The Spider Queen

Session 15 November 2020

As I just said, the statue of the Chimera looks like it is healing itself. We decide to break up camp and move further down the dungeon. Somewhere outside the underground drow-village, we find a dead human body with something crawling out of it. When I look closer I can see that it’s spiders.

We walk into some Quaggoth, four to be exact. When we’re fighting, two giant spiders join the frenzy. In the middle of the fight, a spider falls from the ceiling. The next room contains yet again a spider and multiple Troglodytes, and the next Grimlocks. Borac can hear someone behind a door; Kharrum breaks it down. A woman stands behind the door. Her name is Martha Moonshadow, and she says she’s been captured by Bugbears while searching for magic. She’s a sun-elf. That’s a bit weird: there are only drow here as far as we know. I don’t trust her… There are more captives in other rooms. Martha’s room is way greater than the others: they look like cells.


We find more dead humans and some drow. Borac and I walk into a cell to get some information from the drow still alive.

The drow tells us that the dead bodies are human sacrifices for the Spider Queen T’rissa. She uses the bodies to hatch spiders. The drow volunteered to be sacrificed. Borac thinks that this is SO sick that he kills all drow himself. Kharrum, Francissy, and Smokey shouldn’t see this…

T’rissa the Spider Queen

We find our way to the Spider Queen and open the door with a gemstone we found earlier. The room is ginormous, and we can see three giant spiders, five drow, and the priestess T’rissa in the back. This turns into a fight: all of us are fighting for our lives. T’rissa summons a demon through a black hole in the back of the room, behind her throne. It is a weird-looking yellow demon: a Yochlol. I do not know much about what happened because I am knocked out…


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