Farryn finds a golden snail

Session 10 December 2023
The survivors mourn the dead and tend to each other's wounds. The captain of the guard expresses lukewarm gratitude. Farryn inquires with Stalagma, the dragon in duergar form, about the contents of the pit. However, Stalagma looks down on Farryn, dismissing the creatures within as monsters. Xenji gazes at the spot where the deceased planetar once lay with mixed emotions. Meanwhile, Patience delves into reading about Ivar the Malevolent. I just sit and observe everyone, but also write my thoughts about the beautiful steel dragon in my booklet. 

The duergar pressure Fazrian towards the pit, but Xenji opposes the idea. Farryn tries to negotiate with Stalagma, mounts Grond, and rushes over, but he can't prevent Fazrian from being thrown into the pit, consumed with a squelching sound. Xenji resorts to prayer to one of his gods, while Jaf'ar remains seated, seemingly blind to the events around him.

Occasionally, duergar accidentally bump into Jaf'ar as he sits there, oblivious. Farryn converses with the prince, expressing the intensity of the battle. The prince is pleased that they helped each other, and the Meriliths in the columns provide no additional information. The prince produces a small black box with silver accents, handing it to Farryn. Gratefully, Farryn accepts it, thanking Prince Valtengar. Valtengar states that they are also welcome and open to hiring each other.

As they discuss the map of level 20, Farryn asks about the unknown region in the northeast. Jaf'ar interjects, questioning the security of the Shadowdusk family. Valtengar mentions that executioners appear out of nowhere and are adept in magic. When Valtengar departs, Farryn quickly examines the box. It bears Dwarvish inscriptions reading "As low as we can go."

Jaf'ar, standing closeby, reveals that he has become one of the champions of Shar, gaining extra powers. Jaf'ar insists that he believes he is doing good with Shar's powers. Farryn inquires about Shar's expectations, and Jaf'ar replies that Shar expects trust that things will work out. While Shar has granted him strength, there are no specific expectations or promises. I trust that Jaf'ar is telling the truth. Jaf'ar pledges to do what is right with his newfound abilities, maintaining his goal of making Undermountain a better place. The force cage disappears, and Xenji confronts Jaf'ar about his dark magic. Xenji asks for permission to touch Jaf'ar to offer a prayer. The tension rises, but Xenji is granted the opportunity. Xenji touches Jaf'ar's shield, and prays to Selune. For some reason disappointed, Xenji turns his attention to the oversized braces taken from Fazrian. Xenji expresses his disappointment and accepts the braces, intending to place them in his bag of holding. Farrýn suggests returning to Urm and the snail, refraining from revealing the location of the duergars. After bidding Prince Valtengar farewell, the group heads upstairs.
We find the GOLDEN SNAIL - and Farryn approaches. Xenji doubts the snail's hostility, suggesting it might be Hallaster's pet. Jaf'ar seems annoyed by Xenji's accusations, hinting that capturing the pet could lead them to Hallaster. Xenji doesn't seem amused. On level 20, the sound of stone cloaks is heard. Xenji follows the path taken by the duergar, avoiding the stone cloaks, and I follow. We find Urm in the same spot, glad to see them again. Farryn, Patience, and the Dark Mage investigate the snail, it's worth a lot of coin.

Golden snail
Xenji is going to visit the temple of Selune, seeking strength and wisdom to be a light in the darkness, he leaves us when we get back to the base. In the downtime, Farryn works on crafting a magical shield (sentinel shield) for Xenji, with the symbol of the eye representing his non-magical shield.

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