra and goes by the name of Morsab Alto.

We hear a scream and a couple of ‘boink’-sounds from upstairs. Yrod and her knight (Sir Nemo) go to the stairs. Nemo tries to open the trapdoor but needs my help to do so. Morsab flies out the window to get upstairs. Elenyr sends some fiery moth after him. We hear more screaming – continuous screaming. What is going on? Are we getting into a fight? I can’t see much from under the trapdoor. A couple of seconds later, I can see a bunch of giant spiders. Yrod firers a well-aimed fireball from under my arm into the area. When I make my way through the trapdoor, I see that the fireball killed all spiders. Wow. She has some good reflexes. I see Shishaldix knocked out in the room. Sir Nemo makes his way to stabilize Shishaldix.

The plunge
Suddenly, I hear a plunge that can only come from the moat around the castle. I walk towards the window where Ilimitar sits on the windowsill (the screaming stopped) and see a wing barely coming out of the water. Morsab has fallen into the water and can’t come up. I also see an Aligator approaching him. If there is one thing I learned from daddy, is that Alligators are not very nice. I heal the whole party – including Morsab down below – with a Mass Healingword.

Elenyr sends his moth (Attacus) to attack the Alligator in the moat. Ilimitar blasts his magic towards the beast, and Yrod performs yet another fireball, killing the thing. However, another Alligator approaches… I try my guiding bolt but miss and hit Morsab instead. Oh… That was not my intention. Oops. Luckily, Attacus kills the Alligator in the end, and Morsab is still alive.

When the battle is over, I heal Ilimitar, Shishaldix, and Morsab with Aid. Elenyr and I also try to clean Morsabs’ feathers. They are dirty and sticky from the water, blood, and mud. During the cleaning, Elenyr tells me about a teleportation circle and a cult. The cult of dragons disturb the powers of nature, he tells me. The party I’m with tries to retrieve the belongings of some good people. At this point, we need to find someone who knows the password to activate the teleportation circle. Elenyr also tells me about the party member who recently died: Bree. She was eaten by a giant frog while they got attacked by a hoard of frogs and bullywugs. I am utterly disturbed by the news. Is this a group of friends..? Why couldn’t they help her? I have to think about this…

The main hall
We walk into the hall with a lot of doors. The party wants to barricade the door where some helpful bullywugs pointed me the way to the kitchen. I get why we need to do it – because of the cult, but I feel somewhat guilty. They were so friendly to me… We walk towards the main hall. I greet everyone inside the room when I walk in. I should not have done this, perhaps. Many people, the cultists I believe, are dividing money at many many tables in the hall.

‘What are you doing here?! Capture her!

Cultist near the door

I’m surprised by Attacus flying over me, and before I know it, I’m standing in front of my party a couple of meters outside the main hall. ‘RUN!’ yells Elenyr.

However, the cultists catch up to me, and Ilimitar and I are surrounded. But not for long: little Yrod fireballs them. I can see their soul leave their body before they hit the ground. I run to the center of the room and ready myself for new visitors that can enter through the main hall door. ‘Get them!’ I hear from behind another door, and a magical bell sounds through the whole castle.

The enemies I was waiting for do not come from the door to the main hall, but from the kitchen. ‘Oh,’ I think, ‘I wasn’t expecting that…’ The cultists surround Elenyr and attack him until he is knocked out and lies on the floor. They leave him for dead. Morsab and Shishaldix attack the cultists near Elenyr, and I try to come up with a way to heal him. Before I can come to an executable solution, another door opens, and a shitload of giant lizards comes through the door on the right. They are keen to approach Ilimitar and me. I am so relieved that we barricaded the door leading to the room with the bullywugs. Suddenly, we are hit by a fireball. How is this possible?! I am pretty bloodied right now, so I use Aid to help myself, Ilimitar, and Elenyr.

I really want to save all the lives of my party members. But I don’t know how long I can keep doing this… More creatures join the frenzy… ‘Are we going to survive this..?’ I ask myself.

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