Session 11 September 2022

Most of the time, I see everything from the positive side. However, today, it’s not one of those days. I’m caught by enemies and I’m in shackles on an altar. I know there is a trap in the room, and I see a gong near the door. 

I feel weak, my weapons are taken by the Nycaloths, and I just want to cry. I am invisible to others because it’s dark in this room, so no one is going to find me. 

Then, I hear sounds from the other side of the door. The door opens, and a ball of fire is thrown in.

“Aaaaaahhhhh noooo! It burns!” I tell in pain. 

But then… I hear some voices. They are not the ones I heard before – these are different creatures! 

“HELP ME! Help me! They took my weapons!” I shout.

A big butterfly, or moth, flies up to me and sits on my nose. It tickles! It nods to me, and I nod back in greeting. 

The moth teleports me to the other side of the room, near my weapons. However, the Nycaloth is near and attacks me. 

I break loose, get my weapons and run toward the sound. There are more creatures! Thank God! 

But they are in a pickle as well, so I ready my weapons, eager to help. At full speed, I run towards a party of four. In the middle of my jump to get to them, a Tiefling girl pushes me against the wall. She looks at me dangerously, but when she notices I only want to help, she lets go. 

I walk inside the room they are planning to attack, but it is totally empty, except for two Nycaloths. I shoot arrows at them but miss both times. Then, they move back, and I feel something wet hit my skin. The Nycaloths are in a pool of blood and are washing with it. It is also raining blood from the ceiling. Ohw… This is getting quite macabre, I think to myself. I walk up to the Nycaloths to cast inflict wounds but am outside the room again. The Tiefling girl bumped into me before that happened, just like before. 

This is me! Zune.

I shout through the ajar door: “Hey Tiefling girl! I’m outside!” 

Then, the door is closed by a Gnome with dark hair to keep the blood from exuding out of the room. “She can get out with her teleporting powers,” he says calmingly.

However, I cannot hear anyone in the room after a while – so I think the Tiefling girl might be stuck. I approach the door once more, get rid of the plants that the Gnome just grew there, and knock: “Hello?”

Someone knocks back, and I open the door and immediately walk back. I apologize to the Gnome for breaking the vines. He goes over to check the damage but falls on his back. Ball bearings roll over the floor. 

Then, a Halfling comes running from the opposite door and also falls because of the ball bearings and lands painfully on the Gnome. In all the confusion and wriggling of the legs and arms of the Gnome and Halfling managing to get back up, something red enters the hallway. It is the girl Tieflling! Ew… She’s covered in blood. She runs toward the Gnome and starts attacking him with thunder in her eyes. 

What IS this sort of group?! I wonder. I don’t understand why people treat each other like this. Why can’t we all be happy? Why can’t we all get ALONG?!

I am observing everything that’s going on: another Gnome pulls the familiar one up into a rope trick, escaping the Tiefling. I can see she is outraged, but also hurt. I try to comfort her and cure her wounds. Luckily for me, she calms down; I can see it in her eyes. 

I introduce myself, and she and the Halfling do the same. The Tiefling’s name is Valentine, and the Halfling is called Ruben. 

“Sorry for this weird situation,” apologizes Valentine. 

One Gnome climbs out of the rope trick, and the other one only sticks his head out. The Gnome says: “Sorry for my error… Please don’t hurt me!” to Valentine. He introduces himself as Calyx. 

The other Gnome doesn’t say a word. That’s rude. 

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