Sword Quest: Mercenaries of the Lost War – by Poppy

Session 8 March 2022

Hunting party:

There we were, in the basement, watching Snuzzle do a weird dance to touch the sword with his tail. I don’t know, but that bunny is WEIRD. As we are transported to a different place, it becomes clear that this is where Tamir comes from. But probably in a different time. Strange…

As we introduce ourselves as the adventurers from Heroes Roost, Zeph and Crewial make it very clear that they do not want to work for Karrnath. As they work with necromantic magic and especially Crewial is not a fan. Snuzzle wanted to work for whoever paid more, but I agreed with Zeph and Crewial. Necromancy is not something I want to support. So we decide to go and help out Cyre and are sent to a sort of graveyard, where we were tasked to help protect the body of a hero that is entombed there. We introduce ourselves to the guardian of this place and soon thereafter we hear footsteps. A person attacks along with 4 skeletons, I figure that this is probably the main threat and quickly decide to turn into my true self. With ease we manage to defeat this person, so we are asked to deal with some other creatures that were roaming around and attacking the guardian.

As we walk around Crewial spots some claw marks. They are smaller than my dragon claws, about the size of a human hand we guess. We continue our search for these creatures and as Crewial is looking in one of the mausoleums he is attacked. We find four ghouls. Do you have any idea how gross those things are? Yuck! And hard to kill too. Nasty stuff, but we kill them and I am covered in that gore. Why is this so very very filthy.

We look around and find some interesting little knick-knacks, but other than that no more ghouls. Lucky, because I think I would barf. So we go back to the grave of the hero and are asked to help out for a final fight. We wait and rest while we wait. Zeph, the glittery little angel, starts cleaning my scales. Crewial helps get the water out from between them and I feel so much better. I could sit for this for hours and I start to get a little too comfortable. I forgot the time. Now, normally I would change back before my hour was up, to avoid that discomfort. This time I forgot and was forced back to my human form due to time being up, I forgot how much that hurt. One day I might just ask Zeph if he would mind a spa hour with me as a dragon, it feels so damn good.

Shortly after time running out, we hear footsteps but see nothing. Snuzzle hands me a lantern that should make invisible creatures visible. We look around and find… nothing. Frustrating. Until we find something, a large armored man attacks us. Crewial turns into an angel or something, he has wings and glows and looks very awesome I must say. I cast a spell that will continue to hurt him, but when he runs out of sight I lose the connection. Snuzzle and Zeph are throwing magic around as well and we seem to be able to hurt him a bit. Before he ran away, after that it gets a little dicey. Apparently, this one can summon skeletons as well and it is frustrating. We eventually manage to kill the guy and that at least takes care of more skeletons appearing. After we deal with the last of the skeletons, Snuzzle starts searching for loot. We collect our pay and we start to prepare for our return to the Heroes Roost. I feel like we all need a bit of a rest after this…

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