Sickening Revenge!

Session 14 April 2024

“Dirty” Jack
Huge spiritual swords swirl around me. I pretend that they hurt me so much and slowly but steady I crawl over the pile of fallen Zhentarim grunts while I maintain my concentration.


They didn’t support me when I, their colleague, was cast out of the Zhentarim and taken prisoner like some low scum. I didn’t want to slay them, but the whole situation did leave me no choice. Slowly I arrive at the invisible cage in which Commander Mortag and Archmage Ghorza are trapped. I have to keep up this cover, so I must say something.

“Flee Commander, save yourself….” I say while I pretend to collapse.

At that moment I see the Commander spread his arms and Ghorza cast some spell on him, after which he popped away. Crap! I didn’t foresee this to happen. But the Commander is gone, so I can just drop this show and play the game with Ghorza. The purple swords that swirl around me slowly fade into nothingness and I stand up, smirking while I make eye contact with the trapped archmage, or so I thought…

While the little floating object courtesy of the Dark Mage starts to fill the forge cage, Ghorza evaporates and steps out of his trap, after which he flees into the central building. Before I could react, a fireball is sent after him and an explosion follows. I peer into the darkness above and I think I see the Dark Mage there flying. I have to check if Ghorza is still alive. And where did the Commander go? I copy the tactics of the archmage, to misty step over the pile of bodies, and follow him into the smoldering building. I see three Zhents. They begged me to show mercy and that he went upstairs. I doubt, should I spare them? Should I go upstairs? Or is this some trick played against me, like I would do so myself. My gut feeling says one of them is Ghorza. I draw Corvax and two quick force blasts: two of the Zhents lifeless bodies fall down. “Please, show mercy! He went upstairs!” the final thug begs. For a split second I hesitate, but I can’t, not now! My third blast was shielded. I knew it, this was the archmage in disguise. Corvax fires the last blast and there drops the archmage to the ground. I signal to the sky that I did it, just a simple thumbs up, before I enter the building and inspect Ghorza a bit closer. “Hmm, I could play a bit more with Commander Mortag, if I pretend to be his loyal elite mage.” I think to myself. I start to copy his looks, while I take away his robe and items. For now, I’ll be Ghorza.

Archmage Ghorza

Ah. I feel so much more important, much more elite, than the Jack-persona was. Even though he was very useful, this would be so much more fun to be. Commander Mortag won’t know what will hit him, at least, if he returns. I walk outside and misty step back toward the forge cage. There I see him: Commander Mortag, the great leader of Skull Island and the one who couldn’t accept my change of thoughts. After this all, I will be a better person and will use my skills of more good situation. But now, I have to end this. I stare at the commander, who dropped on his knees and started to pray. The green light seems to hurt him and his skin gets damaged but then healed as well. I don’t understand Mortag his powers but I should observe him. Or should I? He’s weak now, he doesn’t see me. I want him to see me as he draws his final breath. Oh damn it, I go inside.

I evaporate my body into small misty particles and move into the invisible cage. I withstand the weird radiant green magic, for now and I draw Corvax. I don’t mind that Mortag might know who I am… I want him to know. First I stab him in his back, but he isn’t as weak as I thought he would be. I pull out the black blade and with a horizontal slash I hit the Commander another time. His neck slashes open and he almost looks like a nearly headless person, but his weird magic seems to prevent that from happening and his neck grows back. Golden yellow eyes pierce through mine as Mortag turns around and attacks me with his famed shadow dagger. His movements are slowed down though and he can’t seem to penetrate my magical barrier that easily, just one hit in my side. Ouch, this is the first pain I felt in this battle. The green radiant magic starts to burn into my skin. I shouldn’t take much longer, for this magic might be my end as well. I point my loyal sword at my enemy. “Corvax sends his regards.” I mumble, while a purple energy flows into the commander. I can use every help to end this, so I placed a hexblade curse on him. Then I slash him some more. I use my more flourished sword style techniques and seem to hit him well, as he collapses on the floor. He tries to stab me some more, but beside a little cut in the leg, he doesn’t really succeed. I remember why I don’t really like to wear robes while fighting though, for they hinder my movement. Outside the forge cage I see an explosion in the distance, where I believe the port should be, but the cage blocks most sounds as well. Focus Morph, the Commander is in front of you. You have to take your sweet revenge. The little medallion floats to the Commander and hits him with a shocking cantrip, hurting him even more. I feel his final moment is here. While the green radiant light is burning my skin even more, I slash Morthagh once more. This is it. I slowly drop my shape and shift into my own self.


I grab the exhausted Commander by his hair and pull him closer, while I push Corvax through his heart. “Goodbye Commander.” I whisper.

The body starts to feel heavy and his eyes roll away. The purple energy that went into Mortag, flows back along the sword and fills me with a bit more energy. I’ve done it, I paid the Commander back and I am truly free now.

Although… now I just realized I’m stuck in my own forge cage and that the Dark Mage still has his green radiant magic up that might mean the end for me…

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