Session 4 September 2022

Netherskull dangerously laughs at us as we descend. I take cover as soon as I land. The fight starts because Netherskull targets us immediately. 

Ruben hits Netherskull with his rapier a couple of times and does a lot of damage. Netherskull doesn’t seem to see Ruben coming. However, he sees me and tries to drain my powers – I can feel it. I can resist it, and keep my energy, but it’s very difficult. 

Valentine attacks, and Calyx (still an owl) too. Ropi takes me to a safer place. As soon as I’ve teleported with Ropi, I can see Calyx paralyzed on the ground. 

To de-escalate the fight, I try to disintegrate the Death Tyrant. It is a new spell that I’ve never used before, and it takes a lot of power. After I cast the spell, there is no effect. Damn it! 

I hear other sounds from around the corner… Zombies. 

Netherskull, the wizard-hating Death Tyrant

In the instant I’m paralyzed with fear, Valentine uses her wand to throw a fireball. They all get burned to the ground. Nice move, little sis! 

I manage to hit Netherskull with a cold chromatic orb. In the light of the blueish ray, I see Calyx lying on the ground. He is not paralyzed anymore but knocked out. I know it is absolutely bonkers and dangerous, but the Never Evers have a pact: we have to help each other. How weird this group is, Calyx and Farryn are kind of family of Valentine and me. I have to save Calyx if that is within my power. I run towards him and heal him, even evading Netherskulls attack. 

Farryn comes to our aid, at least, that’s what I thought. He places his hand on the stone ground and creates a shield. It looks like a cave and it is arching over Calyx, pushing me away from them. The next thing I realize is, is that I am the only target in front of Netherskull. 

I’ve made a big mistake. I look at Valentine before a ray hits me in the chest. It hurts immensely, I can feel the necrotic energy drain me. I feel like fainting. 

Before I close my eyes, I grab the letter from dad that I always have in the pocket of my robe near my heart. I hope they’ll take care of Valentine. Another green light makes me lose consciousness. 

“RISE ZOMBIE… RISE…” I hear. I feel reborn. Ready to kill. I stand up. I walk to the creature closest to me, ready to attack. I serve Netherskull. Kill them all. 

Before I can do what my master orders me, I get hit by a flame and fall to the ground, scorched.

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