Drow & friendly fire

The beast we see in the middle of the cave is a Chimera. It is a lion mixed with a dragon and an aries, and it’s spitting fire. We fight it, and after the fight, I still feel some bloodlust left inside of me, so I skin it and keep the pelt. A pile of loot lays behind the Chimera: a lot of copper and electrum coins, but also two Sending Stones. I grab them and give one to Borac: this way we can always reach and hear each other.


We are all even more exhausted than before the fight, so I set up a tiny hut where we can rest in. We also use the Chimeras’ meat as food. After a short rest, we walk back into the village. We recall the drow in the toilet telling us that this is a village run by the drow. The drow worship their holy T’rissa Auvryndar. It is a female drow that can summon demons and is also known as the queen of spiders. She is really dangerous and uses poison as one of her most used weapons. She resides in a throneroom guarded by her followers and giant spiders. The village and its surroundings aren’t for the drow to claim. Many bugbears and goblins used to live here, and they are now oppressed by the new inhabitants and have to work for them. We walk further down the road and see some goblins inside a kitchen washing dishes. They are shackled to each other and do not sound happy.


I think we make too much noise because I hear some footsteps in the distance… We stand between two buildings and are attacked by three giant spiders. During the fight, we make more noise, and… I can hear people shouting, a door fall shut, and many footsteps getting louder as more enemies approach.

Borac and I stand between the enemies and Kharrum, Francissy, and Smokey. But I don’t know where Smokey is… I think he is on his way to hold the other enemies back. Still, about ten drow join the fight. I throw a Fireball: half of them are directly killed by it.

Giant spider

Suddenly, I see a bright green light and feel intense pain! Arrrgh! What is that?! I instantly feel less powerful and feel like I have to make more effort for my attacks to hit. I can just barely avoid a horde of Trogglodites sprint down the hall. I again get damage from the green light, but I can’t get away! I again feel less good than earlier and feel my feet drag below me. I am not as fast as usual… What is up with this? WHO did this?!

I finally make my way out of the area with green light. We finish the fight, but I feel horrible afterward. Francissy approaches Borac and me. He apologizes: the green light came from his spell. I am outraged. I look at him and almost want to kill him. The Mezzoloth inside me almost takes over, but Borac already does the dirty work so I can pull myself together. My eyes light up and I see the fear in Francissys eyes. Good. Borac presses him against a wall and we intimidate the shit out of him. Smokey doesn’t like it and tries to calm us down. We walk to the house to have some food in the kitchen. All the goblins have escaped. The food is disappointing. We find some loot: an obsidian spider necklace.

To take a rest, we again walk to the place with the Chimera to set up a tiny hut. Before we can do that, we see a floating eye (the one we have seen before – one of the eyes of Hallister) moving toward the Chimera and turning it into stone! It is petrified! Francissy tells us that it is a knot in the weave of magic – it exceeds the laws of magic. We try to bash the statue, and little bits fall off. Kharrum really doesn’t trust it and wants to keep an eye on it.

After a short rest, we exit the tiny hut and see that the statue looks like it is healing itself even when it is made out of stone. The bits we whacked off are still on the ground, but the statue is not that damaged anymore…

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