Session 29 November 2020

I wake up. The fight is over; the room is silent. The party is already busy with looting all drow in the room. I help investigate. The spiders are not normal giant spiders: they have thicker skin. I think T’rissa enhanced them with her magic. From a pilar, I see some chains and try to grab them. The chains are dimensional shackles that I put in my bag of holding.

I look around and see the party interrogating Martha. They seem really mad at her, and she is trying to get away. I KNEW IT! She betrayed us! She is the confidante of T’rissa. Borac and I torture her and are kind of enjoying it. After, I put the shackles on her ankles. We keep her close while we rest in the tiny hut I cast in the throne room.

Borac finds a deck of illusions not long after we left the hut. He takes a card, but nothing happens. I get five cards from him. I’m curious to see what they do, perhaps they’ll come in handy sometime. We find some bodies inside of spiderweb cocoons. I cut one open: the body is totally rotten. Tiny spiders crawl out of the body and attack me. I smack them until they’re dead and find a bronze coin. It is magic!

We still have Martha with us as we walk further and hear screaming: it sounds like someone is being tortured! We catch up to the sound and fight four drow. Another drow attacks me from the back and knocks me out. Kharrum wakes me by healing me.

We turn a corner and find a naked drow named Narizmar. He was tortured by Silkress, T’rissas sister. He tells us that he was in love with Silkress first and later fell for T’rissa. Therefore, the former gave the order to torture him for eternity.

Wow… That sounds like a complicated relationship… #50ShadesOfDrow. We release him and ask him where he is headed. He wants to go to Skull port via the legions of Azrog. Azrog lives close to the ‘purple worm’.


Turning another corner, we find a Drider. I try to talk to it, but she sends us away. She hears a lot of noise inside her head that doesn’t go away. We try to help her and she gets rid of the uncanny noise in the end. We walk further and find a grand underground river. How are we going to cross..?


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