The unexpected escape

Session 31 January 2021

More and more enemies join our fight in the courtyard. This is getting out of hand… Dragonclaws approach me and attack. Luckily, my shield and armor protect me from getting hurt, but Ilimitar gets the full blow. Next to us, where the Giant Lizards are, is a big explosion of fire. When the smoke lifts, I can see all Giant Lizards and smaller enemies lie dead on the floor.

The next thing I know, I hear a booming voice coming from the inside of the castle.

This is Razmir the Black. They are for me. I want them alive! Go back to your outposts. Do not touch them or feel my wrath!

Razmir the Black – apparently

I am a bit confused and continue fighting, I don’t know Razmir the Black, and if he is part of the Cult of Dragons, I’ll probably don’t like him. To help my friends, I channel my divinity through Twilight Sanctuary. I grant my friends that are near me a boost in physical or mental health. Since my colleagues near me – Elenyr and Ilimitar – are bloodied or nearly bloodied, physical health seems more appropriate.

Some cultists respond to the loud voice and make their way back to the castle. I look over my shoulder when I hear a big bang. The barricade we put before the door leading to more Bullywugs gets blown up. I attack again, now with Sacred Flame to get Ilimitar and me out of battle, but Ilimitar gets knocked out anyway. What do I do now?! I cannot perform any healing spells anymore! Are we going to die? I just got new friends… Oh dear God please get us out of here…


We find ourselves sitting at a round wooden table with drinks in our hands. The walls are pink and covered with drawn unicorns and rainbows. The cottage is small and cozy. I have no idea where we are, but we’re safe. Everyone is very much surprised that we made it out of there. I feel refreshed too, and when I look around me, I see that no one is bloodied anymore, and Ilimitar is alive again. Yrod is the only one without surprise and disbelief in her eyes. Did she do this? She answers: ‘Yes!’ Yrod transported us to a safe location outside the castle, to a nearby village, making sure we’re all in full health and have all knowledge about what happened just now.

I look again, and I hear and see someone approaching. Is it a friend? Shishaldix tells us that he used suggestion on an enemy so that he would help us. The effects are still active. The cult member is called Dralmorrer and wants to help us. He gives us a lot of information about the castle and Razmir the Black. He does not know the password to activate the teleportation circle but knows where we can find it: Razmirs chambers on the third floor of the castle.

Morsab, Ilimitar, Yrod, and Shishaldix want to go back to the courtyard to attack again with some fireballs. Elenyr and I get the task to get Dralmorrer drunk and keep him distracted. I tell the story about myself and my father trying to help the community where we lived to get more in touch with wildlife. We built a little hut for some Owlbears to live in, but the citizens did not really like that. Owlbears are quite friendly, you know? I don’t understand why the villagers wanted them gone. They only broke a couple of windows and pots… Anyway, I am busy telling my story, and Dralmorrer falls asleep out of nowhere! How rude!

The party returns. They’ve cleared the courtyard and killed most of our enemies in a fiery blaze. Shishaldix walks to Dralmorrer, who is still asleep. He is taking away his weapons. I ask him why he is doing that, ‘Dralmorrer is our friend now!’ Shishaldix shrugs and replies: ‘For now… Suggestion only lasts for a while, and after the effects wear off, he won’t be so friendly.’ He takes a ring from Dralmorrer and gives it to Ilimitar. Apparently, it is a ring of spellstoring. I still don’t agree with Shishaldix, but I think the ring will come in handy for Ilimitar.

by Peter (as Elenyr)
Left to right: Shishaldix, Evanna, Yrod, Ilimitar, Elenyr, and Morsab

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