“The monkeys stole my stuff!”

Session 27 December 2020

The Sea Hags are gone. Smokey again asks if we want to help him retrieve the equipment he left at the place he fled from. He says there were two big monkeys and a chest with treasure. Smokey tried to loot the treasure himself, but he activated a trap that woke up the monkeys. Only barely, he escaped and found his way back to us. Smokey is a member of the party: we decide to help. As we make way for the river, we encounter a Drider. It attacks. Francissy makes up for some of my anger by stealing the show: he pours poisonous water into her mouth with his Mage Hand. That is a pretty smart move!

We head upstream through the water. Borac and Smokey help us with their immovable rods making sure we don’t fall and are dragged down the river by the water. As we approach the area Smokey told us about, we already see the monkeys. They are Barlgura and have insanely large hands to smash their enemies with. Borac uses his Duergarr skull to grow in size and I set fire to one Barlgura. Together we battle them until they’re dead. Smokey grabs his stuff, and we turn around: downstream again.


After a while, we’re back at the shore we started our quest for Smokeys’ lost stuff. We decide to travel down the river. Before we start our journey, Kharrum and Francissy confront me about the new magic I’ve been using recently. They want to know whether I’m a warlock. I lie to Kharrum – I know he won’t be okay with it, and tell the truth to Francissy. I rather have him learn the truth and fear me instead of being nice to him and lie to ease him. Francissy and Delvin go down the river first, in a big barrel. We go after them, and after a while, I can see Francissy struggling with Will-O-Whisps. I go and help them, but the Whisps deal a lot of damage. Smokey and Borac join the fight. Francissy is knocked out in his barrel, Delvin is visibly scared and ducks down in the barrel. I can stabilize Francissy, but expose myself to the Will-O-Whisps. Borac throws javelins but cannot help: although I’m at a distance, I get knocked out too and end up in the river…

I wake up in Boracs’ arms. The party tells me that I’ve been knocked out for nearly four hours! I’m a bit embarrassed to hear that Smokey stabilized me, but I did not immediately wake up after that. We defeated the Will-O-Whisps, but after being stabilized, I was still drowning. Borac dragged me out of the water and brought me back to the mainland.

On the other side of the river, we see a pier and a dim light. I spot a hooded figure in a boat at the end. What kind of person is that…? I cough up some water while I try to stand up and prepare to continue our journey.

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