The graveyard portal – by Lorraine

Session 16 March 2022

Hunting party:

The last time I went on a quest we found a portal in an abandoned house in the grey shire district. Then when I went on the quest for the invisible menace we found a red-haired lady who told us about another portal in the graveyard. This lady was not friendly but she escaped us by using a portal. 

When we were told that the portal in the graveyard was found and that the army that had found the portal had not been returned the few men that had been left behind asked our help. Ignis, Zelda and don’t forget Aeden our most recent battle royale winner went with me on the quest to find out what has happened with the army. 

A little walk through the grey shire district let us to the graveyard. This is an eery place, they say that they buried hundreds of bodies in this swamp waters and that is how it has gotten its name.  On our way, I figured that loads of dust in my bag could be useful. And they were I can make small firebombs out of them. While I share some strawberries with honey with Zelda he gets a healing potion from Ignis.   

Arriving at the meeting point there are 2 soldiers who look like to stand at the beginning of a cave. When telling them we are from heroes roost they let us in quickly while walking further into the cave we find more soldiers, Aeden makes some trouble with one of them. The soldier is probably intimidated by the strong Dragonborn. Deeper in the cave we find Ozmo the general of the army. Ozmo tells us that captain Jezus the old winner of the tournament has been through the portal with a big number of the army to close the portal but didn’t have returned yet. 

He is worried something has happened and needs our help with closing the portal.
While Aeden casts a spell I walk tho the portal, this portal looks different, there are bones on the side. It looks like these bones are opening the portal. Then without thinking I step through the portal to see what is on the other side. 

‘’I know what you want, you want to close the portal.’’ This voice in my head tells me that he can help me, he offers me more power so I can close the portal. ‘’I can offer you my power to close the portal, you only have to say Yes.’’ While the voice continuous Ozmo, Aeden, Ignis and Zelda are also getting through the portal. ‘’Yes!’’ I answer the voice, this is what we are supposed to do closing the portal, protecting the village and earning the money like real adventurers. 

‘’Don’t you fool!’’ Ozmo is not pleased I accepted the power. But it is too late I already accepted. 

‘’Are you oke?’’ asks Aeden and to be honest I feel amazing. It feels like I’m stronger like I can take on the world. But before I can answer him I get distracted from the noises around us. We are standing on a platform in the distance there is darkness and more platforms, even one with a huge castle on it. 

The noises we hear are zombies and skeletons of dogs. And while those creatures are coming to us I feel like I’m not me anymore I’m not only feeling stronger and tougher I notice I am larger like a whole lot larger, the size of poppy in dragon form! And before I know the inner fire lover takes it over and throws a firebolt at one of the zombies it hits him very hard and he is barely hanging on. Ignis throws another firebolt at the same zombie and it went down! Too bad these zombies are getting up again it looks like they have more lives and are harder to destroy. I have to go back to the portal and destroy it before those creatures are getting through. Zelda fires her arrows and kills one of the skeleton dogs. 3 other dogs attack me but it doesn’t hurt me much. Aeden is getting angry and rages with his breath weapon he attacks more of the creatures that are coming for us. Ozmo is blessing us and it feels like we have luck on our side.

‘’Get back you fools.’’ he screams ‘’You are saver near me!’’ But it is too late, I feel like I have been stabbed in my brain and my world goes black. 

I have been told that zombified, attacked my party fought together with the enemy like a horrible large fire like a zombie. If it’s true I only can thank Ozmo for saving me with a greater restoration scroll. As fast as I can I return to Ozmo, hoping I can help my friends. More zombies and skeleton dogs are crawling up onto the platform and a huge fight breaks out. Mees is helping us with burning the creatures, Aeden fights with all his strength, Ignis flames and tries to destroy the undead he knows so much about, Zelda shoots arrows like it’s nothing. Many creatures die but more and more are crawling up. And all those times the voice in my heads returns and it looks like I’m not the only one who hears him. Every time we reject him and at some point, Ozmo slams the floor, all the undead are running away and jumping off the platform. And even then more and more come up. We try to attack the portal but it seems like we are not strong enough to close it. I ask Mees to look for Jesus and any survivors and at this moment we hear another creature enter the platform, it sounds heavier and in the light that sheds from Mees, I see a big contour, it is a zombified Jesus…. 

While the zombies are getting closer again we discuss what our next step is. Then Ozmo speaks to the voice in our heads. ‘’Yes take me, give me the strength. I can handle you!’’ And he grows bigger as I did. He kills more zombies and dogs while Jesus comes closer. Eventually, they are fighting each other. I ask Mees to help Ozmo with distracting Jesus and steal his weapon. Ozmo is fighting the voice while fighting the zombie Jesus. But he stands his ground. He turns into a zombie but he keeps his mind and he is knowing damm well what he does. He yells at us that we have to run for the portal and that he is going to close it. Mees steals Jesus his Mace and together we jump to the portal. Then Zelda steps through the portal, I get nervous and I think what is taking Aeden and Ignis so long. They should have been here already. At this moment Aeden steps through the portal. I’m relieved he is with us. The portal is closing and is getting smaller and smaller. And at the moment I think we have lost our friend Ignis steps through the portal and the portal disappears. There is no Ozmo, no Jesus and no army of undead zombies and skeletons dogs. Mees hands me over the mace and I let him go back to his plane. One of the higher soldiers asks us what has happened and we tell him the story about how Ozmo is the real hero. The soldiers are shocked, sad but mostly relieved that the portal is closed and it was not for nothing. We say goodbye to the soldiers after asking if they have seen the red-haired lady, which they don’t but they will look for her. And with a feeling of succeeding but mostly of loss, we return to heroes’ roost. Asking ourselves what will happen next and how many lives are going to be lost in finding this red-haired lady. 

General Ozmo is his transformation and when the transformation is done. 

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