Disruptors vs Zhentarim

Sessions 17 March & 24 March 2024

“I hear a Zhentarim – Morph in disguise, call from the north: ‘come, get yourself to safety!'” I relay via the mind link, sharing the information with my companions as I maintain my aerial position.

As I scan the area, my attention is drawn to a distant spectacle: several stones shoot away from the site of the explosion, followed by the emergence of a towering, muscular figure from the billowing smoke. It’s unmistakably Gortoc the Relentless, his imposing presence casting a shadow over the chaos below.

Morph, clever as ever, has managed to persuade some of the Zhentarim thugs to flee to safety, diverting them towards the front gate in the north. It’s a small victory amidst the turmoil, but one that could prove crucial in our overall strategy.

Observing Zhents emerging from the barracks, I hesitate for a moment, uncertain of their intentions. Are they fleeing or preparing to fight? Opting to err on the side of caution, I ready myself for potential combat, imbuing my movements with the swiftness of Zephyr’s strike.

With Gortoc looming ominously above the dark magical cloud, I take aim and release two arrows, my shots guided by precision and intent. One finds its mark with remarkable accuracy, striking Gortoc with a critical blow. I watch as the arrow pierces his flesh, drawing blood and eliciting a response from the formidable foe.

“I see the Dark Mage is getting attacked by an invisible force,” I report urgently through the mind link, my voice tinged with concern. “It’s Mogath…”

In the distance, I catch sight of Grond and Farryn struggling with flight, their movements erratic and unsteady.

Below me, the Arbiter leaps into the water and swiftly swims away, seeking refuge from the chaos unfolding above.

Gortoc takes to the air. Suddenly, I witness the Dark Mage’s gesture, followed by his abrupt descent into the dark cloud conjured by Patience. A pained cry echoes through the air as he crashes to the ground, the impact sending rocks scattering in all directions.

Meanwhile, the Efreeti springs into action, his flaming blades poised for combat. They streak towards Simu Farryn, but he manages to evade them skillfully, avoiding injury.

As I continue to observe from above, I notice that most of the Zhentarim forces are making their way towards the bridge and the exit, choosing to flee rather than engage further. However, a portion of them divert towards the wreckage where their leader lies, likely intending to aid him.

More Zhentarim soldiers emerge from the base, their movements purposeful as they take aim with the ballistae stationed within the compound. With grim determination, they direct their weapons towards the wreckage and the fallen Dark Mage, poised to unleash their firepower at a moment’s notice.

“The efreeti is walking through the air towards someone I cannot see,” I report urgently through the mental connection, my voice tinged with apprehension.

Seeking guidance on whether to prioritize crowd control or focus on the primary threat, I receive Farryn’s response: “Crowd control.”

With a swift and practiced motion, I retrieve a tangler grenade from my bag, imbue it with enchantment, and affix it to the arrow of my bow. Taking careful aim, I release the arrow, sending it hurtling down towards the Zhentarim forces below. As the number of grenades increases on the snap of my finger, they also detonate upon impact, it unleashes chaos, causing damage.

Farryn, flying closer to the fray, mirrors my actions by conjuring a barrage of hooks, further damaging our enemies.

Suddenly, another explosion erupts nearby, catching my attention. I watch in astonishment as the heads of many archers surrounding the area detonate in a gruesome display of force.

“Holy smokes,” I communicate to my companions through the mental link, my voice laden with disbelief at the unexpected turn of events.

As two fireballs streak towards me from the south, I quickly react, dodging to the side to avoid the brunt of the blasts. Despite my efforts, the scorching heat still manages to singe me, leaving my skin stinging with pain.

However, Farryn isn’t as fortunate as I am. He bears the full force of the fireballs, accompanied by Grond who remains nearby. I watch with concern as he descends slowly, his movements hindered by the onslaught of magical flames.

Meanwhile, Mortoc the Relentless closes in on the dark mage once more, his intimidating presence casting a shadow over the battlefield.

As Farryn touches down on the ground, he finds himself dangerously close to the Zhentarim thugs who were poised to attack the dark mage moments ago. The situation grows increasingly dire.

Then, in a display of swift action, the dark mage waves his hand, conjuring a portal behind him. Without hesitation, he steps through, disappearing from sight in an instant. I’m left bewildered, unable to discern his destination or next move, but relieved that he has managed to bring himself to safety.

