Session 31 March 2024

With Farryn boldly striking at the Efreeti with his booming blade and then making a determined advance towards Grond beyond the wall of fire, the Efreeti’s attempted attack of opportunity falls short. Meanwhile, Morgath’s restless pacing inside the force cage betrays his frustration at being unable to find an escape.

In the midst of the chaos, the fire elemental rages on uncontrollably, adding to the cacophony of battle.

“HELP, SIMU FARRYN IS DOWN,” Farryn’s urgent cry echoes through our shared mental link.

Dirty Jack incites the thugs to attack, directing their fury towards Patience.

Amidst the chaos, Farryn and Grond find themselves suddenly beset by gargoyles.

In a bold move, Gortoc the Relentless charges toward Farryn, attempting to ensnare him in a headlock.

As Farryn struggles against Gortoc’s grip, an arrow strikes the formidable warrior, causing him to stagger momentarily. Meanwhile, Farryn also takes a hit, the impact jarring him.

More thugs converge on Farryn, their arrows bouncing harmlessly off his resilient armor.

With precision, I aim my shot at Gortoc, targeting his eye with deadly accuracy. The arrow finds its mark, causing the relentless warrior to release his grip on Farryn. “You’re welcome,” I communicate to Farryn through our mental connection, relieved to see him freed from Gortoc’s grasp.

Mortag’s anguish is palpable as he witnesses the demise of his ally, his frustration evident in his movements.

Turning my attention to the efreeti, I take aim and release my arrow, watching as it finds its mark and strikes true.

I maneuver myself to gain a better vantage point, eager to assess the unfolding situation.

As if in response to our combined efforts, the wall of fire dissipates with a resounding boom of thunder, leaving the once formidable efreeti lifeless in its wake. With a sense of triumph, I silently celebrate the creature’s demise.

With the threat neutralized, Farryn wastes no time in launching his counterattack, striking out against our foes with renewed determination.

As the balistas pivot to aim inward, posing a new threat to Farryn, I swiftly turn my attention to a nearby gargoyle, unleashing a barrage of arrows that tear through its stone form, reducing it to rubble and clearing the way for Farryn.

With precision, I take aim with my sharpshooter bow, releasing two shots in quick succession. Meanwhile, Farryn continues his assault on the remaining gargoyles, striking one out of the air with a powerful blow.

Concerned for the well-being of my companions, I call out over our shared mental bond, “Is everyone okay?” Farryn’s response, a resounding “NO,” spurs me into action.

Positioned strategically, I prepare to provide support where it’s needed most.

As Grond grapples with the gargoyles, lightning crackles upon impact, adding to the chaos unfolding below.

The fire elemental turns its attention to Grond, engulfing him in flames and leaving him scorched.

Amidst the turmoil, the dark mage’s commanding voice rings out, delivering a chilling ultimatum: “Listen very carefully, Gortoc is dead, Mortag is stuck—you’ve got one chance: RUN.” The threat hangs heavy in the air, intimidating the thugs and creatures into retreat.

Despite the drow’s attempts to strike Farryn from the battlements, their aim falls short, missing their mark.

As Dirty Jack collapses to the ground, his spirit guardians still swirling around him, the chaos intensifies. Some thugs, heeding the dark mage’s command to flee, leap into the water in a desperate bid for escape. Meanwhile, the drow manning the balistas stand ready to unleash their deadly bolts, scanning the area for targets but finding none.

With a swift and decisive action, I mark the fire elemental as my quarry and unleash two precise shots, each weakening its fiery form further until it stands on the brink of defeat. “Fire elemental almost down, you’re welcome,” I communicate to my comrades through our mental connection.

As the battle rages on, Grond’s distressing call echoes through the bond: “Grond is down, I repeat, Grond is down.” Both he and Farryn find themselves engulfed in flames, the fire elemental’s relentless assault leaving them in dire straits.

Sensing the urgency of the situation, I make a tactical decision to withdraw from the fray, lest I become a target in the fiery chaos. Meanwhile, Farryn delivers decisive blows, dispatching both the fire elemental and a gargoyle with his dwarven thrower.

In a strategic move, Patience directs a fiery bolt towards one of the balistas, disrupting the enemy’s offensive capabilities.

Inside the force cage, the manifest mind unleashes a sacred flame upon the mage accompanying Morgath, bypassing the mage’s defenses and causing him visible distress—a sign that something has gone awry for their side.

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