Fazrians’ judging

Live session 2 December 2023

We are taken downstairs. It is a long way. I see a mine cart with iron in there. The Duergar take us to the south. We hear more and more footsteps. We go further down. I see the light of the manifest mind, so I know Farryn, the Dark Mage, and Patience are aware of where we are. We come into an open cavern, and now I hear the grinding of pickaxes. We turn a corner and stand in front of a big door. Two knocks, and the door opens. Two Duergar let the group in. While we walk in, more Duergar show themselves. After we wait a while, the door is closed again. We are in a nice-looking marble hall, but then in some spots, there is some red rust on the wall. When I look well, the ceiling and wall seem to bleed, and I smell roses and sulfur. We are escorted inside. We meet a burly-looking Duergar sitting at his desk. “What are you doing here?” Musgardt starts talking: we got more devotees to Fazrian. I silently translate for Xenji. The mister behind the desk says: “Go to the judging.” I hear two more knocks on the door when we exit the room. Xenji asks Grond to send a message to Farryn. But Grond doesn’t respond. “If something happens, go back to your Master,” says Xenji. “To the judging, what? What is happening?” I yell. We enter a ceremonial room. In the middle, a Duergar stands, and we see a green giant with his white wings on a chair. Behind him a demon – a nicoloth. The green giant looks angel-like. That is Fazrian without a doubt. He is very impressive. On his left side, there is a prosecutor – Hallaster Blackcloak. There is another table with 5 judges. When we come closer, every step weighing heavier. A music starts: a background of unholy dissonant music. The judgment of Fazrian falls on someone who is standing in front of him. It’s a Duergar. Fazrian says: “Guilty of cowardice. Raxus. Go.” The nicoloth approaches the Duergar and splits him in two. Next, the body just gets grabbed and tossed into a hole behind a group of Duergar. I see a smiling Hallaster behind his desk, the judges. I see two pillars with two Mariliths inside it. Xenji and I are next in line. Hallaster smiles at us.


Fazrian welcomes us to the highest court of justice, and with divine judgment, his silver eyes stare me down. Xenji meets his gaze. In a language unknown to me, Fazrian speaks, and I’m left bewildered by the exchange. Defiantly, I retort, “Plead? What kind of stuff did we do?” Hallaster responds, accusing us of trespassing on his ground, and Silent nods approvingly. I inform Hallaster that I don’t know about any trespassing. Xenji, once again speaking in another language, kneels. “Cleared, on nobility,” declares Fazrian. Confused, I look to Xenji for guidance, but he offers no explanation. He places his hand on my shoulder, uttering words I can’t comprehend but intending to protect me. Frozen in indecision, I witness a conversation I can’t understand. Xenji attempts to lead me away, but a command stops us.

Turning back, I assert, “I am a simple ranger who does what she thinks is right.” Fazrian inquires if there’s someone else to plead for my innocence. “Yes, Urm,” Xenji responds. Hallaster snaps his fingers, summoning Urm. Fazrian queries Urm, “So Urm, does Gwen deserve to live?” Urm begins, addressing Fazrian respectfully, questioning the concept of deserving to live and the potential for cursing. I interject, “I want to live, Urm.” One of the judges starts interrogating Urm about my deeds and value. Urm recounts stories of my bravery and sacrifices, standing up to various challenges. Fazrian, still thoughtful, looks at the mephit. In the ensuing silence, Urm suggests Fazrian can get his payment ruling and urges him not to let me suffer in life. Xenji intervenes, signaling that enough has been said. I chime in, highlighting my sharpshooting skills and ability to be a nice distraction. Observing the judges more closely, I discern details: one in metal plate armor, another with wings, one with an angelic presence, a dwarf, and a human.

I get the sense that Fazrian is searching for reasons to justify my existence, but he hasn’t found any yet. Keeping my mouth shut, I await his judgment. “Tell me, you cannot make up your mind. What can I do to help my case?” I inquire. Fazrian responds, “Your whole life is weighed; nothing can be added or taken away to help your case.” “A lot can be added, but that won’t be helping,” I retort, feeling the urge to shoot him. Xenji intervenes, expressing to Fazrian that he doesn’t believe I’m given a fair chance. Urm and Xenji  have pleaded in my favor. Fazrian glances at the judges and then back at me. The verdict is delivered: “INNOCENT. Keep your right to live.” Fazrian waves at the next group, the rest of the party, accompanied by an iron golem. They came for us! Now, they face judgment. “What do we have here? This is a court of life; your actions will speak for you.” says Fazrian. Farryn voices his concern about the fairness of the judgment. “The judgment is always fair,” insists Fazrian. Farryn retorts, “That is what every dictator says.” The verdict is delivered for deformity: “GUILTY. Raxes.”

The Dark Mage intervenes, shouting, “STOP, Hallaster, stop this. You can influence this.” Hallaster claims his hands are tied. The battle begins. I shoot three times at Fazrian, flip him off, and then vanish. Seeking cover behind Xenji, I witness Fazrian and the nycoloth Raxes paralyzed. Farryn charges at the nycoloth, proclaiming, “THIS IS TRUE JUDGMENT DAY!” and attacking Fazrian. Xenji joins the fray, smiting Fazrian. Hallaster, next to me, begins to laugh maniacally, claiming judgment is blind, and takes flight. Fazrian, no longer paralyzed, stands up. The iron golem attacks the nycoloth, leaving it bloodied. Fazrian’s eyes light up intensely, and the music reaches a crescendo. The light becomes blinding.