As the bugbears on the ground turn their attention to Farryn and Grond, the situation becomes increasingly perilous. With around fifty thugs aiming their arrows at Farryn, I watch with growing concern as the projectiles fly through the air, directed towards my friend. Fortunately, most of them ricochet harmlessly off his armor and Grond, but a few manage to find their mark, striking Farryn with painful precision.

In response to the mounting threat, I conjure a sea hag as a fey creature, hoping to provide some additional support in the chaos of battle. Meanwhile, Farryn takes decisive action, making his way up to the battlements in a bid to secure a safer vantage point. Once there, he wastes no time, launching a relentless assault with his dwarven thrower and unleashing an arcane jolt upon his foes.

Patience, ever vigilant, directs a fireball towards a distant location, aiming to eliminate potential threats lurking in the shadows. From my position, I observe another mage attempting to intervene, presumably trying to extricate someone from a force cage. However, their efforts are in vain, as both the mage and their intended target remain trapped within the magical confines.

Suddenly, the news comes through our telepathic bond: there’s a force cage around Mortag, and attempts to free him have failed. The situation grows increasingly dire for our foes as the new mage and Mortag struggle against their invisible prison.

To my left, I witness Farryn collapse upon the battlements, his strength faltering under the weight of the relentless assault. The gravity of the situation becomes all too apparent as the dark mage relays vital information: the manifest mind cannot reach those trapped within the force cage, and the collapse of the bridge further complicates matters, leaving us stranded within the heart of the enemy stronghold.

Amidst the chaos below, I observe “Dirty Jack” (Morph) darting through the crowd of thugs, his presence commanding attention as he issues a rallying cry to defend their leader. The thugs respond with fervor, their shouts of agreement echoing through the tumultuous scene.

The sea hag I summoned proves to be a formidable distraction, instilling fear in the hearts of the thugs and prompting many to flee towards their leader trapped in the force cage. However, those who remain, along with reinforcements arriving on the scene, waste no time in unleashing a barrage of arrows upon the fey creature, tearing her apart in a violent explosion of magical energy.

Meanwhile, I spot a mage lurking in the distance, dangerously close to Farryn, who still struggles on the battlements. With swift precision, I take aim and fire, sending two arrows soaring through the air. The final shot finds its mark, piercing through the mage’s skull and bringing them crashing to the ground in a lifeless heap.

Satisfied with the elimination of the immediate threats, I ascend higher into the sky, repositioning myself to gain a clearer vantage point. With no party members in immediate danger from the remaining thugs below, I focus on overseeing the unfolding situation, ready to intervene if necessary.

As the fireball explodes amidst the group of thugs surrounding their leader in the force cage, I watch with keen interest. Despite the ferocity of the blast, the thugs manage to withstand the onslaught, their determination to aid their trapped comrade seemingly unshaken.

My attention is drawn to the arbiter, still struggling to flee despite the arrows protruding from his back, a testament to his resilience in the face of adversity.

On the other side of the chaos, “Dirty Jack” appears to be losing control, unleashing havoc upon the thugs surrounding the force cage. Spirit guardians swirl around him, their ethereal presence wreaking havoc among his foes. With calculated cunning, he feigns being attacked by the guardians, luring the thugs into their deadly embrace.

A surge of purple light emanates from the area, claiming the lives of many thugs in its wake. Amidst the chaos, voices rise, lamenting the absence of the caster responsible for the devastation.

Taking advantage of the distraction, I swiftly take aim at one of the surviving thugs near the force cage, loosing two arrows with precise accuracy. The final shot strikes true, piercing the thug’s neck and embedding itself into the force cage, eliciting unrest among the mages within.

As I observe the unfolding events, I catch sight of Simu Farryn falling amidst a burst of flames behind some buildings. Though the details elude me, I sense the presence of the dark mage nearby, his involvement in the unfolding events becoming increasingly apparent.

As Dirty Jack calls out for aid and collapses to the ground, more thugs rush to his side, only to meet the same fate as their fallen comrades under the relentless assault of his spirit guardians. His clever ploy to divert attention towards Patience earns my admiration for its ingenuity.

Responding swiftly to Farryn’s call for assistance, I veer towards the west, scanning the chaotic scene below as I maneuver into position. Hovering above the epicenter of our conflict, where the hunger of hadar spell had been unleashed, I spot the Efreeti and a fire elemental, accompanied by Gortoc the Relentless, Farryn, Grond, and the Dark Mage, albeit at a distance.

My gaze lingers on Patience, situated closer to my current position, as I take note of the unfolding events around Farryn. The Efreeti swings its scythe, conjuring a wall of fire that surrounds Farryn, effectively isolating him from immediate assistance.

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