Sea Hags and their dinner

Session 13 December 2020

Borac is holding tight to the opposite shore of the underground river. When we’re all on the other side, Borac decides to eat an apple. Not a normal apple, but the magic ones. The ones he stuffed in my mouth when I died and a Mezzoloth took possession of me. I follow Boracs lead and also eat an apple. Suddenly, Borac cries: ‘Ladrengielle! Where are you!?’ I have turned invisible! How funny! We laugh a bit about how Kharrum slipped while crossing the river and got dragged down the river for a bit until Borac saved him by jumping after him.

Francissy and I decide to walk into a nearby cave to scout a bit. Smokey has gone upstream to scout there. To mark where we go, I draw an arrow in the sand. We enter a cave full of little puddles. Borac and Kharrum join us again. The minute Borac sees the puddles he wants to bathe in them. When he tries to do that, a Sea Hag shows herself. She tells us not to do that because they live in their deep puddles and will attack us if we ever do that again. She is called Coldra Cuttlefinger and gives us the right of passage.

Sea Hag – Coldra Cuttlefinger

She also hints that we should find a lantern merchant in Skullport, but I don’t understand what we should do with that information. We start to investigate the cave a bit more, away from the Sea Hags, and find a big cauldron with a weird substance in it. Borac just drinks it. What a dummy, I think, act first, think later is usually NOT very smart. We watch Borac drink and see Smokey running back to us: he found the arrow in the sand. When I look back at Borac, a rune shows on the cauldron and it explodes: a rain of fire directs itself to Smokey and Francissy.

In the next room, we find a kid and a goblin chained up to the wall. Smokey releases the child, it starts crying. How sad… I am not really a child-loving elf, but it makes me sad as well. I don’t want to comfort it, I am not comfortable with that, so I stand and watch at a distance. The young boy Delvin says that the Sea Hags wanted to eat him for dinner. He wandered off from his house in Skullport and got captured by them. In his turn, Smokey tells us about how he lost his equipment upstream to a couple of big monkeys. He really wants us to go back there to get his stuff and defeat the monkeys. He is quite persistent, but we first want to finish up here. 

The lantern merchant appears to be Delvins’ guardian of some sort: Andarion Dusk. Delvin is an orphan, but he takes care of him. Smokey wandered off again… Suddenly, we hear screaming and connect the dots. We run towards the screaming and see a room filled with ships and Smokey in a crows nest. Smokey has activated a trap of some sort because before I know it, we are fighting with the Sea Hags. They shoot lightning at us and one stares me dead in the eye after I shoot a Fireball in her direction. I drop to the floor, knocked out.

I wake up again. Someone healed me, and all the Sea Hags are dead. The room with ships is silent again, and the little boy seems happier than before…

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