I hear Patience attempting to rally the Duergarr against Fazrian, their oppressor. The light is incredibly intense, blinding me. Despite the disadvantage, I manage to shoot and hit. Desperate to regain some vision, I fashion a visor from a piece of my armor, but the blinding light persists. Amidst thuds and screams, I hear a powerful cry from Xenji: “Fall from the judgment of Thorn.” Another sound echoes—a slump against the ground. “That was way too easy,” comments Hallaster, casting something. Thumps and creaks of bones follow, and then I hear the Duergarr charging.

Amidst the chaos, I hear wings, still unable to see anything. I rub my eyes, straining to listen carefully and shoot. Fortunately, the giant’s size prevents me from fearing friendly fire on my party members. Hallaster’s laughter rings out, leaving me clueless about the ongoing events. Xenji informs that Hallaster is flying around again.

After a while, I manage to bring Fazrian to his knees, and Farryn delivers the final blow, ending him.

Hallaster takes the stage, but I remain blinded and unable to see anything. He calls the judging panel to action, and Farryn reveals that the judges are nycaloths—one of them being a Yocholoth. The nycaloths are silently slain by another nycaloth, but my blindness persists.

Desperate to locate my surroundings, I yell, “Where are you?” Someone responds, and I walk over. Hallaster’s laughter echoes above me. I demand, “Give me a target!” Xenji directs, “Above, 12.00.” I shoot, following Hallaster’s laughter, and manage to hit him once. Xenji informs, “Two Duergarr and a Gorgon!”

Xenji casts lesser restoration on me and Patience. Fantastic. Vision returns.

Hallaster remarks and snaps his fingers, “Oh, that went fast.” Damn it, we’re in a force cage.

More Duergarr come to our aid, turning it into a brawl with the Duergarr, Nycoloths, and Hallaster, who hasn’t done much.

One of the newcomers rushes into the force cage. The rest manages to evade it and head towards the Nycoloth.

Hallaster quips, “Amusing, amusing. Let’s get the party started.” He unleashes a fireball in the middle of the room.

The reinforcements, along with Farryn and the Dark Mage, engage in combat. However, Patience, Xenji, and I are still stuck in the force cage.

The female Duergarr attacks the Nycoloth. Farryn and Grond charge towards another Nycoloth, tearing it apart. Two Nycaloths remain.

The Duergarr mage confronts Hallaster, but I can’t see the details. Farryn heads to the throne, attacking the Nycoloth with his Dwarven throwers.

Hallaster initiates a slowing of time, then approaches the Duergarr mage, who disappears. In the slowed chaos, only Hallaster moves.

The Bigby’s hand cast by the Dark Mage flies towards Hallaster, slapping him. The Dark Mage, blinded, tries to sense the force cage. He climbs on it, sits atop, but still can’t see.

I witness the Gorgon trample the remaining Nycoloth. The female Duergarr on the Gorgon attacks Hallaster, then dismounts to strike him. Hallaster effortlessly dodges by moving half a meter to the side. She lands on the ground, snorting.

Patience shifts focus from Farryn to the Dark Mage. I continue my futile attempts to escape the force cage.

I witness Hallaster placing a finger on the female Duergarr. In response, she undergoes a dramatic transformation, growing and shifting into a Steel Dragon.

Steel Dragon

HOLY SMOKES. This is incredible. I’m delighted to be in the force cage – the dragon can’t harm me, and I get to enjoy the spectacle. While she seems to be on our side, I can’t shake the feeling that the dragon might be inherently evil. I hope she avoids harming Farryn and the Dark Mage. The dragon is breathtaking, and I’m in awe.

The dragon spreads her wings and engages Hallaster in mid-air. She claws at him, and he shields himself. I can only watch, amazed by the display of power and finesse. Meanwhile, the male mage Duergarr returns to the fight. The Dark Mage yells at him, urging, “Please destroy this force cage with disintegrate!”

The dragon attacks Hallaster again, this time with her tail, but unfortunately, it misses. Farryn throws his Dwarven thrower. The first shot misses, but the second hits its mark. Hallaster is now bloodied.

Outside the force cage, there’s a flurry of confusion. Duergarr are running in all directions.

The dark mage ascends to Hallaster and makes physical contact; strangely, Hallaster doesn’t counter the move. I witness shadowy and purple energy crawl on the dark mage’s hand and surge towards Hallaster. With a loud snap, Hallaster is torn apart, leaving the dark mage significantly bloodied in his shadow form. Hallaster’s body disintegrates into pieces of snow and ash. It’s a sight unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Hallaster is gone.

The dragon, having scanned the area and found no remaining foes, reverts to her normal form. Oh my god, Hallaster is gone! Patience corrects me, stating it was a simulacrum. So, it was a simuHallaster? Shit.

Farryn takes a victory lap, triumphantly proclaiming, “the end of Fazrian!” He proceeds to perform a revivify on a Duergarr as instructed by the mage Duergarr.

I sense a divine presence in the air.

Farryn walks toward the throne and the back wall, expressing gratitude to Thorn. A door opens, and Farryn steps through. I can no longer see him. Why on earth is he leaving us alone? We’re trapped in a force cage, and the dark mage is half-dead and blind.

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